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How to Work and Study at the Same Time

How to Work and Study at the Same Time

How to balance work and study? It is the question that our generation is facing. Contrast to the idea of ​​work after study, a change can be seen in people these days. They continue their studies even after getting a job. Improving their skills and knowledge to advance in their careers. 

Are you that modern professional? Thinking about upskilling yourself for a promotion or for a better job? Or a student looking for a job-oriented course that you can study along with a part-time job? Now most importantly are you someone from a commerce background? 

You have plenty of options in the market. Courses that can boost your career by giving you a set of skills that are so useful for working. So that when you look for a job in the commerce sector, you will be able to show where exactly you can work and your expertise in the skills that are required for that particular job position.

But along with that, there are also questions such as how to work and study at the same time, How to balance work and study etc. you need a solid plan if you are choosing to study while working.

Before you start searching for a course, there are some things that you need to consider.

What is the objective?

Why do you search for a course?

What do you want to become?

What type, of course, are suitable?

What will be the outcome of that course?

One course at a time

Worst case scenario 

Ask that question to yourself and find a clear answer to all, only then proceed to the next step.

This is the most important part to begin. It helps to shortlist your courses and gives a proper direction to your studies and career prospects 

Consider which type of course, is suitable for you?

There are offline, online, and e-learning courses available now.  If you have a full-time job, then it will be better to go with an online or e-learning course. Certain courses are available on weekends, so you can use your time productively. Learning gives you an opportunity to learn anytime anywhere so you don’t need to worry about timings or deadlines.

Your focus is important

Even if you start studying with a job these days with a lot of attention on mobile phones like Facebook and Instagram, you may still feel like you have to figure out how to finish it from time to time. Try to start studying only with full attention. After leaving work-related matters at work, work and other issues should never affect learning.

Trust your abilities

You need to be confident in your own abilities. This belief helps you to move forward with confidence. You may miss many opportunities, but the most important thing to overcome them is this belief. We should not hesitate to celebrate even small victories. This helps to further accelerate further learning.

One at a time

At a time, focus only on one task at a time. Do not start anything new in the study on the job, but it is good to remember the little ideas learned. There should always be a clear understanding of the study, work, and leisure

Holiday at least one

Work and study … When two things are moving forward at the same time, it is best to take a day or two off from work in between. These holidays will help you to avoid work difficulties completely and to complete unfinished parts of your study. It also allows you to spend more time in peace which benefits your mental health also.

Worst case scenario 

Do not postpone anything for tomorrow. No matter how much time we plan to study, many unexpected things may come our way and we must be prepared for them. Try to start as early as possible. Do not think that you can do anything at the last minute. In each case, you have to be extra motivated to do what must be done. Never be afraid to take help from others too. There is no shame in it, ask for help when needed but be polite, if they are busy, try other ways but make sure that you learn and grow through the process.

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