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Short term courses after B.Com

short term courses after bcom

The claim of having a B.Com degree with good marks is not enough for today’s world.

A graduation in commerce is not making or limitedly improving the skills you need to work in the industry but it is creating a base for you which you can build on. Now that the opportunities are expanded and industries demand professionals with a B.Com background. Only thing is that the candidate needs to have skills and knowledge updates that serve well with the requirements of the industry and organizations. That is why we need to do short-term courses. 

On the flip side of things, there is no shortage of graduates in our country. Your marks only count up to a certain level, after that what we need is skills and ability to perform tasks. They need candidates who are creative problem solvers 


The graph from Finprov Hire above shows the different sectors that a B.Com graduate can be placed but as we can see the diversity in sectors, it also demands specific and updated skills.

There comes the importance of taking short-term courses after or during It helps you in several easy ways but the most important three are 

i. Like we said, these courses give you specific skills and knowledge that is in demand for jobs.

ii. It adds up in your CV, showing you are a willing and consistent learner. 

iii. Courses are available on weekends or with flexible timings, so you are not stuck from any other work.

Now we will have a look at the possible short-term accounting courses and courses that help B.Com graduates to enhance their job opportunities. 

Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation (CBAT)

Commonly known as CBAT, this course will give you an overwhelming understanding and hands-on experience essential for the industry. BAT is your direct step to get a job in the finance and accounting sector. Normally the job covers major accounting software, In-depth knowledge in MS Excel. On the other side, the CBAT course also gives a comprehensive understanding of Basic Accounting, GST, Income Tax, Corporate Law, ESI, PF, etc. As you can see, it makes the learner more adaptive to real-life job situations with enough theatrical understanding. The normal duration of the course is around 6 months.


One of the most popular ERP software around the world, SAP FICO is in demand everywhere. Naturally having good knowledge of the software operations will add some real points to your CV. Maximum taking three months with weekend classes, the course can be done without obstructing any of your studies. 

Cloud Accounting software Certifications

The future of accounting will be cloud-based. So, if not today, soon you will be facing it in the accounting sector. Software like QuickBooks is getting more and more popular. Specialized online course in QuickBooks etc. Taking certificate courses will indeed help your career in a promising way, hence one of the best courses you can do after B.Com

Certificate in E-commerce

E-commerce is another sector that is rapidly adapting to the new world. Local companies are joining the change by turning their businesses into e-commerce. A certificate in e-commerce will -+add an edge to your CV when you apply for jobs in the sector.

Certificate in Financial Modelling

Finance modeling is a fundamental skill that is high in demand in the industry. Plenty of certificate courses are available in the area as you can peruse any. The essential skills taught in the courses are making presentable and precisely communicating sheets, documents that explain concepts, understanding of financial statements, investment analysis, etc. The course helps you to understand financial structures, projects, investments, operations, and valuations. 

GST, Gulf Tax, and Other Tax Methods

Having a certificate in GST always helps to get a job in India. For small businesses, the tax documents need to be prepared and submitted on time without errors. Naturally, that demands skilled people who are aware of the laws and procedures but we also have several courses that thoroughly goes through the tax systems in gulf countries and other tax models. It improves the chances of a job in India as well as abroad. 

Cost Management and Accounting

Cost management maximizes the profit of organizations by managing the revenue and expenses. The job improves the controls, manages the expenses and that eliminates the chances of unwanted expenses. This ultimately helps the profitability of the organization. As you can imagine, that is one of the essential tasks in a business and skilled professionals are high in demand. 

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing seems like having a strong future with businesses rapidly adapting to the digital world. The shift naturally enhances the marketing to the digital world. Organizations prefer digital marketing due to the detailed targeting options along with the possibility of optimizations. So, it is the right time to try your hand if you are interested in the marketing field.

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