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Accounting certification Courses in Manjeri

Step into the world of accounting in a city that you know well – Manjeri, Kerala

Finprov Learning- Manjeri

Manjeri is the fourth most populous city in the Malappuram district, with people employed in different sectors. It has one of the brightest minds in the state and the most trusted accounting institute – Finprov stands tall as one of those institutes that train students in achieving their dream jobs.

So if you are a resident of Manjeri and your recent Google search has been accounting classes near me – we are here to help you out. Finprov is one of the best accounting training providers in Kerala with centres in major cities including Kochi, Trivandrum, Pandalam and Kanhangad. Our latest centre in Bangalore also has trained staff and all the modern amenities to keep the students engaged and start learning the ladder towards success. So if you are a commerce student and have just finished your graduation and are confused about what to choose next, we have got a plethora of options for you. We are specialised in providing certification courses after Bcom to the students who want to get into a job as soon as possible. We have experience and expertise in moulding students that are now serving in high job positions. So to put a start to a glorious career in accounting, call us today and know more about how we can help you to build your dream.


So where are you on your journey toward a successful and rewarding career? Just passed the basic college education and on the lookout for opportunities that can take you above the sky and harness a new and improved lifestyle?

We have 100% job oriented finance certification courses that cover and start from the basics of accounting. The strength of the foundation depicts how strong the future of anything can be and become. Hence a start that covers the basics lays a strong start to a rewarding career with all the essential perks. If you are a fresher who doesn’t have much idea about how to find a job in the accounting/corporate world, we have a solution for every need that serves your purpose right. Finprov being an institute of practical accounting and taxation the course not only equips the students with the subject wise knowledge but is aimed at the overall development of each one. So if you are weak in social skills and have doubts about presenting yourself to the outside world – come start today, start with us and see the visible changes!

Accounting Certification Courses in Manjeri

Accounting courses for beginners

A big call out to all the freshers out there who are curious and in doubt about what to pursue next after their graduation in accounting-related fields. You might be having hundreds of questions that are in need of answers and are anxious about the potential of this field. Our experts are trained to meet all these queries and give you a solution to each specific problem. We let you know a better insight about each course and where these take you. Still, have doubts? Talk to us today to start learning smartly tomorrow.

A course for everyone

We have an accounting certification course for everyone. Whatever your preferences are we have a custom made course that fits you. So if you are aiming to become a certified public accountant or a certified management accountant – the students can choose a course that is appropriate and help them get to their dream profession.

We provide intense accounting training that covers all the corners of the subject and makes you ready for the employment world. The popular courses offered by us are as follows:

CBAT (6-month course)

This is one of the high-value bookkeeping certification courses that open up a bundle of opportunities in India and around the world. It comes with 100% placement assistance that ensures your instant entry into employment. This course certifies you in multiple streams including Tally Prime, MS Excel and QuickBooks. Mock interviews, industrial case studies and job oriented practical training are the other features of this course.

PGBAT (1-year course)

This is a one year course that comes with a 3-month exclusive internship that provides you with exposure to the real-life world and its workings. Certification in software including Tally prime, MS Excel, QuickBooks and SAP FICO is included in this accounting training course. Students also get to be in live classes with an experienced CA. The course aims at the overall development of the student and mock interviews and industrial case studies are all an eminent part of it.

PGDIFA (1-year course)

This is a one year course that comes with a 2-month internship so that every student has hands one experience with the theoretical knowledge and the practical applications. Certifications included with the course are – Tally Prime, MS Excel, QuickBooks and SAP FICO. The course consists of job oriented practical training, classes by CA’s and various other exercises that help every student in developing their professional skills.


We are one of the finest SAP training centres that provide each student with an SAP FICO power user certification after the successful completion of the course by them. AN individual learning ID for each student along with a server ID is provided to each one. Students are also provided with the latest study materials including books and opportunities to practice with the latest software. After the successful completion of the course, the students will be job-ready with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.     

DIA (2-month course)

DIA is a short time course that opens up a world of opportunities for students. The courses certify you in Tally prime, GST, Income Tax and MS Excel. Other specialities of the course include classes by CA’s and industrial case studies. This course makes you job-ready within a short period of time.

Finprov also provides various online and hybrid courses. Hybrid courses comprise online classes along with living classes in our institute.

Gulf VAT

This is an online course specially designed to meet the standards and requirements of the GCC opportunities arising for the candidates who wish to practise in the GCC. Each student will get personalised training. After the completion of this course, the student can work anywhere in the world with the certification.

Tally Prime

This is a self-paced online course that the students can learn anytime, anywhere and become an expert. The program trains the students in detail and equips them with all the essentials for a high paying job. The certificate is approved and valued all over the world and the students will also get personalised training.

eCommerce Analyst

This is a 3-month hybrid course that trains you to specialise in how to sell on Amazon and Flipkart. After the completion of the course, the student will be able to handle the complete procedure of selling on these online platforms. It also teaches the student’s e-commerce tax laws and other supporting procedures.

We have got several other online free courses too.


Does Finprov offer short time certification courses?

Finprov is one of the best accounting training institutes in Kerala that provides a list of short term and long term courses. The students can choose from the list of courses that provide specialised training. To know more about the short time certification courses reach out to us.

Do you provide tally prime training?

Yes. We have courses that specialise students in Tally Prime software. The course provides theoretical classes and detailed practical classes. We provide the latest software and amenities.

What type of courses do you have for a fresher?

Most of our courses are designed in a way that covers all the basics of accounting so that the student will have no doubt or queries. They will be given all the foundational training and will be job-ready right after the course completion. We have many finance certifications for the students on the basis of their needs.

Do you provide placement assistance for your students?

We provide all kinds of support for our students. Right from personal training to placement support, we are here to help you get a rewarding career!



Manjeri Centre

Office Location:Room No: 14/174- X Manjeri Municipality Oasis Mall, Pandikkad Road, CH Bypass Jn, Opposite Akbar Travels, Karuvambram, Manjeri, Kerala 676121

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