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Accounting Training Institute in Manjeri

Accounting Training Institute in Manjeri

When you look for accounting training, especially the Best Accounting Training Institute in Manjeri, or if you are planning to search “accounting training institute near me”, search no more! Finprov got you covered. 

Finance and Accounting is a big sector that opens up job opportunities all around the world. The industry is big and growing each day and jobs are everywhere but one question still prevails, Are we skilled enough to get these jobs? With the right accounting course and practical-oriented accounting training, the jobs and opportunities are plenty.

Global opportunities waiting for you

One of the major features of the finance and accounting sector is that it brings job opportunities all over the world. Whether you are looking for a job in India or abroad including the Gulf countries, a professional with practical experience in accounting software such as tally prime, QuickBooks, etc, and in ERP software like SAP FICO with proper knowledge in the laws can blend themselves very easily with the work demands. the important thing here for a fresher is to become ready for the industry to work. They need to update and upskill their ability to match the industry. With the right practical training with an accounting institute near, they can build themselves as world-standard professionals.

Career in Accounting and Finance 

Anyone who wants to begin their career in the finance and accounting field needs to be well-versed in tax laws, including direct and indirect tax systems. There are also laws that are related to business laws, corporate laws, etc which are extremely important. When it comes to software, There are plenty used in the industry but names like SAP FICO, Tally Prime, QuickBooks, etc are important in the industry that brings immense job opportunities.

Developing a strong hand in both areas is extremely important when you apply for a job, having authentic certifications and strong working knowledge with laws and systems are needed to establish your proficiency in work. 

They come in two major categories. Desktop and cloud software. The most popular accounting software  Tally Prime is the one for desktops, and QuickBooks Online is a cloud accounting software.

Finprov Courses at Manjeri 

Finprov Finance and Accounting training courses at the Manjeri location provide both theoretical and practical knowledge in fine balance. Each Finprov course is designed to provide strong hands-on training in the software and build professional working knowledge. But it is also added with theory learning in-depth. The case-study-based learning method that Finprove uses will mould the learner into a professional ready for a job, it gives them essential work skills and makes them ready to manage the job.

Language and Professional Communication

To get a job in a top-notch place, you need more than knowledge in the domain. From CV to your communications skills, body language, interview presentation and all will be taken into consideration when you apply for the job. Along with our major courses, Finprov provides free soft skill and interview training to prepare our learners to become top-class professionals. The service is also available as an add-on with other courses.

Finprov – Accounting Training Institute in Manjeri offer 100% placement

Finprov introduces 3 flagship finance & accounting courses that come with 100% placement assistance for Manjeri. These programs are designed with constant industry feedback and enable the learned to perform challenging professional tasks with ease. Along with rigorous practical training in accounting, all three courses come with free soft skill training and communication training. Let’s have a look at the courses and what comes with it!

Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT)

CBAT is one of the most popular finance & accounting courses for graduates, It’s the direct step to get a job in the finance and accounting sector.CBAT prepares the students to become a complete professional, all ready for a job in the industry with training in the most popular accounting software in the industry; Tally Prime, QuickBooks and covers practical topics that are essential for a job such as GST, Income Tax, MS Excel, Corporate Law, Basic Accounting, ESI, PF and Basics of SAP FICO etc. Added with 100% placement assistance Finprov CBAT course comes along with communication and interview preparation training.

PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGBAT)

Designed carefully by expert chartered accountants, Finprov’s PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation for B.Com graduates is a hands-on course that focuses on intense practical training and offers plenty of job opportunities. During the course time, the learners will go through training sessions in ERP software; SAP FICO, accounting software such as Tally Prime, QuickBooks, along with covering important topics: Basic Accounting, GST, Income Tax, MS Excel, Corporate Law, ESI, PF etc. Finprov PGBAT also comes with  100% placement assistance to the. Finprove also had language lab training and interview training added to the course. Helping the students in communication and performances in interviews, along with their professional careers.

PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting (PGDIFA)

The course is specifically designed for those who are looking for an accounting job learning in the Gulf countries. This one-year course helps the student to have a strong base in accounting concepts and subjects. It covers the subject of Gulf Tax comprehensively adding both theories and practice. Preparing the learner to become a complete professional in the industry, the course goes through GST, Corporate Law, GST, Income Tax, PF Calculations, and software such as the SAP FICO, Tally Prime, QuickBooks. It is another flagship course by Finprov that offers 100% placement assistance.

 Finprov Finance& Accounting Courses at Manjeri

Finprov offers a bunch of other courses for commerce and business students for upskilling and reskilling. These are curated by experts from the finance and accounting industry. There are courses specifically for software as well as important areas in finance and accounting.


SAP FICO One of the most popular software in the range of ERP Software. The power user certification in the software will open up an array of opportunities in multinational companies. Being one of the most popular courses for students as well as professionals, the SAP FICO certification adds value to your CV and career. 

The SAP FICO training modules are prepared comprehensively covering all the basics, features, and advanced training. This 2 months long SAP FICO course is the perfect way for working professionals to upgrade their skills and job opportunities.

Tally Prime

Tally Prime is one of the most used software in the world. The Medium and small business depends largely on the software to keep a secured track of their accounting processes. Tally Prime features make accounting streamlined and creates the entire process of accounting structured. Experience in software with adequate skills is a must-have if you are looking for a job in accounting. The Tally Prime with Certification course enhances your job opportunities by giving intense practical exposure to the software. 

Finprov tally Prime Courses 

Tally Prime With Certification

Tally Prime and QuickBooks with Certification

Advanced Tally Prime and Gulf VAT

Diploma In Indian Accounting (DIA)

Diploma in Indian Accounting is a 2-month long course designed for learners who are looking for an upskill in a short period of time. It will give you rigorous training in basic accounting subjects. The course covers topics such as GST, Income Tax, GDS, TCS, MS Excel, etc. The learning will be progressing with hands-on training and working with real case studies. With weekend and weekday batches, this course is a perfect fit for working professionals as well as graduates.

Finprov e-learning courses

GST Return Filing

GST filing is one of the most dreadful and hardest tasks accountants face these days, the changing laws to awful portals, it takes some effort to learn and be efficient in GST. We at Finprov Manjeri, with experienced faculty and trainers, make it hassle-free with a specialized online GST Return Filing course. Attend training videos anytime at your convenience & file your GST returns easily. Learn from Finprov about GST filing, handling errors and mismatches while returning filing queries, and much more important practical features.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the most popular and used cloud accounting software in the world. It is built to make accounting and bookkeeping easy for medium and small businesses. Since it is online software, the best part about the software is that you can access it from anywhere anytime with the internet. Following the changes happening in the world. Businesses are rapidly shifting to online accounting. Our QuickBooks course provides comprehensive practical knowledge in the software, equipping our learned use of the software effortlessly.

Finprove has different courses that teach QuickBooks Online apart from the long-term courses where the software is a subject and online courses. The short term courses are:

QuickBooks and Tally Prime with Certification

Certification in QuickBooks

Basic Accounting

Giving you an introduction to the basic accounting principles. Basic accounting course at Finprov Manjeri will discuss the key principles of accounting such as “types of business entities, accounting terms, the Golden rule of accounting, accounting principles, recording of business transactions, preparations of financial statements”. It is important to learn and digest these concepts to keep your financial record clean and up to date.

GST for Accountants

Created to get a complete understanding of the GST tax system. The course plan targets the users to have a level up with getting working knowledge and learning practical aspects of the GST in 360 degrees.

Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management plays a crucial role in the growth of every organization. Organized working capital management improves the efficiency of operations and boosts profitability. 

Defining working capital in an easy way, It is the difference between the current assets and current liabilities but it widens to different departments and cash liquidity. So it is important that people who deal with finance and businesses learn about working capital and its management.

Extremely helpful for Entrepreneurs, Finance professionals, Accounts officers, Management professionals, and students, The course helps for strategies, organizing workflow, and maximizing the overall performance.

Microsoft Excel

Although not a complete accounting software, there is no way we can ignore Microsoft Excel when it comes to Finance and Accounting. Regardless of the stages of your career, a professional will be encountering Excel. Mastering the software will help you immensely with making tasks easy. 

CA Foundation

CA is a prestigious course in India but also one of the toughest ones to clear. However, the opportunities are plenty with good monetary benefits. So CA has always been popular among students. The course demands hard work but it is also an assured way to become successful. Getting proper training from a CA training institute to prepare for the exams is an important aspect and Finprov bring the top layer of educators for our CA Foundation course