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Accounting certification Courses in Pandalam

Step into the world of accounting in a city that you know well – Pandalam, Kerala

Finprov Learning - Pandalam

Imagine a world full of possibilities. A job for every aspirant to excel in their industries. Accounting is a vast industry with possibilities like no other. The right guide can take you towards your job with all you need. Every certification and the needed experience and set of skills. A certified management accountant has opportunities around the world.

So if you are a graduate who’s just passed out from college and looking for opportunities to gather experience and earn a livelihood, Finprov is here for you. Finprov is one of the most trusted accounting training centres in Kerala that offers various accounting certification courses. The courses are designed to facilitate even the fresher’s in this field to grasp all the basic knowledge and provide them with all the right sets of skills and tools to become a part of the accounting world. So if you are on the lookout for certification courses after Bcom – do slide into our website and if you still have questions reach out to our experts.  

Pandalam is one of the prime locations in the Pathanamthitta district that has quite a lot of cultural and historical preferences and placements. Finprov centre in Pandalam has already trained many students to reach great heights. Every student comes here with hope and hundreds of queries. The experts in our accounting institute help them to clear every query and land on the right decision. We have a plethora of short term and long term courses including a basic accounting course – that serves every fresher.

Our study centres offer the latest amenities for the students who enrol here. Every study material is provided by us to facilitate students in the right way. Our classrooms are efficiently designed and the teachers are trained to meet the individual requirements of the students. We also have hybrid courses that have both online and offline classes.

Accounting Certification Courses in Pandalam


Are you a person who’s just completed your graduation and looking for a job? Or are you stuck in a job that is not paying you right or getting you opportunities to grow or find a better job position?

We are here with the solutions for all these. Finprov learning is now having an active centre in Pandalam and all can drop in to see what we have got for every accounting aspirant.

Start from the basics

The courses offered by Finprov Learning are designed in a way that builds all the foundational inputs and serves all the basic inputs. We have a wide range of accounting courses for beginners these serve as foundational stepping stones or information that every individual need to study in order to learn every theory and gain in-depth practical knowledge in the subject. Our courses are apt for beginners/freshers who plan to specialise in accounting and wish for a bookkeeping certification program. The courses are carefully curated by the experts that ensure that every skill and knowledge is imparted in the right way. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is given importance here.

Numerous opportunities

The world needs more smart individuals who have the right set of skills in bookkeeping and accounting. With the advent of new organisations, the need for individuals with finance certifications is increasing. Each individual has the choice to select from the stream of specialisation that they can choose. It can either be – cost accounting, management accounting or financial accounting. The versatility of these subjects lets every certified student choose from a wide range of accounting jobs including – management accountant, financial advisor, business advisor, financial analyst, finance manager, accounts manager, risk analyst and more. So it’s always a wise decision to choose an accounting course and build a strong CV. Call us to check out the short term accounting courses offered by us.

Prepares the students for life

There are several life skills that every individual needs to procure for a happy life. Accounting is one subject that prepares you for a calculated and well-planned life. Our courses are designed and include imparting several life hacks. Our experts train and provide students with the right kind of motivation and examples from the real world that ensure the overall development of the students. Developing problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills are also the perks of these certification courses.

Competitive pay scale

A certified accountant has the potential to earn really huge amounts of money. After acquiring the certification and the required skillsets they can now explore the various job possibilities and industries in the market. The first year will provide competitive pay and it will increase in a regular manner. It is a great career option to excel and earn more. To get a view into the world of accounting and to know how much an average accountant makes reach out to our experts at Finprov Learning.

Motivation to start your own

This is a line of learning that equips you with the motivation and knowledge of the inner workings of the organisations and big business houses. An accounting job is a gateway to many opportunities. You might even end up starting an enterprise of your own. Every day by acquiring new skills or a new learning experience you are building morale and confidence. By solving every problem in time you are creating a better version of yourselves.

A bundle of skillsets

The course enables you to develop and nurture many of your social skills. Communication skills, time management skills, and negotiation skills are all those key skills that are going to help you and your career in the long run. So choosing a course that will help you to analyse and sort out a huge portion of your life and career can be soothing and helpful for you. To know more about the courses in detail do pick a phone and call our experts right away!

Building a network of professionals

In the institute, you as a student will be exposed to a network of accounting students, trained and experienced teachers and even professionals who are actively employed in the industry. This is a great opportunity to learn, create bonding, and interpersonal relationships and built a strong team for life.


Our programmes are designed to get you jobs as soon as possible. You will be provided with internship opportunities and also 100% placement assistance. The specialised courses open up opportunities within the country and also abroad.

We are an accounting coaching centre that provides a wide variety of accounting courses. We have a complete and professional cost accounting course that prepares you for a rewarding career.

We have got you covered on a wide variety of short term and long term accounting courses. We are one of the finest SAP training centres in Pandalam. Some of the courses provided are as follows – CBAT (6 months course), PGBAT (1-year course), PGDIFA (1-year course), DIA (2 months course), SAP FICO and more. These courses comes with all the necessary updates that will enable you to put a great start to your career.

We are fully equipped with all the technical needs and study materials. We have experienced and trained professionals that will take classes in the right way. Many industry specialists will also be here at our centres as special faculties to impart the knowledge  

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