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Benefits of doing ACCA Certification

ACCA certification

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants short ACCA is an internationally recognised organisation for its world-class education. The curriculum of the ACCA revolves around business management. Besides theoretical knowledge, they also teach motivational theories and technical proficiency like bookkeeping and cost accounting. ACCA certification is equivalent to local accountancy studies in many countries, making it a prestigious qualification.

ACCA has its presence in over 180 countries worldwide, and about 2,00,000 people are active members. Not everyone can get membership in ACCA. For that, they have to undergo a series of examinations. ACCA qualification gives you the freedom to choose your career path. Holding an ACCA certificate will help you excel professionally as your technical and practical knowledge are taken care of during this period. ACCA certifications will help you take up international jobs irrespective of your region. You will have a better understanding of the financial needs of your company after the ACCA qualification. It enhances your problem-solving and decision-making skills to a great extent.

Benefits of becoming ACCA qualified

If you plan to enter the accounting world, ACCA is your first and foremost choice. Before jumping to conclusions, consider the following benefits of doing an ACCA.

benefits of becoming ACCA qualified


ACCA qualifications are famous for their flexible nature. Here 3 GCSEs and 2 A levels in five subjects, including English and Maths, make you eligible for entry-level admission. They also consider other equivalent qualifications. While pursuing ACCA, you can develop an excellent work-study balance. They hold examinations twice a year, i.e. in June and in December. There is no rule set for a minimum number of exams attempt.

Of course, there are limitations for maximum attempts. You can attend a maximum of four exams in a single shot. You can complete your ACCA qualification within ten years from your registration date. Although attending coaching classes will ease your learning burden, it is not mandatory. You can opt for self-study if you find it more comfortable.

Structured curriculum

The syllabus of ACCA is designed in a structured manner. Here you will get the chance to enhance your technical and management skills. These skills have a significant role in your path to becoming a chartered accountant. The syllabus includes major accounting topics like auditing, taxation, business studies, law, financial management, professional and ethical issues, management accounting and financial reporting. ACCA curriculum makes you job-ready and helps you face all the challenges out in the industry.


Through ACCA, you are gaining international skills most cost-effectively. ACCA certification enhances your technical side and gives you in-depth knowledge in organisational and strategic management. This deadly combo opens up new doors of career opportunities worldwide.

Global recognition

ACCA has got global recognition. This recognition results from their hard-earned relationships with multinational companies, educational institutions, overseas accounting bodies, governments and organisations like the United Nations and the World Bank. Global recognition gives ACCA members the freedom to work in any part of the world.

International standards

ACCA qualification works on international standards of accounting and finance. These standards have gained recognition worldwide. So an ACCA member can build a career in any country that meets these international standards.

Always in high demand

There is a massive demand for ACCA members because of their skills. ACCA members are experts in analysing and evaluating business solutions, making it one of the most desirable professions in the world. ACCA members have the skills to meet an organisation’s financial needs and propose ideal business solutions.

Professional growth

ACCA demands its members remain updated regularly. They need to widen their knowledge and skills, so they don’t become outdated. It gives them the capability to work in rapidly changing environments where you may face multiple challenges simultaneously.

Partnership with professionals

ACCA has successfully built a partnership with employers all over the world. More than 10,000 employers have joined ACCA and are providing career opportunities to its members and students. You will have better job options if you become a member of ACCA.

Better job opportunities with high earning potential

Your academic and professional skills from being an ACCA member will help you land your dream job with a better pay scale. Employers and colleagues will look up to you for all the company’s financial advice, which in turn increases your value in front of them.

ACCA is a prestigious qualification that comes with numerous benefits. ACCA and all other accounting certifications are in massive demand; as you can see, accountancy is the only world that keeps flourishing without setbacks. For all finance-related queries and accounting certification courses, log into the official website of Finprov Learning, India’s leading accounting training institute.

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