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Secret tips to taking the hard-stake CMA USA exam

CMA USA exam

History reveals that accountancy always tops the world. Under all circumstances, accountancy has maintained its poise and continued flourishing. It is the best career option to choose for anyone who wishes for a stable job. But having just an accounting degree will not help you in your career journey. You must have accounting skills or a professional degree like CMA USA to stay ahead of your colleagues.

There is a misconception in our society that CMA or Certified Management Accountant exam is a hard nut to crack. Some even rethink their decision to become a CMA. Now is the time to do a reality check. CMAs are in huge demand, and the world is facing their shortage. Becoming a CMA is not at all a difficult task. You can become a certified management accountant within 6-8 months if you adopt the right strategy.

If travelling is your passion, being a CMA USA is the right choice. Because of less supply, demand for CMAs is at its peak. Now is the right time to get a CMA degree. Hit it when the iron is hot.

Path of a CMA USA Professional

You have to fit into specific criteria before applying for CMA USA. High school graduation is the minimum eligibility criteria required for the CMA exam. But to become a CMA member, you must possess a bachelor’s degree or a comparable professional certification within seven years. You must also have two years of work experience in the relevant field. Although candidates from all walks of life can apply for the exam, students with accounting, commerce, economics, general business or finance degrees will have the upper hand. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, now is the time for preparation.

A coaching centre is the best option if preparing for the CMA exam. Of course, self-study is also possible if you have the confidence. Try to remain focused throughout your CMA journey; as you can see, this is a highly regarded profession which needs your utmost attention. 

Syllabus of CMA USA Exam

The curriculum of the CMA USA exam consists of two parts. Part one includes Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Analytics and discusses External Financial Reporting Decisions, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Performance Management, Cost Management, Internal Controls and Technology and Analysis. And Part two covers Strategic Financial Management, including financial statement analysis, Corporate Finance, Decision Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Decisions and Professional Ethics. 

Exam pattern of CMA USA Exam

The duration of the CMA exam is four hours, in which you will get 3 hours for multiple-choice questions and 1 hour for essays. 100 multiple-choice questions, followed by two 30-minute essay questions. The essay portal will only open if the 50% mark is qualified in MCQ. To clear the exam, you must procure 72% marks. CMA exams generally occur three times a year. The first window is from January to February, the second from May to June and the third from September to October.

How to crack a CMA USA Exam?

You will all agree that preparation is the key to success. The right strategy will help you crack the globally recognised CMA USA Exam without much effort. Becoming a CMA professional opens up an entirely new world of job opportunities. So without wasting time, let us look into the following tips for cracking a CMA USA exam.

tips to crack cma usa exam

Choose the right path

Your path defines your goal. Enrol on the right course and study material if you plan to become a CMA. Of course, choosing the right program from millions out there is a difficult task. But research various CMA courses available in the market before fixing one.

Make a timetable for yourself

You need to invest your time and effort in the CMA exam. Set study goals every week and try to achieve them at any cost. Add extra hours for studies at the weekends. Having a plan will help you remain focused and will help you to bring the best out of yourself.

Make a preference list

Before starting the preparation, you need to identify your strength and weakness. Recognise in which subjects you have a strong base and which topics need your more attention. Give preference accordingly and start preparing. You can study subjects depending upon your comfort and taste. And if you want to give papers one and two together, you have the freedom to do that.

Gain practical knowledge

In real life, your theoretical knowledge will not help you succeed. You must have the desired practical knowledge that every employer is seeking nowadays. Learning the skills will help you excel in the CMA field and every other accounting field. Enrol in different accounting certification courses to attain practical knowledge.

Remain calm and stay focused

Enter the exam hall with a quiet mind. Having a calm mind will help you remain focused. Don’t forget to take breaks between your studies to stay stress-free. Remember, worries have never done well for anyone. So stop worrying and start working.

Employers seek accounting skills in all their working professionals. For CMA USA or any other accounting degree, accounting skills are your sure shot way to success in your career. Finprov Learning is the best choice if you want to learn accounting skills. Their accounts certification courses have received worldwide recognition and are always upfront in providing financial education. Join Finprov and become a leading finance professional.

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