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CMA USA Course – Know More About the Course

cma usa course details

Getting global exposure through an international course is essential for your professional growth. CMA USA is one such accounting course that has gained worldwide recognition and is the right choice for students who think out of the box and have foreign dreams. CMA USA course is available in over 150 countries and is in high demand.

CMA USA, the certified management accountant in the USA, is a certification degree in financial management and management accounting; this certification proves your financial planning, control, analysis, professional ethics and decision support knowledge. This course is certified by the global body IMA USA(Institute of management accountants). IMA USA has a history of more than 100 years; to date, more than 140000 have enrolled in the CMA course and been certified.

CMA USA Course Details

The CMA USA course has earned worldwide recognition. The CMA course comprises two parts. The first is financial planning, performance and analytics, and the second is strategic financial management. You can clear the CMA USA exams within 12 to 18 months, depending upon your calibre. Dedicated students can complete it within nine months, while some may take an average of 3 years to complete the course. Exams are conducted online at predefined centres. Usually, exams are held in January, May and September. Exams generally comprise 75% MCQs and 25% essay questions. CMA USA course has a recorded history of pass percentage- 50% globally. Every year a minimum of 4000 students become CMAs and serve in different parts of the world.

Benefits of the CMA USA Course

A CMA USA certified professional could expect career growth throughout their life. That is why most middle and senior professionals opt for this course to gain knowledge in financial management, business, and accounting. After the CMA USA course, you will get job opportunities from all over the world, including in countries like the USA, the UK, India, Canada, China and Gulf countries. It helps you receive high salaries and that too at a young age. The highlight of the CMA USA course is that you can complete it within 12 to 18 months. Three exam windows in a year allow you to complete the course even before the mentioned time.

us cma course

Eligibility Criteria for CMA USA Course

CMA USA is a versatile course. A bachelor’s degree is no doubt an add-on to your resume. But even an undergraduate of any stream can enrol for this course. You can carry on the CMA USA course and your studies simultaneously. But to become a CMA professional, you must possess two years of work experience in accounting and finance. However, freshers can gain the required expertise within seven years of passing the exams.

CMA USA Syllabus

CMA USA module comprises two parts. The first part is Financial Planning, performance and analytics, which covers external financial reporting decisions, planning, budgeting and forecasting, performance management, cost management, internal controls and technology and analytics. The second part is the strategic financial management which includes financial statement analysis, corporate finance, decision analysis, risk management, investment decisions and professional ethics.

CMA USA Exam Pattern 

It takes four hours to complete the CMA USA exam, out of which you will get 3 hours for MCQs and 1 hour for essays. There will be MCQs of 100 marks and two essay questions of 30 minutes each. You can attend the essay questions only if you qualify for the MCQ part, with an average of 50%. To pass the exam, you need 72% marks. Exams are held three times a year- January, May and September.

Career Opportunities after CMA USA 

Since CMA USA is a globally recognised certification, your job opportunities will increase after completing the CMA USA course. MNCs like Deloitte, Amazon and Accenture hire CMA USA professionals in positions like Finance Controller, Budget Analyst, Finance Manager, Senior Analyst, Treasurer, Internal Auditor, Cost Accountant, Financial Analyst, Management Trainee, etc. A CMA USA professional is entitled to receive a salary up to 14 lakhs depending upon your experience and company.

Difference between CMA USA and Indian CMA

The governing body of CMA USA is IMA USA, whereas that of Indian CMA is ICAI. You can complete the CMA USA course within one year, while it takes almost three years to complete the Indian CMA. You must have a bachelor’s degree with two years of work experience to enrol in a CMA USA course. But you can join the Indian CMA course after completing your higher secondary education; CMA USA provides no articleship, while Indian CMA has an articleship of 6 months. CMA USA gives you job opportunities worldwide. But the job opportunities of Indian CMA are limited to India and its neighbouring countries.

To be part of a global community is a significant achievement for every accounting person. It is always better to get training while pursuing a globally certified course like CMA USA. The CMA USA course of Finprov Learning, India’s leading accounting training institute, is one of a kind. Their world-class amenities and professional faculties will ease your journey to becoming a CMA USA. Be a Finprovian and lead a life of dignity.

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