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Countries You Could Work With an ACCA Qualification

countries you could work with an acca qualification

As a globally recognized professional accounting qualification, the ACCA certification offers its holders a competitive edge in the job market. In this article, we’ll explore some of the countries you could work with an ACCA qualification.

ACCA qualification allows you to work as an accountant in more than 180 countries worldwide. It gives you an international platform where you can evolve, explore and become a better version of yourself. ACCA members are widespread all around the world and are taking accountancy to a higher level. In short, ACCA is your passport to overseas and an opportunity to become a global chartered accountant. 

Some Of The Countries You Could Work With an ACCA Qualification


Malaysia is heading towards becoming a high-income nation with a business-friendly economy open to all investments. Plenty of job opportunities await ACCA-qualified professionals in this dream country. With potential cities like Kuala Lampur, which is more industry-driven, Malaysia is a great place to practise your ACCA skills in the coming years.


Germany, the power hub of Europe, has a strong and variant economy that will keep improving in the coming years. Since the euro-zone is recovering, the German economy is booming like never before. This country has something to offer to everyone. Whether from the chic cultural centre in Berlin or the fast-moving financial centres like Frankfurt, everyone will benefit coming to Germany. According to a recent survey, working in Germany experience more job satisfaction than in other countries. ACCA professionals have better opportunities in Germany.

United kingdom

With a rising economy and career opportunities, the UK and its financial sector are open to all finance and accounting jobs. Here you can work in multiple sectors in companies because of the variety in the economy. The country’s economic hub is London. But cities like Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. also contribute to job vacancies. ACCA being the top accounting qualification, certified candidates can easily find a job in the UK.

United States of America

The USA, the country with the biggest economy in the world, offers multiple job opportunities for ACCA professionals. It is one of the best places in the world to work and live. With your ACCA qualification, you will get the chance to work under some the world organisations like Hollywood, the FBI, etc. You will get better exposure and career growth while working in a country like the USA.


Canada is a great country to begin your accounting career, especially for ACCA professionals. Its finance centres like Toronto and Vancouver are open to all accounting professionals. But if you want to upgrade your language skill, you can try your luck in the French-speaking province of Quebec. As per recent studies, the county’s unemployed accounting professionals stand up to 2.3%, which is much below the world average. It validates that accountants have huge prospects in the country, and their demand will only rise in the future.

South Africa

South Africa is a developing country with a more advanced economy than other African nations. Since it is in the nascent stage, it requires skilled finance professionals to build a financially stable nation. Because of the shortage, South Africa is searching for highly qualified accounting professionals who can fulfil their financial requirements. Financial Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg have much to offer ACCA professionals.

New Zealand

A dream country with laid back attitude, dramatic landscapes and excellent weather conditions, New Zealand has made it to the world map as one of the best habitual places in the world. With an ever-growing economy, New Zealand offers multiple career opportunities for accountants. Here you can expect career growth within a short period if you have accounting qualifications like ACCA in your hand. The New Zealand government believes in work-life balance. You need not have to work overtime or strain yourself to move ahead. Your skills determine your pay scale and promotions. 


Singapore has a maximum number of accountants at work. But they lack skilled ones; ACCA professionals have a tremendous opportunity to build their careers in this country. Being a tourist destination, Singapore is known for its world-class amenities and high standard of living. You will never be disappointed to start your accounting career in this country.

acca accepted countries list

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