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Accounting certification Courses in Trivandrum

Step into the world of accounting in a city that you know well – Trivandrum, Kerala

Finprov Learning- Trivandrum

Learn the basics and gather expertise at the best accounting institute in the capital city of Kerala – Trivandrum. Finding finance certification courses are now easy and effortless with Finprov learning. We are industry leaders that provide a detailed curriculum and a syllabus that is designed to deliver and equip each candidate with a certain set of skills that will accelerate their growth perspective and get into a high paying job.

Trivandrum is often considered as a place that has less crowd and more facilities and people. This is one of the best cities in Kerala for your certification courses after B.Com or any other stream of education. If a smart career in accounting is something that you are working to achieve then we are here as a guide to take you there. Students have the option to choose a course that works for them the best. 

Our team of experts have been trained to provide you with every detail regarding the subject and clear every doubt so that you don’t tremble and fall down when the world calls you for the job. The main features that keep us different from others are as follows.

Accounting Certification Courses in Trivandrum

Staying ahead with the latest industry updates

Accounting is a highly competitive field which can be only tamed and learned with regular insight into the present world, its legal frameworks and industry standards and also its functions. Our accounting institute at Trivandrum has all the tools that will help students to grow. We prepare our syllabuses based on the latest trends and updates happening in the industry. So if you are looking for an opportunity to grow and outgrow yourselves, reach out to us.

Live and interactive classes

Learning from the experts by doing them yourselves and gaining practical experience on the subjects is a plus point that is enjoyed by every student who passes out from our institute. We provide accounting training that is designed in an interactive, smart and easy manner that makes grasping and effectively understanding the same. More time to communicate your doubts and understand the possibilities of accounting and its scope will also be included in the course.

A calm and friendly atmosphere

Our classes hold a calm and friendly atmosphere so that each student can enjoy what they are truly studying and can benefit from them in the long term. You can freely interact with your teachers and your fellow students and build a strong network of friends and thought leaders.

Classes by experienced professionals in the industry

Our classes will be taken by professionals from the industry itself. This will make sure that the students will get a taste of the real world and its happenings rather than just the textual values. Special classes will be taken by chartered accountants or certified public accountants or even certified management accountants so that you can get better insights into the working of the system and become a part of them. This creates a platform wherein you will be free to interact and build crucial skill sets and connections for a secured future ahead.

Preparing you for a job!

We work on developing the individual as a whole. Our teachings are not just limited to textbooks. Our experts provide anything and everything for the overall development of the student for a future that is bright and tension free. We make sure that the courses are designed in a job oriented manner. So choose a course that prepares you for a job, not the examinations. 

Authorized accounting coaching centre 

We are ranked among the top accounting coaching centres and sap training centres in Kerala. With specialised training centres across the state, we are a network of experienced professionals and extraordinary students. We have a story of success to tell and our staff always give their 100% effort on every batch.

Opportunities for everyone

We create opportunities for every student and also the teachers that impart knowledge to them. Our curriculum is designed in a way that provides students with practical knowledge and also internship opportunities. Each student can also get into high paying jobs through the placement assistance that is provided by us. So if you need a trusted agency for your education and to secure your future, then Finprov Trivandrum is the institution for you.

Making students job ready! 

Are you a fresher who’s looking for a job in the accounting industry? We have short term courses for everyone to brush up on and put a great start to their journey into the world of accounting and corporates. 


This is a 6-month course that comes with 100% placement assistance for every student. It also covers – Tally prime, MS Excel, QuickBooks certification, Mock Interviews and more. 

 PGBAT is a 1-year course that provides a 3 months internship along with it. It focuses on job oriented practical learning. It covers – Tally prime, MS Excel, QuickBooks and SAP FICO certification. 

 PGDIFA – It is a one-year-long course that offers 3 months internship and 100% placement assistance. Every student will get the opportunity to work with industry experts including a CA. Tally prime, MS Excel, QuickBooks and SAP FICO certifications are included in this course. 

 The SAP FICO is a specialised course that provides each student with certain perks including individual learning IDs & Server IDs, and 24*7 real-time server access.

 DIA is a short time course with a duration of 3 months. It provides certifications in Tally Prime, GST, Income Tax and MS Excel

Some of the other courses include – Gulf VAT, Tally prime, GST, e-commerce analyst and more. To get more insights into the courses and their details …reach out to us. 



The most popular courses offered by us include – PGDIFA, PGBAT, CBAT, SAP FICO, DIA and more. These are all specialised accounting courses that will definitely help shine in your career and land a job that has a growth perspective and enable you to see the world in a different manner. To know more about the course offered by us, reach out to us.

Yes, the institute does provide cost accounting courses along with various other payroll coursesbookkeeping certification courses and various other short term certification courses. There is a course for every accounting aspirant. The students have the opportunity to choose from the various courses offered here and also to choose from specialised pieces of training and other overall growth training.

Hybrid courses are all those courses which provide the students with the opportunity to attend classes from their respective homes. These courses are designed in a way that combines online classes and offline classes. Students can choose these dates as per their choice and build a bright future for themselves. The most popular hybrid courses provided by us include – PGDIFA, PGBAT, CBAT, SAP FICO, DIA and more.

With centres across the state, Finprov is one of the most trusted and leading accounting institutes in Kerala. The experienced teachers and the students that enrol and make it big every year in top corporates make us one of the best that provides specialized training for the students. We also provide hybrid courses that are an initiative to ease the efforts put in by the students.

We have a list of short term and long term courses that are aptly designed for beginners. The syllabus is drafted to meet their basic requirements and also the growing needs of the industry as a whole. So every student has the opportunity to grow and make it big!


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