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Why ACCA is Becoming Popular Among Female Students?

women in acca

For ages, males have been ruling the professional world. But now the world is slowly adapting to some new changes. More and more females are replacing men in different professional domains. Especially in accounting certifications like ACCA, we see a steep increase of women in ACCA, with values going up to 40%, almost half of the entire group.

The word equality is gaining pace in the modern world. The accounting industry is becoming more female-oriented, especially in developing countries. There is a steady rise in women accountants in Singapore, the Philippines, Canada and the UK. 

Below we are discussing these changing trends and their various causes.

False Belief

There is a common belief among people that women are less interested, especially in subjects like maths and accountancy, compared to men. But the data about the number of women accountants worldwide shows an entirely different picture. The number of woman accountants has increased from 39% to 60% between the years 1983 to 2012. Like every other field, this change in trend was not all of a sudden. It took years to change the mindset of society and accept women employees.

These numbers themselves showcase how false our thoughts were. The accounting industry helps its employees to maintain a work-life balance. With the commencement of technology, this shift is speeding up. Now everything is available on your mobile, and you can access it with a few clicks. Now people can work more efficiently and generate more revenue. Women are getting more attracted to accounting owing to its these many benefits and the fact that they can carry out their priorities simultaneously with their professional life.

Now, most companies are considering the comfort of their employees. They offer flexible timings and more amenities at the workplace, making it a comfortable place for employees of both genders. This decisive step lightens the burden on the employees and helps them work more efficiently. In the early 90s, there was a huge demand for accountants. As homemakers and mothers, women accountants could not fulfil their professional duties properly. But they were an asset to the company, and the company needed their professional expertise. So they came up with the idea of making the workplace comfortable for everyone and helping them maintain a perfect work-life balance.

Women in ACCA

Women have played a vital role in taking up ACCA courses internationally. Many girl students are now pursuing ACCA, the topmost accounting certification course. Even the male members have acknowledged their contribution.

ACCA is a global body that has shown its presence in over 180 countries. The course is not limited to any particular gender and is famous for its gender equality stand and women empowerment. ACCA had its first female member, Ethel Ayres Purdie, in 1909. She was a revolutionary working woman and a role model for others. She was not only the trendsetter of this profession but also stood for fairer taxation and upliftment of women.

women accountants - acca

Role of women in the present ACCA

ACCA has become a relevant accounting body in more than 180 countries worldwide. Currently, there are 46% active female members in ACCA. Helen Brand, the chief executive and Vera di Palma, the first women president of ACCA, are all part of this population. They have contributed significantly to the growth of ACCA.

ACCA is a power-packed package which comprises world-class ACCA modules and refreshing accounting trends. They have revised traditional accounting and helped female accountants to build a place for themselves. 

Now women accountants are becoming leaders and are shaping up the entire society. They are utilising their problem-solving skills to solve relevant issues and are contributing to productive work. Females are becoming increasingly interested in the accounting industry because of its flexible work schedule. Women ACCA members and students are taking up ACCA to the next higher level and setting an example for the next generation.

Better Opportunities for Female Leaders

Women are an excellent choice for leadership roles because of their hardworking nature and sincerity. They are equally sensible, which helps them to bring out better output. For them, money is not the only thing that they value in their life. They have certain principles in life and will abide no matter what happens. It is this rare quality that makes them great decision-makers.

Women are open to all opportunities like working abroad, switching jobs and even carrying on their studies. ACCA is the right choice for female students who have big dreams and can fulfil them at all costs.

If you are passionate about finance and accounting and have big career dreams, join the ACCA course of Finprov Learning. Their tech-enabled classrooms and world-class education will help you become a global chartered accountant.

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