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The Latest Edit Log Feature in Tally Prime

edit log feature in Tally prime

Tally’s accounting software has made an irreplaceable position in the accounting world. You can’t sustain yourself in the accounting industry without the knowledge of Tally. Over the years, Tally has undergone many changes. It has constantly updated itself according to the changes happening in society. Tally solutions released many of its versions in the market. Its latest version, Tally Prime, was released last year and is getting tremendous responses from users. It has many new features, making it a more user-friendly software. Here we will be talking about the all-new Tally Prime edit log feature.

Using the edit log feature of TallyPrime, you can maintain the edit logs for each transaction. Also maintain the date and time of each change. You will also have the privilege to know the user’s name who initiated the difference and can access the deleted transactions. Also will be able to track the changes made to accounting groups, accounting ledgers and stock item masters. You can also access the modified transactions from reports and identify the modified elements by comparing them with their previous versions.

Tally Prime Edit Log Feature

For every transaction in the Tally Prime, its edit log feature tracks and timestamps all of its activities, including creating, deleting records, editing etc. This feature helps business owners and auditors trace all transaction-related activities and derive suitable conclusions. Now let us understand the different elements of the edit log in Tally Prime.

Edit log for transactions and masters

The all-new edit log feature tracks activities like alteration, creation and deletion for all transactions recorded in the software. You can also monitor the activities for all masters, including stock items, ledgers, and groups, which cover the details edited in the company masters.

Can identify when and who made the changes

Edit log feature of Tally Prime gives complete information of user details starting from creation to alteration to deletion. It will also provide date details along with other information. Tracking the events or activities is not enough to make complete sense of the edit log.

Can compare and understand the version differences

The edit log feature gives detailed information, through which you will get a complete idea. Thereby this helps you to analyse the changes’ modifications or impacts. Using the edit log feature of Tally Prime, you can quickly compare the previous version and identify what all elements have been changed.

The enhanced report helps to filter the edited or deleted transactions

You can enhance all the reports, such as voucher registers, daybooks etc., using an option to filter and sort the deleted and edited transactions faster.

Edit log feature enabled all the time Vs view logs intermittently.

In some countries, it is mandatory to maintain the log. Moreover, the internal control requirements of a business determine the need to keep the edit log. Some may want to preserve the edit log all the time, but others may like the flexibility they can enable or disable the log depending upon their needs.

To satisfy the changing needs of the business, Tally has released two different products- Tally Prime Edit Log Release 2.1 and Tally Prime Release 2.1. Your edit log feature in the Tally Prime Edit Log Release 2.1 version will always be enabled. You cannot disable it even if you wish to. Whereas in Tally Prime Release 2.1, you will have an option to enable and disable the edit log according to your requirements.

TallyPrime Edit Log Features

Difference between Tally Prime Edit Log and Tally Prime Release

Most of the features and capabilities of both products are almost similar. The only difference is that in the Tally Prime Edit Log Release, you will not be able to disable the edit log option. In contrast, you can disable it in the Tally Prime Release according to your needs. You can use the Tally Prime Edit Log Release if your business wants to maintain the edit log and track all the activities for better internal control. However, suppose you’ll maintain trails for internal audit purposes or view logs alternatively. In that case, you can use the TallyPrime Release version, where you can enable or disable the edit log feature according to your priorities.

How to manage the edit log in Tally Prime?

You don’t need special preparations or knowledge to manage the edit log feature in Tally Prime. It is elementary. You must download and install the Tally Prime Edit Log Release 2.1( if you want to maintain it all the time) and afterwards load your company data. All the edits will be updated automatically and tracked from the logs later.

But if you are planning to use Tally Prime Release 2.1 so that you can enable or disable the data according to your wish, you need to follow different steps. First, you have to download and install Tally Prime Release 2.1 and then load the company data. Then press Alt+K for the company menu alter. Afterwards, press F12 to configure enable and set ‘edit log applicability’. Next, set ‘enable edit log’ to ‘yes’ in the company alteration screen. If you have a new company, you can follow the steps from the F12 configuration onwards.

Tally Prime is an essential accounting software in today’s accounting world. Enrol in the Tally Prime accounting certification course of Finprov Learning, India’s leading accounts education provider. Become an expert in Tally Prime. Knowledge in Tally Prime will take you to higher heights in your profession.

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