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15 New Features of Tally Prime that Makes a Difference

Features of Tally Prime

Used by around 2 million businesses worldwide, Tally updated their Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime. It is one of the leading business management software solutions that help to manage Accounting, Inventory Management, Payroll management, Bank transactions, Statutory Compliance, etc. Loved by medium-small businesses worldwide. Once you install the TallyPrime you can start using the Tally Prime features to manage your business.

Tally Prime software also provides reports such as financial reports, Cash-flow reports, Cost center reports, Inventory reports, accounting reports, and many more detailed reports. It helps to manage the business smoothly and adds influential input in decision-making. By providing additional features without extra cost, Tally Prime is adding up the value along with simpler and easy to use functions, more speed, power to the process, reliable and efficient work. Finally, with the update from Tally ERP 9 to the new Tally Prime, It is setting for a flexible and future-ready product. This article will bring the new 15 key features that the Tally prime software is updated with.

 Here we list 15 features of Tally Prime Software that Enhance Your Work

  1. Accessibility is one of the Tally Prime features that keep the software as the go-to-go one for accounting. Designed in a way that helps the accountant as well as the owner to use and understand the functions, It also covers so many aspects of the business operation. Sales, purchase, receivables, payables tracking, Order processing, inventory tracking etc and all can be systematically done in Tally Prime. 
  1. Speed. When it comes to detailed reports and details, accuracy and speed are the two most important aspects. Tally Prime sets a standard of its own here. 
  1. The Search Bar in Tally prime is one of the most sophisticated features you can find in the software. 90% of the software functions can be accessed through searching in the “Go to” search bar. The function makes it easy for business owners to use the software.
  1. Multi-Tasking gets easier now. The feature allows you to move from one report to another easier. Also, you can get all the already opened reports without leaving out the one you were working on. 
  1. Shortcuts are plenty in Tally Prime, to have smooth work, normally you need to know some of the important ones. With the update, now even keypad shortcuts like ALT + C which is used to create a new ledger are added to the screen.
  1. Password Friendly. If two different companies have the same password, then entering it for login to the one is enough to the other also. There is no need to enter the password for each.
  1. Invoice. For retailers, distributors, and some other businesses, there is a constant need to create invoices. Tally prime helps to optimize the invoice by eliminating all the unwanted spaces.
  1. Charts of Accounts provides you direct access to all the masters.  ledgers, voucher types, cost centres etc. are included in the charts of accounts options.
  1. Change Mode gives three options in vouchers. Those are ‘Item Invoice’, ‘Accounting invoice’ and ‘As invoice’. The Change Mode option makes it easy to access any of these.
  1. Mark Details as Permanent helps you to set some files as permanent for entries. Thus, helps to save time adding all those details every time you add an entry.
  1. Admin Rights helps to stop any session; it is accessible through the browser and anytime the admin can disconnect a user
  1. The FI key is all about getting the necessary information. Now it is equipped with the information of Tally product information, Tally license information, information about the Tally data, Tally connectivity information and computer system-related information. It makes the Tally Support much easier.
  1. Easy Installation Process. When needed to create or update a new folder, the system will automatically try to find an old file if it exists and update on that. That helps the creator from entering configuration, defining the path, TDLs etc. for each time.
  1. The Look and Color are updated with the newer versions and it is more pleasing to the eye and also easy to work on when working long durations. Overall, the changes are intuitive and soothing.
  1. Screen Space is now more organized without any clutters. You can easily get the error messages or other details from the help menu. 

With the new update, Tally Prime made a significant improvement in usability. Furthermore, all the Tally Prime new features included are trying to make the software easier to use for the accountant as well as the owner.

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