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Tally Prime Features Needed for Business Growth   

Tally Prime Features

Are you familiar with Tally Prime, and have you ever tried to know to what extent Tally prime penetrated the business world? Tally prime is an upgraded software of Tally ERP used by many businesses worldwide. Generally, Tally Prime has been used as a complete business management tool for small and large-sized companies. The tally prime features help to solve all the complex problems in managing accounting, inventory, banking, and taxation and create a way for business growth.

Tally Prime Features Required for Business Growth

Tally prime always has special features without any additional cost and is easy to use, a process that is also very simple to handle and reliable. Here are some of the tally prime features you must need to know.

tally prime features

Invoice Management

Invoice management in Tally prime is a powerful tool that helps track all the invoices. This particular program is an automatic application. So you don’t need to worry about any installation procedures. To use this program, you need to sign up for a free account and utilize it. 

Using this program, you can add various payment methods for specific accounts, making it easy to manage. The due date also can be seen in this program.

Create Workflows

Tally prime features help to save all the settings, workflows, tasks, or configurations that can be later used for exporting your settings. Your wish will give the file name; you can also save this on your hard drive. If you want to share this file with another person, you can send it through email. All the instructions will be given at the top of the page itself. So everything is clear about installation. 

Preparing Business Reports

Tally prime features help to run your business smoothly. Using this, you can use a preferred spreadsheet to manage financial statements, manage money flow, and create business reports.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is one of the newly added tally prime features. When your business grows, the necessity increases to manage all the accounts. By using this program, you can manage accounts easier. It helps maintain a production plan, expiry dates, manufacturing, stock management, locations, batches, and job costing. Even for a small company tracking inventory details is essential. Whatever the business grows, you can add all the information to this program.

Customer Service

Customer service is more critical for every organization. Satisfying customers helps to grow your business. A customer service feature was added in Tally prime that solves all customers’ problems and maintains good service online. But it’s essential to handle employee shifts or hours manually. The best feature of customer handling is chat mode, which can quickly solve all the problems.

GST and Taxation

GST and tax are essential for any business that must be paid to the government. Tally prime remembers the due date, which the government needs to pay. It automatically shows actual tax payments. It also finds out the mistakes if they happen and effortlessly combines all sales and transactions. So that you will be able to pay at the end of every year, it is the best platform for those who don’t want to spend their money on expenses.

Online Data

Tally prime helps save all your documents, which can be accessed at any time using a computer or laptop device. You no need to worry about storage space because it will give unlimited storage access. The main work is to save all the secure data in cloud-based storage where data loss won’t occur.

Analytical Reports

The reports are already designed with data forms. But it would be best to analyze each piece of data where it should be applicable and separate them by clicking a button. Tally prime simplifies the work by offering 400 above a variety of templates that help to evaluate company performance.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the tally prime features used for checking your team scores in a particular dashboard. You can keep track of your scores on an hourly or daily basis. If one person fails to perform well, they will be notified through email. Tally prime is an excellent supportive tool for the development of business.

Secure Data

Every business owner should have a fear of losing data if their phone or laptop is broken. The perfect solution for this problem has Tally prime. Along with this feature, users can log in online at any time. No matter where you are, you can log in anywhere with the assurance that data won’t lose.

MIS Reporting

MIS reporting is one of the Tally prime features that help to secure your data. By seeing those reports, you can quickly analyze performance improvement needed areas.


One of the essential features of Tally prime is that data will be saved accurately, and the speed should be fine.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you feel difficulty handling this program, you can use keyboard shortcuts. There are several shortcuts available to use this program.

Banking Utilities

One of Tally prime features that are essential in banking, which makes it simple to manage all the work. It helps to see the bank account balance, all the transactions, e-payments, etc. All the information was tracked clearly.

If you have more doubts about how to use it for business, the Tally prime course helps to solve all your problems. Finprov Learning offers various courses for graduates and professionals and placement assistance. Finprov’s Tally Prime course enables you to get detailed knowledge about how to utilize and handle this software. We provide a detailed overview of topics as part of the course, such as inventory, payroll on GST, generating MIS reports, features and benefits of Tally prime, and job costing, along with practical applications that lead to a perfect career or professional to acquire updated knowledge.

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