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Reasons to study ACCA

Reasons to study ACCA

Are you proud of your financial background? Or do you have dreams of working abroad? If so, both are good reasons for you to study ACCA. In reality, the number of students opting for ACCA Course is significantly less than the actual number of interested students. Why? That is because most are still doubtful about taking up ACCA as a career. If you are one of those confused students, then don’t worry; we have got you covered. Below are a few points that will give you ample reasons to study ACCA.

How about a Corporate Treasurer?

Becoming a corporate treasurer after ACCA will be a significant turning point in your career. If you are ready to face challenges, you are tailored for the job of Corporate Treasurer. His work is to confirm whether the organisation has adequate capital to fulfil its obligations. You will get the opportunities to work with the biggies in the industry once you become a corporate treasurer. You will also get the chance to travel across the world, unleashing new opportunities.

Become an Auditor

Though the careers mentioned above are all alluring, it is also good to stick to your grounds and become an auditor. Career-wise, working as an auditor in leading accounting firms and top MNCs is also a good catch. You might have heard the proverb’ slow and steady wins the race’. It is better to remain low-key in the initial stages of your career and then move towards the fast-paced world. The auditor is a good career option for you after ACCA if you don’t want to take risks at the beginning of your career.

Again, you are the only person responsible for all career decisions in your life. We have listed above some of the career paths ACCA aspirants most commonly choose. Research about each career and select the one that interests you the most.

Why Choose ACCA? – Reasons to Study ACCA

Don’t you want to know why you are attracted to the ACCA course? It’s not because someone advised you to take up this course. ACCA course has got its value. Let’s analyse them one by one.

Outgrow your geographical boundaries

Clearing the ACCA course with decent grades will help you lift the geographical boundaries. You will unlock numerous job opportunities both inside the country and abroad, and you will be free to choose your ideal career. If travelling is your passion, you can accept job offers from companies worldwide and thereby increase your value in the global finance sector. You can also widen your learning horizon after becoming an ACCA member.

Remain updated and upgrade your skills

ACCA course is a power package that enhances your management and technical skills. It covers all the vital elements of the finance industry in detail, leaving you with a world-class learning experience. ACCA course will push your limits and make you job-ready in the competitive finance world. The comprehensiveness that you acquired during the ACCA course will help you land big projects and will get to work with big companies in the industry either as an employee or as an advisor. Each day will be a new day for you, and at the end of the course, you will become one of the finest finance professionals in the world.

Unlimited professional growth

After completing the ACCA course, no one can stop you from growing professionally. Your life as an ACCA-qualified finance professional will differ entirely from the regular ones. After the ACCA qualification, you will be the one to decide your area of work. Whether you want to work under an organisation or whether you want to collaborate with multiple clients and start your organisation, it all depends on your decision. Through every opportunity that comes your way, you will experience professional growth and help you perform better as a finance professional.

Equal value for dropouts

If at some point in the ACCA course, you think you have lost the patience to study further and want to drop out, then you don’t have to worry about your future career. Studies have shown that dropouts of ACCA courses have also managed to build a stable careers either as financial advisors or consultants. ACCA dropouts can also become successful finance professionals, unlike in other programs. Thus you can see ACCA course has something to offer for all, even for dropouts.

Affordable fee structure

ACCA is the most affordable accounting course in the world, with a high success rate, and you don’t have to take loans or scholarships to pursue ACCA. Almost all the institute offers ACCA course at an affordable rate.

acca course details

Who all are eligible for the ACCA course

Students who have completed their higher secondary education with 65% marks in Maths or Accountancy and English and 50% marks in other subjects are eligible to appear for the ACCA exam. Before enrolling for an ACCA course, don’t forget to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned under the course description.

Don’t think further if you are looking for the best institute to study ACCA. Join the ACCA course of Finprov Learning and become a highly reputed ACCA member. They are the leading accounts education provider in the country and carry a legacy of creating innovative finance professionals. For more details on the ACCA course, visit the official website of Finprov Learning.

If you still have doubts regarding ACCA, download our e-book and get rid of all your doubts. Our e-book is crafted by top professionals who have years of experience. Stay updated and stay ahead.

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