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How Beneficial is doing ACCA with B.Com for Students?

B.Com with acca

The world is experiencing a massive change in education and career path. Students have started to think out of the box and are now giving less importance to degree-based education. They are looking for time-saving, efficient and attractive ways to enter the professional world. The latest trend is the various certification courses that help acquire global jobs. 

Out of the total student population in the country, 30% come from a commerce background. B.Com offers multiple opportunities for students, i.e. they can pursue a master’s degree in accounting, finance, HR or marketing and sales. Or they can end up doing a job. But getting placed will be a little difficult for B.Com graduates, as they have only a degree qualification. They don’t possess the skill sets that most employers seek nowadays. Studying ACCA with B.Com will resolve this problem to a great extent.

ACCA course is highly flexible. You need not have to attend a regular class to pursue ACCA. You can decide your study hours, the number of exams you must appear in, and even the firm where you want to do the internship. B.Com students can easily carry ACCA courses along with their studies as these courses are available online, distance-learning, part-time and full-time. Students can choose one according to their convenience.

Before understanding how beneficial ACCA is for B.Com students, let’s get a brief idea about ACCA and its different opportunities.

What is ACCA, and what are the different opportunities that it offers?

ACCA, founded in 1904, is the most reputed accounting profession in the world. To become a qualified ACCA member, you must clear 13 papers, have three years of work experience, and meet the needs of professional and ethical work modules. You will receive exemptions in writing a few exams if you have the educational background mentioned in the eligibility criteria.

ACCA has got global recognition, and students completing the ACCA course can take up jobs in any part of the world. As an ACCA professional, you can work in different MNCs and private firms or become an accountant in business organisations.

The recruiters of ACCA professionals include biggies like Barclays, Tata, Standard Chartered, BDO, Grant Thorton etc. These companies are looking for professionals who always remain updated on the latest trends and regulations in the industry, and ACCA professionals directly fit into this criteria. ACCA professionals can take up the roles of Accounting Advisory, Audit and Assurance, Internal Audit, Investment Advisory, Taxation, Corporate Finance, Risk Advisory, etc.

Benefits of doing ACCA with B.Com

Pursuing B.Com along with ACCA opens up numerous job opportunities for the candidates. B.Com students must clear only nine papers to get the Advanced Diploma Certificate in Accounting and Finance. After attaining a Diploma certificate, you can quickly move on to gain the professional experience required to become an ACCA member. ACCA qualification helps choose your work area and location. i.e. you can work in your desired company in any part of the world. It was somewhat an unachievable dream for degree holders. But along with ACCA qualifications, B.Com graduates can fulfil all their career dreams. 

Most institutes offer ACCA courses online, giving B.Com students ample time to prepare for the ACCA exams without affecting their studies. There are two modes of ACCA exams. The first one is the on-demand exams, conducted online and can be taken at any time of the year based on your convenience. The second one is the online session exams which can take at the four exam windows in a year.

ACCA with B.Com

What to expect when you pursue B.Com and ACCA together?

Now B.Com, along with ACCA, is the most sought-after course these days. Students who have completed their plus two education from the state board, CBSE, ICSE, IB, NIOS or IGSCE are eligible to take this course. Students appearing for their plus two exams can also apply for this course. B.Com with ACCA qualification brings better job opportunities and career growth.

Course duration

You can complete B.Com along with ACCA within 4 to 5 years, starting from registration. It covers the three years duration of the B.Com program. If you are pursuing ACCA after B.Com, you will require a minimum of 8 years to complete the course. If you carry ACCA along with B.Com, you can save four years of your academic life. Thus you can start your professional life at a young age and achieve more career growth both within the country and abroad.

Paper Exemption

To become a qualified ACCA member, you need to pass 13 papers. But B.Com students will get the highest number of paper exemptions. i.e. they have to write only nine exams from ACCA knowledge and Skills modules. Also, B.Com students can write the ACCA P Level exams from their second year onwards.

Reverse exemption

B.Com students are also eligible to receive reverse exemption during their ACCA course. i.e. you will be relieved from some of the papers in your B.Com exams if you have already passed the equivalent ACCA exam papers in Applied Knowledge and Skills modules. You only have to pay the fees for the remaining exams and need not have to appear for them. For example, if you have completed 5 of the nine papers, you don’t have to write the remaining 4. You only have to pay the fees for that four papers.

B.Com, along with ACCA, is a complete package for the accounting students and covers the core elements of the accounting industry like management and consulting, investment banking, Corporate Reporting, Audit and Assurance, Financial Management, etc. Finprov Learning, India’s leading accounting training institute, provides ACCA courses, which you can learn along with your B.Com studies. The course is available online. You can enrol for the program according to your convenience and become an ACCA member within a short period. For more details, visit the official website of Finprov.

If you still have queries regarding our ACCA course, download our e-book and clear all your doubts.

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