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Is ACCA Hard To Pass?

acca exam

Well, this question comes to the mind of all ACCA aspirants. But before answering the question, you need to have a clear understanding of ACCA. Don’t think further if you believe that ACCA will help you land your dream job. Just go for it. With proper motivation, it is easy to clear ACCA exam. And if you consider ACCA as a milestone in your career journey, then you are on the right track.

You may face difficulties as you advance in your ACCA exams. With proper guidance and motivation, you can crack the ACCA exam easily. Maintaining an appropriate balance between the two is often challenging if you are doing a job and preparing for the ACCA exam. Your condition may worsen if you fail your exams. Failures will extend the duration of the course. Prioritizing everything will resolve this issue to some extent. Consider failures as a stepping stone to success and make a comeback.

Knowing the ACCA course is your first step toward preparing for the ACCA exam. ACCA qualification will open new doors of job opportunities for you. Now let us get into the exam details.

ACCA Exams

There are 13 exams for you to clear, along with professional ethics modules and three years of working experience to become an ACCA professional. The exam divides itself into three parts: Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic or professional options. Based on your qualifications, you may receive exemptions in any or all of the nine Applied knowledge or Skill papers and can directly jump to the professional level.

Duration of ACCA

You can become an ACCA professional within ten years, starting from the time of your registration. But competent students can finish it off within three years. Depending on your comfort, you can choose a full-time course or a part-time one.

Is clearing the ACCA exam that difficult?

The level of difficulty entirely depends on the mindset of the students. For some students, it may be a piece of cake, but for some others, it may be a nutshell. Some factors that make ACCA exam difficult for students are listed below.

factors that influence acca exam


If you are a fresher and have recently entered the accounting industry, you may face difficulties while preparing for the ACCA exams. A degree or post-graduation in finance and accounting will give you a better understanding of the course material. But still, you need to have a strong foundation in all the subjects to crack the exam. And last but not least, if you have practical accounting experience, it is like icing on the cake. Practical accounting experience will smoothen your ACCA journey and come out in flying colours. But here also, you will need to remould your adventure to suit the ACCA.

Plan of Preparation

Preparation is the mantra for success. Your success or failure entirely depends upon your preparation and how you utilize your time. While preparing for ACCA, be wise enough to choose a good learning partner because you can simultaneously carry out your work and studies, and your employer will pay for your expenses.

ACCA has a vast syllabus covering accounting, finance, and management aspects. Try to set a target of 3 to 4 years for your course completion. Having a target will motivate you and help you perform better. You will become an irreplaceable employee in your organization.

Your focus

You have 13 papers to clear to become a qualified ACCA member. Though the course completion time is ten years, most students complete it within 3 to 4 years. After clearing the papers, you must focus on your professional ethics module. You must also possess three years of work experience. It is possible to start your preparations from anywhere based on your comfort zone. You will get relaxation based on your previous qualifications. On top of it, there are no regular classes to attend for the ACCA course.

Commitment and Perseverance

You must invest time, energy and effort to clear the ACCA exam. Your qualifications, professional experience, sincerity and dedication determine the difficulty level of your exam. If accounting is new to you, you will have to work harder to master the concepts. A coaching class will help you build a strong foundation in accounting. But if you are not committed, you have no future in ACCA.

Your support network

ACCA preparations are equally time-consuming and stressful. At times you will feel like giving up. But with a strong support system, you can overcome this dreadful period. With the support of your friends, family and colleagues, you will be able to push your limits and pass out in flying colours. Building good relations will always come in handy in the long run.

ACCA is not hard to pass

ACCA exams are for go-getters. Your commitments and coaching classes will help you become a much-acclaimed ACCA member. Keep pushing your limits; one day, the unachievable will become achievable for you. Practice, practice and practice is your secret mantra throughout your ACCA preparations. Take a lot of mock tests and appear for quarterly exams and trust me, no one can stop you from becoming an ACCA member within four years.

ACCA is a power package of intellect, decision-making, pressure handling, dedication and fairness. You will learn professional ethics in life through the ACCA course, making it a highly reputed course in the market. Deal with the difficulty level of the ACCA exam. Remember, there is no free lunch in this world. It is part of your journey towards becoming a globally recognized chartered accountant.

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