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Top Accounting Certifications That Impress Recruiters

Accounting Certifications

Do you ever think accounting certifications can increase your earning power and qualify you for new positions? Obtaining the appropriate certifications for your chosen career path in finance can help you improve your knowledge and prove your value to an employer. If you’re considering getting certified, researching the most popular accounting certifications can help you decide what’s best for you. 

In addition, some financial careers require a specific certification to get the job you want or succeed. Many certifications are available for finance professionals, and the right choice depends on your specialisation and goals. 

Best Accounting Certifications and Courses

accounting certifications

SAP FICO Certification Course

Financial management requirements are constantly changing, and keeping your skills up to date is more important than ever. SAP Financial Accounting (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO) process and consulting training provide the insight and knowledge professionals need to develop better financial management and reporting in companies. 

SAP has played an essential role in business and IT management development. SAP FICO brings positive change to your business. SAP certification is an advantage for all operational managers and IT professionals. SAP Certified Professionals are in more demand than other candidates. The certification enhances one’s job opportunities globally. 

Tally Prime

TallyPrime is the ideal business management software for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps you manage accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, banking payroll, and more. Tally is widely used in bookkeeping, tax software accounts payable, accounts payable, inventory, invoicing, and payroll, considered the best accounting tool in the industry.

Tally Prime is a tool that individuals and businesses use to manage their financial transactions and accounting information. However, Tally is widely used to calculate TDS, Income Tax, and GST. Tally Prime training course covers all the information and knowledge about industrial accounting requirements and concepts teachers students and practical use in daily accounting processes.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Goods and Services Tax is included in the final price, and the consumer pays it at the time of sale; with the seller’s help, this tax is sent to the state. GST is a global tax used by many countries. The main advantage of GST is that it removes the cascading effect of selling goods and services. It increases job opportunities and wages. GST certification courses can be taken by graduates, CAs, company secretaries, finance and tax professionals, and people who want career opportunities in these fields.

The GST course aims to help traders, accountants, chartered accountants (CA), Cost Management Accountants (CMA), company secretaries (CS), and other professionals to improve their knowledge of GST systematically by providing specialized up-to-date information, improve their problem-solving and analytical skills to strengthen decision-making and adds the skills and knowledge necessary for self-employment and industrial work.

Income Tax

Taxes are a comprehensive revenue source globally. The government invests tax money in projects promoting the country’s economy. The Income Tax Course covers all topics of Indian Income Tax, its calculation, rules, regulations, application, sections, filing, performance and requirements, etc. This income tax certification course makes an aspirant become an income tax officer, revenue manager, tax collector, property tax consultant, financial advisor, etc. 

Practical Accounting

One of the best ways to stand out and demonstrate your commitment to the accounting profession is to get hands-on accounting training. As a recent accounting graduate, the theory makes you an expert. Still, you need to apply the knowledge in a natural work environment to be ready to be a successful accountant. Practical accounting training programs lead students to meaningful vocational training. 

In recent years, more and more accounting offices, companies, and companies have used the services of accounting students as interns, which gives careers to students gaining real experience and, in turn, help to employers.

Advanced Excel

Excel is an essential and in-demand skill in several industries. Advanced Excel skills include creating charts and tables, using spreadsheets effectively, and automating calculations and large amounts of data. With the emergence of big data and data analytics, advanced Excel skills are a real advantage in job hunting and everyday tasks. Whether you are considering a career as a data analyst or looking to improve your skills, Excel training can be valuable in preparing you for various promising positions.

Business Accounting Professional (BAP)

Choosing a course related to accounting has several advantages, especially in this age of technology. Some of these benefits of the BAP course include salaried growth for accountants, the flexibility of accounting work, advancement opportunities etc. Including data management and other technical knowledge in accounting has made accountants very important.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered Accountancy, or CA, is a professional course that provides technical knowledge to manage an organisation’s finance, accounting, and taxation. 

Chartered Accountant (CA) is one of the most recognized and reputed job designations. They are considered the most respected business and financial experts. After completing the CA course, one can work as Internal Auditor, Forensic Auditor, Tax Auditor, Finance Controller, Bookkeeper, Treasury manager etc.

Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT)

CBAT courses are essential for business education and give you all the skills to become a successful business owner or manager. This course provides all the information related to financial statements that help to make perfect decisions.

Tally Prime, ESI & PF Computations, Income Tax with TDS, preparation of cash budget and MIS Reports, handling profit and loss account, balance sheet, like CBAT course covers various accounting concepts. CBAT course enables several accounting jobs such as Budget analyst, accounting manager, auditing assistant, senior accountant, tax manager, and Finance manager. 

PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGBAT)

PGBAT is a course designed for graduates who wish to excel in business accounting and taxation. Corporate accounting and tax encompass a variety of roles and functions that corporate accounting and professional taxation handles. The course benefits first-year students or candidates with less than two years of work experience. To participate in the master’s program in business accounting and taxation, the applicant must have a business background. Completing the Business Accounting and Taxation Course takes 3- months, depending on the commitment and concentration of the applicant. 

PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting (PGDIFA)

PGDIFA course is straightforward but valid to help you become a globally recognized professional accountant. The course starts with computer basics, moves to manual and computerized accounting, and expands to SAP ERP accounting. With PGDIFA, you can experience the entire evolution of accounting at your fingertips.


The ACCA qualification is the world’s leading accountancy qualification for entry-level finance professionals. It equips students with the skills, knowledge and values ​​to succeed in their careers and lead the organisations they work with into the future. This is one of the much-in-demand accountancy qualifications and allows you to work as an accountant worldwide. With the ACCA certificate, you can significantly enhance your career and become a financial consultant, financial manager, financial and account director or financial management supervisor.

Certification in the HR Payroll Process (CHRPP)

HR Payroll process course will help you understand the payroll system used by businesses that process salaries, bonuses, commissions, and statutory deductions (related to income tax). It shows the compensation paid to the company’s employees for one month. Payroll helps managers calculate the right amount. In the payroll course, students are taught payroll, pension funds, income tax, and salary structure. Because payroll refers to the direct work results of the organization’s employees, HR managers can learn payroll through hands-on payroll training. HR Payroll courses mainly focus on the practical aspects of the subject. This course will help me to become an HR.

Finprov learning is the best platform that provides various courses in the accounting sector with an excellent placement record. We offer valuable accounting certifications designed by CA professional experts. As the best career coach Finprov drives you towards better career enhancement. Our practical-oriented training elevates your demand and competency in the accounting industry. More in a sense, Finrov’s job-oriented accounting certifications courses, such as CBAT, PGBAT, CMA, SAP FICO, income tax, GST, MS Excel, Practical accounting, retail banking etc., provide a vast opportunity in the accounting field. 

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