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9 Jobs that are Booming in the Pandemic Time

Jobs that are Booming in the Pandemic Time

Which are the most demanding jobs in India in future? What are the most demanding jobs in India in the future? Which are the jobs that are booming in the pandemic time? When we live in a pandemic-ridden time, questions like these are asked every day. 

Prospects of jobs turned upside down within a short time since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The way we used to see the world drastically changed. Now in the middle of 2021, the world is adapting to the new version of its outlook. Business moving rapidly to online operations, remote working becoming the popular norm, virtual interaction is getting more authentic. Along with all these changes, on the other side of the road, the threat of the covid 19 is still dangerous. What it means is that, for a considerable time, the world will continue with the adaptation and some of these changes will have a permanent place even when we get back to normal.  

During this time, the jobs in industries like hospitality, entertainment, Travel, etc were taken a real hit while in some other industries, jobs are somewhat solid, and then there are few that became the booming jobs in India. This article is taking a good look at the jobs that are booming in the pandemic time.

Chartered Accountant

Let’s start with a veteran job but still keeping its momentum. Being a chartered accountant is a classic profession. Regardless of changing times and new business turning into the digital world, They all require a chartered accountant for their finance & accounts matters. Recent trends show that firms are trusting talented chartered accounts to lead the new projects and business changes because of the critical role they play in the business along with their understanding of the operational parts. As we can see, It is their in-depth knowledge in legal and business matters that makes them highly desired in the business world. 

Medical Professionals

Doctors, Nurse, Medical staff. All professions related to the medical industry are critical during our times. The healthcare industry was largely underrated during the normal times but with how we rely upon their expertise and knowledge during these times, it is the kind of job that actually makes a difference in the world.

Online Teaching Experts

There is a quick tweak here, we need to add “digital” before considering the education industry. Online classes are the way we move forward. Online education is the way forward. The doubts regarding online education that existed in the pre-pandemic era have vanished. Now with much more advanced technology and support from businesses, more companies are providing education through digital platforms. Plenty of jobs are available in the industry especially for people who have in-depth knowledge in subjects, syllabus designers, etc.

Tech Professionals

Businesses going digital means that they need tech support. They need skilled people for software developments, product development, and all other areas of the business that demands tech support. People who have comprehensive skills in technology and business are in high demand. It is definitely one of the areas that will play a huge role in shaping our future

Data engineers/ Analysts

Big data is the term. Now the business world understands the importance of data-driven decision-making. Data is also considered one of the most valuable assets of a business in the modern world. So, it is easy to understand why the far cry for data engineers and analysts. They are the game-changers for a business in the modern digital world as the popular saying goes that data is the power in the digital world.

Cyber Security

The more we move into the digital world, the more competition and chances of activities that concern the security of the business. Hacking was a major issue even before the pandemic but with the large changes happening now, protection of data and information in the digital world is one of the major concerns. Naturally careers in Internet Security, Ethical Hacking, Open-Source Intelligence etc are becoming critical players. 

Finance Professionals

Another everlasting profession on the list. Indeed industries, business and the way they work changes with times but ultimately it all deals with the matter of finance. In fact, rapidly changing times demand professionals who have the right skills to manage and work with a vision. So finance is a sector that has scope at all the times and with the right skills, it is a great field to have a career.

Digital Marketer

Another byproduct of the world moving digital, The space for marketing also expanded digitally and the biggest difference is that digital marketing provides more personalized and target audience-friendly platforms. Digital marketing demands the skillset to use the vast features and opportunities given by these platforms for the better of their objectives.

In a nutshell, these are some of the jobs that are booming in the pandemic time and will have a good potential for the future as well. A carefully planned study aiming at a credible and stable job will take you to the desired heights for sure. Finprov wishes you all the best for your future. 

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