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Top Accounting Certification Courses for Potential Job Seekers

accounting certifications

With an interest in numbers and an ambitious nature, it is no wonder that you landed in the field of accounting and finance. Only accounting is an industry that will value your numerical skills and give you career growth based on your calibre. Having a finance or accounting degree is a great start, but having only a degree will not help much in your job hunting. Pursuing different accounting certification courses will boost your CV and help you in your professional life in the long run.

Due to its vast demand, several accounting training institutes have developed certification courses. Identifying the best out of them is challenging. Make sure that your chosen certification course matches your goals and interests because you don’t want to waste your resources on unwanted classes. To ease your confusion, we have summarised a few top accounting certification courses in the industry. These courses will make you a potential candidate before your employers and are your sure shot way to success. So let’s get started.

Top accounting certification courses 

To build a place of your own in this competitive world, you must possess the right qualifications and accounting skills, especially in industries like accounting and finance. After researching thousands of real-time accounting job posts, we have come up with the most in-demand accounting and finance certification courses that will help you grab your dream job within a short period.

accounting courses

Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

CPA, governed by the state board of accountancy, aims to provide accounting services to the public. All accountants are not CPAs. Having a CPA credential increases your status and reputation in society. CPA has global recognition and will give you multiple job opportunities both inside the country and abroad; you can work in private or public sectors based on your interests. Also, CPA certification will enhance your resume and help the employer understand your credibility.

CPA course differs from state to state. But most require a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of public accounting experience to enrol for the course. After getting certified, CPAs can take up job roles of Senior Accountant, Tax Manager, Accounting Manager, etc.

ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

ACCA course is a suitable choice for accounting professionals who have plans to settle abroad. ACCA is a globally recognised accounting certification course covering reporting, financial management, taxation, ethics, leadership and auditing. The ACCA course is more practical-oriented and follows an industry-related curriculum. An ACCA qualification will open up multiple job opportunities in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and Canada.

The ACCA course comprises three levels and a total of 13 exams. It takes almost 2 to 3 years to complete the course and become a certified ACCA member. The pass percentage of ACCA exams is comparatively higher, i.e. up to 30 to 40%.

Chartered Accountant(CA)

Chartered Accountants are accounting practitioners entitled to carry out accounting and taxation processes for businesses. They are in charge of professional accounting, taxation, auditing and financial assessment of an organisation or an individual. Their job role includes monitoring financial statements and business practices, filing tax returns, planning and reviewing financial documents and reports, keeping investment records, etc. They can also provide advisory services to their clients.

In India, ICAI is the statutory organisation that upholds the chartered accountancy course. To become a certified CA, the candidate must complete three levels of training. 12th-pass students are eligible to take up the CA course.

Several short-term accounting courses are available in the industry, out of which a few are listed below. All the above courses require your dedication and effort to the maximum. But if you don’t have the time and resources to go for these long-term accounting certification courses, you can choose their equivalent short-term courses. These courses serve your purpose. They will make you industry-ready within a short term. After completing these short-term accounting courses, you will be ready to face all the real-life work challenges.

CBAT(Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation)

CBAT course gives you a 360-degree knowledge of various accounting softwares and tax systems. It is a two-level course, usually completed within six months and is mainly designed for commerce graduates and MBA holders. But students of other streams who are interested in accounting can also enrol for this course. Through this course, you will develop the much-needed accounting skills and practical knowledge to help you excel in your profession. After the CBAT course, you will become well-versed in accounting softwares like Tally Prime, QuickBooks, MS Excel, etc.

PGDIFA(PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting)

PGDIFA is yet another in-demand certification course in the market; it is the key to your foreign dreams. This is a rigorous three-level program and comprises three levels. It makes you well-versed in various tax systems like Gulf VAT, GST and Income Tax. After the PGDIFA course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of different accounting softwares and advanced tax modules. You will also become an expert in handling accounting softwares like SAP FICO, QuickBooks Online, Tally Prime, etc. you will also gain hands-on experience with their three months internship program.


With the rising demand for SAP professionals worldwide, SAP FICO certification courses are becoming increasingly popular. The course duration is three months. If you don’t have the resources for a long-term accounting course, SAP FICO is the ideal course for you. As there is a shortage of SAP professionals in the current accounting industry chances of getting a job right after the course is more.

SAP or Systems Applications and Products in Data processing is one of the top providers of complete ERP solutions. Several MNCs and business organisations are switching to SAP software owing to its vast benefits. SAP Finance and Controlling, FICO, is the widely used module of SAP and provides better financial reporting and accounting management. After this course, you will become an expert in using this software and land your dream job within a short period.

Enrolling in an accounting certification program will unlock multiple job opportunities if you are passionate about accountancy. Take a look at the accounting certification courses of Finprov Learning. They are the leading accounts education provider in the country and carry a legacy of creating successful finance professionals. Be a Finprovian and build a promising career for yourself.

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