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Advantages of studying ACCA online

advantages of studying acca online

ACCA is the topmost accounting certification course and has got international standards. Through an ACCA course, you will acquire the business skills and financial knowledge essential in today’s corporate world. Numerous job opportunities await ACCA professionals with high earning potential.

To become an ACCA member, you need to put your time and effort into its preparations. Working professionals, students and families often find balancing ACCA and other commitments challenging. It may sometimes be tiring for them as they had to carry out many functions simultaneously. For such persons doing ACCA online is the best solution. Now everything has switched to the digital platform. So is education. Online classes are becoming more popular due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Below we have compiled a few reasons to help you decide to take ACCA online.

Incredible Advantages of Studying ACCA Online


Online classes are highly flexible. You can attend the course based your convenience and comfort. Online classes are often self-paced, giving the students the time to understand the concept and clear their doubts. They will be able to take notes better. Working professionals get most of the benefits of online classes, as they can enhance their professional and technical skills without leaving their job. They don’t have to compromise on their career dreams.

Now, most accounting professionals take ACCA online courses to advance their careers. Every person grasping power will be different. Subjects which are easier for some people may be challenging for others. Online classes meet these personal needs, i.e. you can devote more time and effort to areas challenging for you in an online course. You can cover your comfortable topics at a faster pace and move to the difficult ones. Reputed institutes offer special doubt-clearing sessions, through which you can clear all your doubts and misconceptions. You can advance to your subsequent modules after analysing the previous module deeply. That way, you will be able to understand the upcoming topics better.


If you opt for offline classes from a recognised institute, you may have to shell out extra money for your travelling cost. Cost may increase if you travel long distances to attend the classes. For such people, online courses are highly beneficial. You can still utilise the services of the best faculties, and that too at an affordable price. So instead of choosing a cheaper institute with lesser resources, you can now attend the online classes of the recognised institute within the comfort of your home.

Do complete research on the institute before joining them. Ensure that the faculties are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the subjects. A cheaper institute may seem beneficial initially, but it may hamper your results in the long run. Online classes save not only your tuition fees but also your transportation charges and the cost of study materials.

Be in your comfort zone

Your study environment plays a vital role in preparing for any exam. Online classes give you the comfort of choosing your favourite area and clear your doubts without hesitating. Most online courses provide the recorded sessions of the previous classes, which you can go through in your free time and clarify your doubts. You can choose your online class timings and prioritise your other commitments.

Students staying away from the institute get most of the benefits of online classes. Being in your comfort zone will help you devote your total energy and time to studying. As the difficulty level of the ACCA exam is a bit higher, students must spend at least 8-10 hours per week on its preparations. When the exams are nearer, you will have to give your extra time to your studies.


Your grasping power entirely depends upon you. You have to be present in the offline class at a fixed time. But you can access an online class from anywhere, anytime. You need not have to skip classes even while travelling. Moreover, you can attend the courses from any device, regardless of location. The only thing you require is a good internet connection. But other than that, you can attend the classes in your leisure time.

Better chances for succeeding

To succeed in ACCA exams, you must put in a lot of effort. Getting training will increase your chances of clearing the exams. But attending the classes of experienced faculties will give you proper guidance and ease your journey to ACCA. You can also go for self-study. They will provide structured study materials and periodic assessments and help you prepare for the finals.

Experienced faculties

If you plan to attend an ACCA course, it is better to join a reputed institution. They will have professional and experienced tutors who will guide you in the proper direction. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses with good resources and faculty guidance and work on them accordingly. They are always available on call and will all your doubts without any hesitation.

Better learning experiences

Everyone may not be comfortable attending an offline class. Some may find it difficult to adjust with your classmates, sometimes, your tutor may not be audible, and you may miss out on some crucial points, thereby losing track of the whole concept. Online ACCA classes will help you clear all these roadblocks and focus on the core subject. Tutors make it a point to keep the class engaging and will help understand the whole concept in a simplified manner.

acca online course

Entry points of ACCA

ACCA exams are for those students who have completed their higher secondary education with a minimum of 65% in Mathematics or Accounting and 50% in other subjects. Students who don’t meet this criterion can take a Foundation in Accountancy(FIA) route to enter ACCA exams. Commerce graduates get most of the benefits of ACCA, as they will receive exemptions from the fundamentals of ACCA exams based on their previous academic qualifications.

ACCA journey can be exhausting and tiring at times. Attending ACCA coaching classes will ease your journey. Join the online ACCA course of Finprov Learning, India’s favourite accounts training destination and experience world-class education through innovative learning techniques.

If you want to know more about our ACCA course, please download our ebook and enlighten yourself.

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