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Tally Talents – Be The Tally Expert

tally accounting software

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting an accounting job despite having enough qualifications? The answer is simple. You are lacking the skills that every employer is looking for nowadays. It is a fact that of the total graduates in our country, only 10% are skilled. The remaining 90% have only theoretical knowledge, which is not of much use in real life.

Today’s accounting professional needs to be skilled in all ways if he wants to succeed in his career. Knowledge of accounting softwares will not only ease his workload but will also act as a ladder to conquer higher positions. Tally accounting software is the topmost accounting software in our country, capturing 90% of the market share. It has become the most in-demand accounting software because of its user-friendly and mobile-friendly features. Tally has undergone a series of changes to develop into a new version that fits according to the current trends and regulations.

Now let us overview Tally, its versions, benefits, and career opportunities.

What is a Tally Accounting Software?

Tally has become an integral part of every accounting professional’s life; Its functions include accounting, banking, finance, manufacturing, inventory, payroll, profit analysis and billing. Barcode integration, Email integration, GST/VAT/CST Reports, TDS/TCS and Service Tax are its other features. After implementing GST, the usage of Tally software has gone up.

Tally accounting software was first introduced in 1986 by a Bangalore based company. It is suitable for all industry types. Every small and big company have been its beneficiaries. It comes in a power-packed package, making complex calculations more effortless, and leading to effective time management. You will get the freedom to choose your ideal package according to your needs. People from all walks of life can avail its services.

Tally ERP 9 is the successful version of Tally solutions. It is famous for its adaptable nature and simplicity and comes without coding. Now Tally solutions have launched a new version Tally Prime, which is getting a high response in the market. Almost 140 countries worldwide have benefitted from this accounting software and use it in their everyday business accounting.

Benefits of Tally Accounting Software

Tally software is mainly designed for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and functions. Let’s understand its few benefits.

Trustworthy software

You will not lose the information saved in Tally software under any circumstances. You will be able to retrieve all your data even if the machine shuts down in the middle. It provides a secure medium for passing the data. Even the employees of the Tally solutions cannot access these data; Only the sender and receiver can see the data. So it gives you the freedom to work from multiple locations.

Remote access

Every business owner wants to expand their business all over the country. But working in remote areas has always been a matter of concern. But Tally’s software has easily solved this problem. You only need to take a Tally. Net subscription to work from multiple solutions. After taking the subscription, please create your username and password and share it with all your employees in different branches. They will be able to work from other locations without any interruptions using this ID and password.

Control centre

After sharing the username and password with your employees, don’t think you will lose access to your accounts. Tally software comes along with a feature called control centre, where you will be able to control all your accounts. Using this feature, you can control and manage all the connected users and share data with them. Only you or your trustworthy team will have access to this control centre which ensures the security of your company data.


You can multitask in this software using a feature called multiple selections. This feature enables you to cross-check numerous entries at a time. You can select multiple entries at one go using the space bar button on the keyboard, making it a user-friendly accounting software.

Auditors Edition

Auditors Edition is a different edition of Tally, which is mainly designed for chartered accountants. This edition comes with a Tool Audit and Statutory Compliance tool that helps chartered accountants access their client’s data within their office and make necessary changes accordingly.


A ledger is the record of total transactions in a particular account. Anyone can create a ledger. Don’t forget to name the ledger according to your bank account types. Otherwise, it will lead to confusion.

Tally Audit and Tally Vault

Tally Audit reviews and audits accounts, whereas the encoding of selected information is the primary function of Tally Vault.

tally accounting software

Importance of Tally Training Course

Financial health is essential for the well-being of every organisation. The manual accounting practice can lead to malfunctions and data discrepancy; Using a Tally accounting software will resolve this problem. Enrolling in a Tally training course will give you in-depth knowledge about this software. You will also familiarise yourself with inventory management, GST and TDS, company details, etc. Now almost all accounting training institutes are providing tally training courses. Do complete research about the institute before enrolling. Check whether the institute is recognised and covers all the modules mentioned under the syllabus. After this course, you will be an expert in accounting, billing, bookkeeping, inventory management, taxation, etc.

Career Opportunities after learning Tally Accounting Software

Knowledge of Tally software has become the fundamental skill that every employer is looking for these days. The tally training course will help you grab a job in banking sectors, MNCs and other corporate offices. You can work as a Tally operator, Admin Executive, Account Executive, Financial Analyst, Taxation Research Analyst, Taxation Manager, Executive Assistant and many more. In India, the starting salary of Tally professionals is around two lakhs per annum. Of course, experience plays a crucial role in your paycheck. The prominent job roles of a Tally expert will be accounting, billing and payroll calculations.

A Tally training course fills the gap between your theoretical knowledge and practical use of Tally accounting software; This course provides a 360-degree understanding of Tally software and gives you hands-on experience with real case studies. Finprov Learning has become the number one solution for Tally training courses. Their tech-enabled classrooms and world-class education give the candidate the confidence to face all the challenges throughout their career. Take the right decision and build yourself a promising future.

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