Best Financial Accounting Courses

financial accounting certifications

Do you want to achieve a successful career in accounting? The increasing competition in the education sector has resulted in the addition of value-added courses to a regular bachelor’s degree. These courses provide practical and theoretical knowledge to help the student land a job in accounting. Do you have the mindset that you can’t be a finance professional due to your background, think again. Many factors go into making a successful career in this field, such as the skills and experience needed. Numerous financial accounting courses are designed to help aspiring professionals improve their skills.

Accounting skills are equally beneficial in your personal and professional life. Aside from providing valuable insight, financial accounting professionals can also play a vital role in keeping a company’s operations legally sound. Having good financial health can also help prevent a company from overextending itself, leading to poor decisions and costly investments. Having the correct financial information can also help attract and retain investors. Knowing a company’s financial health helps executives make better decisions and develop new strategies. In short, accounting is an essential skill in one’s life.

If you are a person with little or no experience in the accounting field, you can take up different accounting courses to enlighten yourself. We have good news for you if you are still hesitant to take these classes because of a lack of time. Most accounting courses are in hybrid mode, the courses are available offline and online.

financial accounting courses

Top Financial Accounting Courses

To make your job easier, we have organised a few short term accounting courses ranking in top positions

Tally Prime Course

A tally is an accounting software widely used by all accounting professionals; it systematically eases the entire accounting process. Tally Solutions has released many versions of the software. The latest addition is Tally Prime. 

Tally course gives a 360-degree knowledge of the Tally software. This course will also understand profit and loss analysis, bookkeeping, stock maintenance, etc. The course duration is usually from one to three months, where you will be introduced to various topics like inventory management, modifying company details, GST and TDS calculations, etc. It is an error-free method of maintaining business accounts. So most of the organisations avail its services. 

Tally prime is the best choice for individuals planning to start a career in accounting. The minimum eligibility required to pursue this course is higher secondary education. Students having basic knowledge in business management and accounting will have the upper hand, as it will be easier for them to understand various terms mentioned in the course. 

GST Course

Goods and service tax is the indirect tax customers pay for different goods and services they avail. The GST collected gets deposited in the government’s treasury, which is used for the welfare of the people. After the introduction of GST, the whole tax process has been simplified. Every organisation has to register under GST for the smooth functioning of their businesses. Various accounts training institutes have started introducing certification courses in GST, which is highly beneficial for individuals interested in this area of taxation.

A GST certification course validates your skills and makes you skilled accounting professional. A candidate with minimum higher secondary education qualifications can enrol in this course. This course has many benefits like multiple job opportunities, high earning potential, increased value, enhanced professional skills, etc. After this course, you will become well-versed in topics like understanding the basic concepts of GST, GST return filings, reverse charge mechanisms, E waybills, input tax credit and many more.


Yet another accounting software, SAP FICO, known as the king of SAP Modules due to the enormous opportunities it brings to the certificated holders.It is mainly used to manage the financial data of an organisation. It plays an integral part in the implementation and functioning of ERP. Almost all businesses and IT industries use this software to manage their domains.

Various accounting training institutes provide SAP FICO certification courses that make you highly efficient in managing this software. This course covers the entire topic discussed in the SAP FICO module. Some of the general subjects that come under this course are General Ledger, Bank Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Travel Management, Fund Management, Asset accounting, cost elements, cost centres, profit centres, product costing, etc.

Like all other short term financial accounting courses, the SAP FICO course also doesn’t have any eligibility criteria. Individuals with higher secondary education can enrol in this course and build a promising career. Of course, having a bachelor’s degree in commerce or accountancy will benefit as it will better understand different accounting terms prescribed in this course.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Individuals, mainly commerce graduates who have a keen interest in finance and taxation, can take this course. Business accounting and taxation are two different parts of the accounting world, and together they contribute to the success of an organisation.

Business accounting is in charge of tracking all the business operations of an organisation. Their primary function is to make financial decisions and monitor the company’s expenditures and expenses. Business taxation mainly focuses on three financial statements-income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

There is a massive demand for accounting professionals skilled in business accounting and taxation. Accounting professionals do all significant accounting activities like journal entries, preparing balance sheets, and ensuring financial and tax-related transactions.

Individuals interested in business accounting and taxation field can take up this course. Commerce graduates will benefit more in this course as they will better understand some complex terms mentioned in the module of this course. During this course, you will also learn other accounting skills like Income Tax, Payroll Management, Practical Accounting, Advanced Excel, GST, etc.

Benefits of Financial Accounting Courses

Accounting courses are designed for the latest trends and regulations in the industry, which will help to enhance your skills and professional knowledge. The main benefit of these accounting courses is that you will be shaping your future at a glance. You will be able to hold high positions in the accounting industry, and that too at an affordable cost. A professional certificate from a recognised institute validates your skills and will be a crucial point in your Resume.

Accounting courses are always helpful in building the right career in the accounting world. Finprov Learning, the best accounting certification institute, provide various courses for both students and professionals, enrol now, get certified and become a highly regarded accounts professional.

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