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Do employers accept Online Accounting Certifications

online accounting certification

Accounting is a legacy area of study, and we have people studying the courses since the dawn of time. Accounting is part of the curriculum of all management programs, and also there are individual courses focused on accounting as well. Companies often need accounting experts to handle their books. Most of the time, skilled resources are short in supply. Every person in the leadership role needs to have a basic understanding of accounting principles, and that is exactly why most management programs, as said earlier, include accounting courses.

Now with a wide variety of online accounting certifications and courses available, it is very easy for any person to get skilled in accounting. They do get in-par consideration with any other candidate who completed a full-time course.

As said above, accounting spans multiple domains; it can open doors into any industry, from government agencies to large private corporations. Studying accounting doesn’t mean that you need to work as an accountant. Depending upon your interest and concentration, there are multiple job options like financial auditor, investment banker, financial advisor, and tax consultant, to name just a few.

Advantages of Online Accounting Certifications

With all that being said, it boils down to the point of how to select the right program for your needs. The advantage of online courses is that they can be taken based on your schedule. Even if you have a current job or you are enrolled in a traditional degree program and want to upskill, online courses provide that flexibility. There are also different types of online programs; one is the replica of traditional degree programs but offered online, while the other is accelerated programs and certificate programs focused on accounting. Both have got their own merits.

Online degree programs are divided into semesters and require more time and focused course study. While accelerated programs happen year-round and can get enrolled much easier than an online degree program. Also, certificate programs sometimes cost much lesser than full-scale degree programs but yet give the same learning experience as the degree program.

Online programs do have some shortcomings as well, particularly because you miss the experience of networking and interacting with your peers. But that doesn’t mean that there are group projects or other opportunities to team up and interact with your colleagues. Online program curriculums are designed in such a way that there are always group assignments and projects which can be done by interacting with each other.

Even though a physical institution experience is still more valuable, you need to dedicate all your time to learning something new from a college. This is not possible for most people. There are a lot of rating programs available which do rate online programs based on all of their offerings. Research thoroughly before picking a program. Review the course content and alumni ratings before selecting an online program.

Accounting courses from Finprov are one of the top-rated online programs out there. Courses from Finprov hold a strong reputation among the students who attended it. Finprov’s courses cover accounting on a deeper level and provide a holistic understanding of the field to the students.

One of the main concerns students have when they enrol in online programs is the job prospects they get from it. Students are always confused in selecting between traditional and online programs, considering the job prospects such as on-campus placements traditional programs offers. But students can always be assured that employers don’t treat traditional programs and online programs any different these days. What matters to them is the skill they possess for the job they are looking to fill.

Online Accounting Certifications

Here are some of the most popular careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s in accounting:

Accountants – accountants analyze financial records for both companies and individuals to make sure everything is in order and in compliance with the law. The salary range of an accountant is from INR 2 lakh – INR 5 lakh annually.

Financial analyst – if you’re into stocks, bonds, and other investments, this may be your ideal job. Financial analysts analyze risk and recommend investments to both companies and individuals. The salary range of a financial analyst is INR 4 lakh – INR 10 lakh annually.

Auditor – working as an auditor entails gathering and analyzing a company’s financial information and tax records to detect any deficiencies, areas of non-compliance, or fraudulent procedures. The salary range of an auditor is from INR 2 lakh to INR 12 lakh annually.

Personal financial advisor – if you like budgeting and planning for the future, you should consider this career path. Personal financial advisors can work either independently or as part of a company. They analyze people’s finances to come up with a financial plan to help them achieve their goals. The salary range of a personal financial advisor is from INR 3 lakh to INR 20 lakh annually.

These are some of the few job positions which open up to someone who is skilled in accounting. There are a bunch of other opportunities, such as pursuing Chartered Accountancy after taking an accounting course. The salary range of CA’s ranges from INR 10 lakh to INR 1 Crore annually. There are other opportunities as well.

As mentioned above, accounting is a legacy course, and there is always short of people who are experts in financial book handling. A good online program on accounting by Finprov will open doors to a number of opportunities you never knew existed before.

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