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ACCA Online Classes vs Offline Classes: Which one is the best?

ACCA Online Classes vs Offline Classes

Over the past few years, we are witnessing heated discussions about choosing online and offline classes, especially for special accounting courses like ACCA. ACCA is one of the top accounting certifications; students want to utilise the best resources while pursuing it. Students accustomed to physical classes are reluctant to take online courses, thinking about their credibility. Here we are trying to help you by differentiating between ACCA online classes vs offline classes and choosing the one suitable for you. 

You may be a person who has plans to pursue ACCA or a person who has failed multiple times in ACCA exams. Whoever you are enrolling in an ACCA course will help you succeed. Now let’s understand the pros and cons of online and physical classes.

ACCA Online Classes vs Offline Classes

ACCA Physical Classes

Students have been used to physical classes for a long time. But now, they are slowly shifting to online courses because of their convenience. Physical classrooms benefit regular students, i.e., students who have devoted their entire time to ACCA preparations. But for working professionals or homemakers, a physical classroom is not a feasible solution. When juggling multiple things, they may not give their full attention in offline classes. And courses like ACCA require your full attention.

Classrooms that practise combined studies are great motivators that keep you going. You can develop soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills through offline classes. But some may find it challenging to cope with other students and lag in their studies. Shy students may hesitate to clear their doubts in front of the whole classroom. Besides, tutors may be unable to pay individual attention to each student. Physical classrooms may not be ideal for students living in faraway places. They may have to bear extra charges for transportation and accommodation. 

ACCA Online Classes

Online classes have become the new normal in today’s world; more and more students opt for online courses because of their vast benefits. You can attend online classes anywhere, anytime. Distance learners are the ones who benefit the most from online classes.

ACCA preparations require your attention and effort to the maximum. But sitting in lengthy classrooms may be tiresome, at least for some people. Online classes are often content-based and cover within the specified time. So you can gain knowledge within a short period without wasting your resources. There will be separate doubt-clearing sessions in most online classes so that you don’t have to interrupt between the classes. Tutors can take classes smoothly and clear your doubts afterwards.

Getting a laptop and internet connection may seem expensive for a few students. But in reality, it is the most cost-effective method of learning. You have to invest in these connections only one time and can save on other expenses like transportation, accommodation, etc., in the long run. Moreover, students are more active in online classes than offline. They feel free to ask doubts online and give their full-on attention. You can listen to the recorded sessions if you miss an online session and come prepared the next day. The only problem with the recorded session is that you cannot clarify your doubts on the spot. But you can note down your doubts and clear them in the next class.

Both online and offline classes have their pros and cons. Since ACCA is a worldwide organisation, online sessions will help you build more contacts and provide better exposure. But comparatively, online courses are better since they reach out to more people and promote education to a broader spectrum. The type of education you receive from both classes will be the same as experienced faculties taking both sessions. It entirely depends upon you to choose your suitable one and prepare accordingly. Now the whole world is becoming tech-savvy. So it would be better if we also adopt these changes and make the necessary preparations.

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