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Different Types of Resumes in 2021

Types of Resumes

Different Types of Resumes in 2021: Just like a smile serves as an icebreaker between two strangers, your resume serves as the first impression between you and your prospective employer. Well, first impressions are the best impressions. Your resume reveals a great deal about you, about what you are, what you have been, and where you are headed. So it is important to make sure that your resume stands out and is professional enough to convince your employee that you are THE RIGHT CHOICE for their company. 

 What is meant by a Resume?

A resume is a comprehensive document that summarises your professional qualities, including relevant job experience, abilities, education, and significant achievements. They are indispensable when it comes to applying for a job. Corporate recruiters and hiring managers use them as the initial step in identifying applicants who might be invited to an interview for a post. 

Resume Objective

In this competitive world, it is absolutely mandatory that you brand yourself in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd. A resume is a kind of advertising. It promotes you, your particular talents and qualifications, and the possibilities you can provide. A resume therefore must include a career objective or more popularly known as a Resume Objective.

A resume objective touches on particular facts about your professional experience and expertise in each line. These words, taken together, effectively convey why you’re the ideal applicant for a certain job position. It need not be very lengthy, it can go up to a maximum of four sentences that briefly introduce yourself and can be placed at the top of your resume. 

Resume format for freshers

Are you a fresher who is stepping into a world full of opportunities? Candidates who have just finished their graduation may find resume writing to be an uphill task. While building a fresher resume candidates need to be absolutely clear as to what they want and which sector they want to work with. Now coming to the field of Financing and Accounting, as we all know, it is a vast category that provides numerous Accounting and Finances careers in both the private and public sectors. Crafting a fresher resume requires a lot of research, skills, knowledge on types of resume, and efficiency. Compiling a fresher resume for accounting and financing must include your

  1. Educational qualifications and background
  2. Quantitative and analytical abilities
  3. Previous experiences that you have had with handling accounting tools
  4. Internship programmes that you did during your graduation

Another important aspect to pay attention to is the choice of Resume Templates. A resume template is what provides a basic structure to a resume. These templates are your perfect go-to place to make your resumes look attractive and organized. It is important to make sure that your resume communicates your information as quickly and concisely as possible. Resume Templates are designed to serve this purpose.

Different types of Resumes in 2021

As a job seeker, it is essential to know that you don’t have to restrict yourself to a particular format of resume. Depending on your needs and your set of skills you may choose the right format that suits you. Chronological resumes, Functional resumes, and Combination resumes are three main types of resumes.

Chronological Resumes: This is the most popular format that Job seekers tend to use. Apart from the heavy reliance on your work history, the most notable feature of this format is that it organizes your work history by the dates you held each position (in chronological order), with your most recent employment listed at the top of the list. Since work experience would be the first thing that a recruiter would look for, this would be the perfect choice of job seekers who have a lot of experience and accomplishments to highlight. The perks of this format are that it is easy to write and gives emphasis to a steady employment record. But if you are a person with significant gaps in your career trajectory then you should probably consider a different format. 

Functional resumes: If you want to highlight your relevant professional skills rather than your chronological work history, functional resumes would be the ideal choice. The functional resume style is ideal for career changes, job applicants with work gaps, and those with highly developed skill sets since it emphasizes your talents rather than your career development. The expanded “Relevant Skills” part of a functional resume, which takes up the majority of your resume and substitutes a comprehensive job experience section, is its distinguishing feature. Since it does not contain a detailed work history the content may seem to lack depth which in turn might lead to rejection by certain employees.  

Combination resumes: A combination resume is a hybrid resume in the sense that it combines the features of both Chronological and Functional resumes. It gives equal weightage and emphasis to both your skills and work experience. If you are one to show off strong employment with upward mobility then this is your right choice. 

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