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Scope of Online Accounting and Finance Certification

accounting and finance

Online accounting and finance certification is an added advantage for a career aspirant in the accounting and finance industry. Suppose you are a learner who seeks a solid career and intends to carry out a smooth life in the future. In that case, there will be a vast opportunity in front of you pertaining to accounting and finance. To set out a financial profession that crafts a concrete path for securing a career as a finance or accounting professional, you must acquire respective finance and accounting skills. 

Employers such as accountancy firms, banks, money and credit markets, insurance companies, and many small and medium enterprises with finance departments await multiple vacancies to hire skilled professionals. The only thing that makes you qualified or apt for the opportunities is the skills acquired in the field. Gaining practical experience and coping with the identified skill gap will secure you to develop sustainable career growth. 

This is where the online accounting and finance course helps you to frame your career and help to attain expeditiously professional and personal growth. 

Pursuing accounting and finance certifications is an appreciable attempt made by you to elevate your marketability in the industry. 

Beyond the bachelor’s degree, employers expect a knowledge specialisation with professional certification. Knowledge and skills expansion through the different certification courses is always welcomed in the industry. Many resources are available as knowledge acquisition platforms in the finance field. Accounting courses, job-oriented accounting and finance courses, and accounting training are offered by a variety of resources which boost your career. 

Offline and online professional certification courses are thereby offering a variety of career opportunities.

When we examine the extent to which accounting and professional certification courses contribute to your career, we can precisely define it as Ensuring knowledge specialisation, Improving job prospects, Attaining a significant reputation, Job security, Diverse career options, Increase in stability and demand across the industry, Job flexibility, Career Advancement, Salary Potential, Entrepreneurial success, and so on.

Why Online accounting and finance certification courses

The certification courses prepare you to adapt to modern requirements in the industry. By increasing your knowledge, specialisation and skills acquisition, the certification courses create stable career enhancement. The certification in accounting and finance beneficially impacted the learner’s professional life. The learner can secure their professional life by developing theoretical and practical knowledge in the accounting area. The learners that students, or entrepreneurs, fresher in the industry, can quickly build their knowledge.  

Benefits of attending online accounting and finance certification courses

Although a bachelor’s or master’s degree provides long-term security, it is also critical for fostering your skill and stable growth in the field. 

Short-term and long-term accounting and finance courses and proper certification courses are additional benefits for a learner.

Furthermore, taking an online certification course has several advantages. 

It has the added benefit of learning with flexibility, home advantage, and network opportunities. 

Moreover, it saves you money and allows you to create a customized learning environment at an affordable cost.

Online accounting and finance certification courses 

accounting and finance certification

1. Business Accounting Professional (BAP)

BAP course, having four months of duration, allows the seekers to attain deep vision in the area of GST theory, Income tax, ESI (Employee State Insurance)& PF (Provident Fund) calculations, MS Excel, Tally prime etc. 

After BAP, you can become a perfect accounting professional.

2. Basics of GST 

The self-paced online certification course provides in-depth knowledge about the GST mechanism. Furthermore, the course prepares the learner to deal with GST-related issues. The online course encourages students to hone their accounting skills and become better accountants. And aims to train a group of skilled aspirants who can handle GST-related work in various businesses.

After GST, you can work as an account executive, finance analyst, or MIS executive, among other things. 

Salary Range: INR 0.8 Lakh to INR 4.7 Lakh

3. Tally Prime

The Short term self-paced course introduces learners to tally prime, one of the most recent accounting and business management software. 

The courses help learners improve their accounting skills. 

A clear and concise overview of income tax, GST, income tax, Accountant variable E-way bill, Payroll, and TDS can be obtained, increasing a student’s employability in the industry. 

Following the completion of the Tally Prime course, you will be capable of applying for jobs as an Accountant, Tally Operator, Tally Service Coordinator, Account Executive, Financial Analyst, Executive Assistant, and so on. 

Salary range: INR 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

4. QuickBook

Quickbooks is a cloud accounting software that is widely used in the industry. 

The online software certification course offered to students assists them in gaining knowledge in finance and accounting. 

Accounting software aids in the tracking of income, expenses, bill and payment management, sales and sales tax, payment acceptance, and so on. 

The online certification course will help you become a good accountant. 

Salary range: 2 to 4 lakhs INR

5. Practical Accounting

The self-paced online accounting course ensures learners’ proficiency in ledger recording, income tax, GST, bank reconciliations, balance sheets, and accounting methods.

After Practical Accounting certification : Tax accountant, Financial accountant auditor etc.

Average salary: INR 2,50,000 

Besides that, Chartered Accountants (CA) and Cost Management Accounting (CMA), like reputed certifications, are also gained through online education.

Courses such as Digital marketing and eCommerce certification program, E-commerce analysis, practical accounting, Income tax, Cloud accounting, MS Excel, Tally prime, and GST basics, like numerous online certification courses, are accessible now. The certification elevates your chance of getting hired in different industries.

Hybrid accounting and finance certification courses 

1. Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation (CBAT)

CBAT is a six-month durable course available in a hybrid manner that is both offline and online resource acceptable. The learner with a strong desire to be an outstanding finance professional, then CBAT makes you more sufficient in the field. 

The course requires degree completion and also basic knowledge of account management.

CBAT helps learners gain theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting and financing. GST, QuickBooks, ESI, Corporate Law, SAP FICO, MS Excel, and Tally, like several accounting and finance aspects, can be learned through the CBAT courses.

After CBAT: Accounting Assistant, Accounting Supervisor, Accounting Manager 

Tax Assistant, Tax Manager like jobs will be awaiting you. 

Salary range: INR 2 Lakh – 8 Lakh 

2. PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGBAT)

With professional faculty’s support, the PGBAT certification courses can be completed within three to four months. The course requires a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. 

Expertise in ERP software tally, elevation in skills in financial reporting, GST registration, valuation, and registration, direct taxation, and Payroll can be gained by the certification course. Additionally, Excel and MIS reporting, and detailed SAP learning with soft skill acquisition, including business communication, presentation skills, and interview techniques, can be learned through the certification course. Along with that, in-depth knowledge development in the sense of softwares such as Tally prime and QuickBooks. 

After PGP-BAT: Senior Accountant, Accounting Administrator, Auditing Assistant, Tax Assistant, Accountant assistant. 

Salary range: INR 3 lakhs -10 lakhs 

3. Diploma in Indian Accounting (DIA)

The shortest online certification courses that can be accomplished within three months will open a wide variety of job opportunities in the industry in India. Learners can gain exhaustive knowledge in practical accounting, tally prime, GST theory, income tax, cash budgeting, etc.

After DIA: Billing clerk, cashier, Bookkeeping Clerk, Tax Accountant, Finance consultant, etc. 

Salary range: INR 3 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs 

4. SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling)

Certification in SAP FICO makes the learners finance management experts. The course has a 3-month duration, and can craft an SAP professional with knowledge-expertise in general ledger accounting, bank and asset accounting, financial statements, enterprise structure including company code business areas etc. 

After SAP FICO, one can start a career as an SAP FICO Consultant. 

Salary range: INR 4.2 Lakhs -6.1 Lakhs 

4. PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting Course (PGDIFA)


The one-year program aids learners in developing core concepts regarding GST, Tally prime, GST practical, income tax, advanced MS excel, Quick books, Gulf VAT, auditing, and language lab.

  After PGDIFA : The jobs of banking clerk, tax consultant, account executive, data entry operator, and inventory clerk have been awaiting you in the industry. 

Finprov is always available to assist you as a career supporter, providing aspirants with the most valid and reliable accounting and finance certification courses. And always provides its students with the best in terms of technological upskilling. We deliver affordable short-term online accounting certification courses such as GST, Tally, QuickBooks, practical accounting, and hybrid certification courses such as PGBAT, CBAT, and CA and ACCA foundation courses at reasonable prices. Finprov Learning, with its qualified and experienced talent experts and accreditations, is an ideal learning solution for aspirants. Take advantage of this opportunity if you are a curious learner seeking a career in accounting and finance.

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