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Studying CA Online? What are the Pros and Cons!

CA Pros and Cons

Nowadays everything is happening online. Eductaionfiled witnessed a boom through online learning, giving millions of people access to more advanced and quality education.CA is no different from the phenomenon and there are plenty of opportunities available now to learn CA online. So are you thinking about studying CA online? What are the pros and cons? This article will take you a detailed look into this!

Like everything in the world, there are pros and cons to it. A lot of students are still confused about the effectiveness of the online method and how it is different from the traditional classes. This article will go through the pros and cons of the Online courses in detail. 


Saving a lot of time

One of the major points with online classes is that it saves a lot of time. The learners are not stuck with offline coaching centres in the nearby area but they have the vast opportunity to learn from some of the top educators in the country. With online classes, they can save the time of travelling, the daily hurry berry that causes losing time and also they can continue having the comfort of home. Time is one of the most important aspects when you prepare for CA. Online learning is one of the most effective ways we can save time and effectively use it for our preparation.


Students can choose to attend online classes anytime they want and with a proper internet connection, anywhere they want. Online classes help to navigate life with more flexibility. If one is doing part-time work or anything similar, then online is more attractive because they can organize their time productively and do both. When it comes to offline classes, any of these flexibilities are hard to find where the classes happen in a fixed place and time.

Availability of content

Speaking about offline classes, once it is over, there is no way we can reach back to the content or information unless we take notes of it. Things are quite different and extremely easy with online learning where the learner can go back and access the information. Online classes are better when the student needs to repeat and understand theories in depth.

No worries about missing classes

You miss one class in the offline methods, you lose probably one of the most valued concepts. That is one of the drawbacks of offline and online CA learning. It solves the issues simply by giving you lectures and workshops by student demands, catering to the availability and interests of the students.

Study with speed control

Boring class but about an important subject? Simply use the speed controller in the online platform. Lean quickly and use time effectively unlike how we struggle with the offline classes when it tests our patience.

No dress code

No dress code is as simple as it gets. You can get away from all the dress codes and learn the lessons with absolute ease.

Cutting down costs

Indeed when you don’t have to move out to a new city or can have the daily travelling expenses, it means you cut down the overall budget. 


Individual attention 

When in offline classes, students create a bond with the teachers and that environment can reflect positively in their learning. This is one of the major aspects where people choose to go offline. In the case of online classes, this personalised experience can be seen as somewhat less effective. Indeed they will have mentors and contacts but the direct learning experience happens online, hence lacking a direct touch.

Demands strong  Internet connection

Though our country is witnessing a humongous change in internet accessibility it is still way beyond the reach of a large percentage. Online class, as its name suggests, needs a strong internet connection. It is one of the hurdles that need to be overcome by the learner by himself.

Language Barrier 

One of the major features of offline centres, especially in the regional areas, is that they use vernacular to explain concepts and practices. It is generally easy for students to grasp the core of the concepts and helps them to learn easily. Although there are online classes that are taken in regional languages, the major players in the edu-tech industry are yet to get into the mould, which restricts at least some of the vernacular speakers from joining. 

Online classes are definitely getting more and more popular each day and it is one to consider when you plan to give your try for CA. 

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