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Best Career Opportunities and Jobs for Commerce Graduates

jobs for commerce graduates

Now that globalisation has opened up many jobs for commerce graduates; they have many more career options than ever before. The most common question in the minds of commerce graduates is whether they can get a job related to commerce in the current employment climate. Graduates with commerce degrees are ideally suited to working in the financial sector, one of the most lucrative in the world. The degree certainly improves a student’s reputation as a job candidate, but there is an array of jobs for commerce graduates. 

The job prospects of commerce graduates in India have become increasingly relevant. Graduates in commerce are now more likely to seek jobs in finance and banking. Rather than pursuing traditional marketing jobs, they opt for digital marketing jobs that involve social media, multimedia, and content management. 

The commerce field provides various financially viable career options for students and has seen an increase in job openings. Salary is one of the essential considerations for any job, which depends on the skills and credentials one holds. 

Top Jobs for Commerce Graduates

A pool of job opportunities is waiting for commerce graduates. The following job profile information will help you learn more about this field and help you decide on the right career path based on your abilities and intelligence. 

jobs after bcom

Chartered Accountant (CA)

A chartered accountant is responsible for matters such as taxation and accounting in a business, including filing tax returns, preparing financial reports, financial auditing records, and keeping investment records, tax returns, accounting, and reporting.

One must clear three CA subjects at each level to complete a CA course. CA is considered one of the most challenging courses, So one must possess specific skills like a good handle on statistics, detail-oriented, accuracy and balance accountancy. 

Marketing Manager 

Marketing Management offers many enticing career opportunities thanks to its diverse specialisations. A marketing manager has to manage a company’s marketing department and the business by planning, estimating and organising. Marketing managers often rely on advertising and public relations to maximise sales and marketing appeal to the firm.

To become a marketing manager, one should have a degree and masters in administration and management and relevant managerial experiences.

Investment Bankers 

A company’s investment banker works with the finance sector to increase its assets. They advise these companies and organisations on how to reach a financial goal and make long-term and short-term financial arrangements.

Investment bankers predominantly play a role in holdings and sales. They aim to achieve their careers as fund managers for major corporate companies. Their primary objective is to generate income. 

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)’s primary responsibilities are studying global capital markets and providing opportunities to their clients and customers. They manage the accounts and look after the financial planning of any organisation. A chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is anticipated to analyse returns and risks, collect data and prepare financial prototypes. 

Intellectual ability, statistical and analytical skills and good decision-making skills are some required traits to become a successful Chartered Financial Analyst.


An actuary’s job is to calculate and assess the financial implications of risks and unforeseen events. Across various industries, actuaries are responsible for managing financial risks. Examples include hospitals, banks, and insurance companies. To determine the risks involved with the insurance industry, these individuals have combined in-depth knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics with intensive research.

Business Accountant and Taxation 

Those who work in business accounting and taxation are exclusively involved in taxation and finance. They must have a thorough understanding of direct and indirect taxation and a solid understanding of Excel and reporting, working in the areas of Accounts, MIS, Taxation, Compliance, and Reporting. They also have an understanding of high-end accounting software and applications. An essential skill for a Business Accountant is extensive experience in tax consulting, tax analysis, or tax preparation.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Accountants have certified public accountants specialising in accounting, drafting, taxes, and auditing for corporations, clients, and governments. At times of high stakes in the company, CPAs possess relevant and prudent knowledge regarding the correct budgetary decision. To become a CPA, one must pass the CPA exam administered by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). 

Graduates have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a commerce field. Students in commerce have an endless number of career options to choose from. Besides finance and banking, the opportunity allows candidates to gain expert knowledge in other branches of commerce and helps them grow their careers.

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