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growth of digital marketing industry

What is the Growth of the Digital Marketing Industry?

Internet access is mainstream in our society. It has boosted the use of mobile phones, computers, and laptops. It makes a huge change in the growth of digital channels both in strength and volume. 

On average everyone spends about 4-5 hours a day scrolling through social media, emails, and browsers. Surfing from information on Google or making purchases makes this medium into a full-fledged market. This market has flourished into creating Digital Marketing as a prime source of bringing business through the internet.

Growth Of Digital Marketing In India

In India we always relied on traditional marketing techniques such as door to door advertisement, word by mouth publicity, radio announcements, TV commercials etc. After introducing internet marketing it became easier to reach a large segment of the audience in minimal efforts. As the number of mobile and laptop users keep expanding, digital marketing will spread.

In India with the introduction of e-commerce marketing websites the structure of marking changed from top to bottom. From this there was a huge rise in the number of people picking up mobile phones, online shopping, at home delivery and internet marketing as means to popularize the brands. Over the years the Digital Marketing industry brings large percent of business online with its promising ability to create a global network and flourish even the small businesses internationally. India is going through the golden period of Digital Marketing since 2013. 

Influence Of Digital Marketing In Lives

Most of us spend more time on the internet. The use of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc has increased the pace of usage and penetrated the market to make it reach a wider set of audience. Displaying your ideas through images, videos, texts, etc makes sound foundation into the minds of the people which translates into their living. 

Digital marketing is all about influencing the audience online with mediums of content to increase a brand’s impact over the audience. The time we spend on the internet gives fuel to the digital marketers to create impactful strategies to influence consumer behaviour. The contents on the internet influences the lives of people. The right strategy that you choose converts the audience into sales.

The Role Of Experts In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a wide area in which technical and non technical skills create a huge popularity over the internet. Digital marketing industry has created a variety of job roles for individuals to seek employment and display their talents. To plant an idea in the minds of audience experts from different fields like web designing, web development, social media consultants, brand consultants, content writers, graph designer, artists, etc needs to work together and collectively. 

As the industry grows, the demand for creative experts in digital marketing is rising too. It generates more employment in India. Some important careers in Digital Marketing are :

  • – Search Engine Optimizer
  • – Social Media Marketer
  • – Content Creator
  • – Graphic Designer
  • – Copywriter
  • – Marketing Analyst
  • – E-Commerce Manager
  • – Email Marketing Specialist
    • – Digital Marketing Managers
  • – Analysts and AI Specialists

Future Of Digital Marketing

Nowadays companies are shifting towards more digitally empowered set up. Most of the population makes purchases online and on ecommerce platforms. As the access to the internet over a large population rises, there will be a huge revolution in digitalization. 

Online podcasts, web stories, entertainment, sports, business, career etc are more dependent on digital platforms. It helps to gain revenue, sharing information and progress of the country. Digital marketing is becoming a promising industry. It has rapid career growth, increasing influences, and widespread activities. 


As we said Digital Marketing is a wide area. As an emerging field, developing a career in digital marketing has many advantages in your life. To know more about Digital Marketing and its opportunities learn with Finprov. Finprov provide Digital Marketing course that cover all the area of marketing.