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MCA compliances – Form MGT 7 filing

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A company that is registered under the Company’s Law needs certain documents at the end of every financial year. There are several requirements, procedures and documents it needs to create and follow in order to operate in the country. One such form is the MGT 7. Every company needs to file an annual return in Form – MGT 7.

This course helps you to understand the definitions and concepts behind Form MGT 7 and makes you a reliable candidate to file it. To know more about this specialisation course, reach out to us.


About the course

FORM MGT 7 COURSE – ENROLL AND AQUIRE SPECIALISED SKILL SETS The course is a complete package that provides a complete overview of Form MGT 7 – the concepts, definitions, documents required, things to take care of and anything and everything that comes in the books of Form MGT 7. Filing Form MGT 7 is one of the mandatory compliances for all the registered companies in India. The MGT 7 is an online form that is provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to all corporates to file their annual returns. This is maintained by the Registrar of Companies in an electronic form. This course equips every student with all the knowledge and technical skills to understand all the related concepts of Form MGT 7. This course is apt for every candidate who wishes to specialise in the preparation and filing of this form. It can act as a valid point in your resume that can help you to earn a high-paying career. The course is designed in a way that is accessible even to individuals who are presently working. So up your skill with a course that is going to act as an added advantage for your dream career.

What you'll learn

  • All the concepts of Form MGT 7
  • Purpose of the Form
  •  Due dates and penalties
  •  Statutory requirements
  •  How to file Form MGT 7
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Skills you will gain

  • Proper understanding of the procedures and statutory requirements  
  • Practical knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Time management

Key Highlights of Our Program

We create engaging learning experiences through expert training. Building the finance professional force of tomorrow

Learn from anywhere, anytime in your comfort

The students can choose the timing and learn at a pace that fits them right. The course has options for the students to choose a format that is accessible and provides them with a hassle-free experience.

Professional support

The students will be provided with professional support from day one of the course. Every student will be backed by experienced professionals from the industry that will guide them towards a bright future.

Comprehensive and up-to-date syllabus

The course consists of a comprehensive and up to date syllabus that leaves nothing behind. Every term and every definition related to the Form MGT 7 will be taught to the students using all the required technical support.

Overall growth

This is a complete short-term course that provides the students with an added advantage with specialised sessions by the guides for their overall development. A brief about the industry, its workings and how to stand tall in the interviews and everything to make the students more confident and clear will be provided.

Course Content

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CA Arun Chacko

John Joseph C

John is a professional Audit Manager and Senior Executive with many years of experience. He worked as a part of many CA firms. He has credible experience and a strong background in audit methodologies and techniques. John has joined the Finprov team as senior faculty of academics.

Get Ahead with Course Certification

On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a certificate of course completion issued by FINPROV. This certificate is a golden ticket to the job of your dreams at leading finance firms and beyond.
MCA Compliances - Form MGT 7 Filing
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MCA compliances – Form MGT 7 filing

Commonly Asked Questions

You can directly enrol for the course through the course page on our website.
Yes, you need stable internet for the course since they are in video format.

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