Finance for Entrepreneurs (FFE)

Finance for Entrepreneurs (FFE) is an exclusive course designed to equip your innovative entrepreneurship journey with streamlined and organised finance. Playing a critical role in the journey of each business, a competent financial understanding can bring the much-needed mettle for the success of your idea. Join now!


About the course

Lack of FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE & FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE holding you and your business back? Join us for a one day program by leading industry experts to improve financial management and take control of your business. Successful entrepreneurs know that an essential part of their business survival depends on understanding the numbers in their business. Understand the importance of financial intelligence and financial discipline in your business and accelerate your revenue and boost your profits!!! DID YOU KNOW? AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, EVERY SINGLE DECISION YOU TAKE IMPACTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE IN SOME WAY OR THE OTHER!!! IS IT A POSITIVE IMPACT OR A NEGATIVE ONE? IS IT BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN THE LONG RUN OR NOT? Come and find answers to all these questions and understand how you can positively impact your business on a daily basis! Delegated financial management and accounts to your finance department completely? Of course you need them while you focus on your business idea and operations, but nevertheless you need to understand the underlying financial flows of your business. You need financial literacy to understand your business better – to make better decisions and to scale up your business in a profitable and sustainable way. It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs who are aware about financial management rules can excel in the competitive market no matter what the economic condition is. India is now on a changing phase in every aspect. Combine your excellent capability of running your business with financial management skills and you and your business will be in the front line in all aspects! Learn entrepreneurial finance with our expert trainers who are Chartered Accountants and finance & management professionals having years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation. Through this session you will be able to learn all the practical aspects of finance. Who should attend?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Directors
  • Non-finance managers, senior managers or middle level executives
  • Self-employed professionals such as lawyers, medical practitioners etc.
  • Anyone who uses financial information in the course of their work

What you'll learn

  • Why financial intelligence is imperative for your business
  • Moulding an entrepreneur to involve in financial activities of the business
  • Financial Literacy for the entrepreneurs to climb up the ladder
  • Key concepts regarding financial Management
  • A solid understanding of your key financial reports
  • An understanding on the difference between cash flow and profit and how to review both.
  • An understanding of how to better manage your debtors and creditors
  • Working capital management
  • Understanding and analysing key performance indicators and ratios
  • Fixed versus variable costs
  • Budgeting and measuring actual results
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Skills you will gain

  • Financial accounting

Key Highlights of Our Program

We create engaging learning experiences through expert training. Building the finance professional force of tomorrow

Tech-enabled learning

An advanced and innovative learning platform providing global access

Designed by the best

Industry’s best minds created and collaborated in each stage of designing the program.

Basics-of- corporate

360 Degree Exposure

Specializes in all-round subject exposure with intense subject coverage

Personalised Student Support

We are 100% committed to presenting an empowering learning experience for our learners

Upcoming Batches

February 18th 2022 Filling Fast
CA Arun Chacko

John Joseph C

John is a professional Audit Manager and Senior Executive with many years of experience. He worked as a part of many CA firms. He has credible experience and a strong background in audit methodologies and techniques. John has joined the Finprov team as senior faculty of academics.

Get Ahead with Course Certification

On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a certificate of course completion issued by FINPROV. This certificate is a golden ticket to the job of your dreams at leading finance firms and beyond.
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Finance for Entrepreneurs (FFE)

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Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Managerial level professionals etc.
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