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ESI & EPF Calculation – English

Knowledge of ESI and EPF calculation is your sure-shot way of getting a promotion in your accounting career. Our structured English course on ESI and EPF calculation will help you master this simple yet powerful accounting and finance aspect. Enrol in our online program and dive into Employee State Insurance and Employee Provident Fund details.


About the course

Employee management is essential for any organisation to sustain. ESI and EPF promote a strong employee relationship with the management. Calculating ESI and EPF play a crucial role while filing the income tax returns of the organisation. This course is crafted mainly for HR professionals and accountants as ESI and EPF mostly come under their department. When HR professionals are more into laws, accountants’ role includes calculations. Finprov has launched the English ESI and EPF Calculation course owing to its huge demand. Now students all over the country can avail of our services at an affordable rate. Join Finprov and fulfil all your career dreams.  

What you'll learn

  • Comprehensive understanding of Provident Fund.
  • Develop in-depth learning of the Provident Fund Act
  • Detailed go-through with Employee State Insurance.
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Skills you will gain

  • ESI
  • EPF

Key Highlights of Our Program

We create engaging learning experiences through expert training. Building the finance professional force of tomorrow
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An advanced and innovative learning platform providing global access

360 Degree Exposure

Specializes in all-round subject exposure with intense subject coverage


Designed by the best

Curated by experts from the industry, the curriculum is made with real work experience insights.

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Course Content

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Lesson Content
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Upcoming Batches

CA Arun Chacko

Aswathi Mohan

Aswathi Mohan is an innovative finance professional with experience in handling various finance and accounting projects. Her excellent track record is mastering challenging situations and finding progressive solutions make her an important figure in her field of work.

Get Ahead with Course Certification

On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a certificate of course completion issued by FINPROV. This certificate is a golden ticket to the job of your dreams at leading finance firms and beyond.
ESI and EPF certification
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ESI & EPF Calculation – English

Commonly Asked Questions

The program is intended for HR and finance students, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners.
You can directly enrol for the course through the course page on our website.
Yes, you need stable internet for the course since they are in video format.
Once you are enrolled on the course, you can select the login option from the course page and give your login credentials to sign in.
You can contact us on WhatsApp as well as via email for academic and non-academic queries.

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