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How Finance and Accounting Became a Vital Job Area for Potential Job Seekers

finance and accounting jobs

India, a developing country, is undergoing frequent changes, especially in the education sector. Many schemes and policies like start-ups, a new taxation system, and entrepreneurship have existed in the new India. All these changes emphasize a particular domain, i.e. finance education. Specializing in Finance and Accounting has become a recent trend in the country.

There is a huge demand for finance and accounting specialists in the job market. Finance education will also help you achieve greater heights in your career. You may be a start-up owner or founder of an established firm. You cannot survive in the industry without a sound finance and accounting education in whichever designation you are.

Importance of Accounting Courses

In today’s world, just having traditional degrees in commerce and finance stream will not help you attain a job. You need to combine your degrees with professional courses to achieve growth in your career. These professional accounting courses cover all the essential areas of Finance, Accounting, Management, Taxation and Banking. Employers nowadays are giving more importance to skills than education. You can gain the required accounting skills through different accounting certification programs.

The whole finance and accounting world has been digitalized. Technology has made the life of finance and accounting professionals much more manageable. Fintech, a combo of finance and technology, is the trending keyword in the industry. Many new accounting softwares have been introduced to reduce the burden on accountants. Professional accounting certification courses will help you become an expert in handling this softwares.

Companies are in search of finance and accounting talents leading to their shortage. According to a recent survey, more than seven lakh finance and accounting jobs are available in today’s market. Job seekers can use this opportunity to upskill their accounting and finance skills and be placed in various MNCs and accounting firms. For jobseekers willing to enter the accounting and finance profession, we have come up with a few top finances and accounting jobs of this century.

Top Finance and Accounting Jobs

accounting jobs


The role of a controller and an assistant controller is to prepare the financial reports and statements of a company which summarise and forecasts the activities and economic positions of the company. They are also responsible for developing internal procedures and policies for the company’s accounting functions, cash and credit management and budget administration.

Financial Manager

The financial managers have to look after the financial health of an organization. They are in charge of developing strategies and generating financial reports to achieve the long-term financial goal of the company.

Management Consultant

Management consultants or, in other words, management analysts give suggestions about operational efficiencies to improve the organization’s profitability via increased revenue and reduced costs.

Personal Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help their clients make investment decisions, making them aware of their financial health. They make a detailed report on the client’s finances, and investments and are capable of advising on mortgages, insurance, estate planning, college savings, retirement, taxes, etc.

Senior Tax Consultant

Tax consultants prepare state, federal and local tax returns for businesses, individuals and other organizations.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts examine the financial data of an organization. They help make investment decisions and plans by analyzing the previous economic and investment data and estimating future expenditures and revenues.

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers supervise the accounting department of an organization. They are in charge of its operations which includes analyzing and reporting financial information, assisting with tax processes and preparing financial reports to present before the company’s board of directors.


The role of an accountant includes preparing, maintaining and examining the accuracy of an organization’s financial statements. Accountants are in charge of financial records like balance sheets, cash flow statements, income and loss statements and tax returns. They are also responsible for identifying any discrepancies or malfunctioning inside the company. They abide by the federal rules and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles(GAAP).


Auditors analyze the company’s financial risks, evaluate the existing internal controls, and suggest ideas for internal improvement efforts by identifying the areas for improvement. They also ensure that the company follows the government’s rules and regulations.

Finance and accounting is an ever-growing industry with unlimited job opportunities. If you are looking for finance and accounting courses, check out the official website of Finprov. They are the leading finance and accounting course providers in the country. Candidates who utilize the services of Finprov are leading a successful accounting professional life worldwide. Join Finprov and give wings to your accounting career

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