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Accounting and Finance Courses in Thodupuzha

Accounting and Finance Courses in Thodupuzha 

For any business to succeed, the key behind that would be the two crucial sectors, the accounting and finance branches. Accounting is the universal language of business, providing a clear and concise way to communicate the financial health of an organisation. Meanwhile, finance manages financial matters and investments, ensuring a company’s long-term growth and stability. Enrolling in accounting or finance courses is a must for those seeking to expand their skills and develop their careers in the accounting field. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine the right approach and institute to pursue this knowledge.  

Finprov Learning is the right option for you. An ed-tech platform providing different job-oriented and master’s degree programmes exclusively for accounting and finance aspirants. Our institution offers various certification courses like PGDIFA, PGBAT, CBAT, SAP FICO, SAP MM, Advanced MS- Excel, Tally Prime, GST, Zoho Books, UAE VAT, Business Laws, Digital Marketing and so on. These certifications can upskill the knowledge of accounting and also help in upgrading your career pathway. 

Accounting and Finance Courses in Thodupuzha Offered by Finprov Learning 

The job market for accountants is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for skilled professionals. To become an exceptional accountant and accelerate your career growth, you need specific knowledge and expertise to set you apart. Our team provides the most reliable courses that can upskill your accounting and finance understanding. Finprov guides you with the right courses and helps you execute the accounting and finance profession you dreamed of. 

Certification of Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT)

A 6-month programme that can define the theory of finance and accounting professionals. CBAT is specially designed for candidates with or or Finance graduates looking forward to seeking a career in accounting. This course is developed by experienced Chartered Accountants (CA) and industry experts in the finance field to construct a next-level professional. The course provided under Finprov guides you through the necessary skills and practical knowledge demanded to work in any industry. With the completion of the CBAT course, the students can enter the world of accounting, and with the skills formulated, they can excel in their position. 

PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGBAT)

Finprov creates the PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation Course to give aspirants the knowledge and skills to deal with a business’s financial and accounting aspects. Professional Chartered accountants designed the course structure; it mainly focuses on students who have completed B.Com. The course covers a wide range of topics like Practical Accounting, Tally Prime, GST, Income Tax, MS Excel, Cooperative Law, SAP FICO and Zoho Books. 

PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation gives a thorough knowledge of accounting and finance. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the financial and accounting aspects of a business and navigate the complex world of taxation and business law.

PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting Course (PGDIFA)

A rigorous 1-year program that provides the student with vast accounting skills and knowledge on an international basis. The curriculum is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of accounting practices and principles used in India and abroad. It enhances them with necessary accounting practices followed in foreign countries. The main topics covered during this program will be GST, Gulf VAT and Income Tax, and also, the students will be familiarized with software like Tally Prime, Zoho Books and so on. 

Finprov Learning offers a platform for accounting aspirants who wish to work in foreign countries as accountants; it gives a detailed understanding of the procedures and practices of foreign accounting. 

Tally Prime 

There is a major role for Tally in the field of accounting as it helps to ease the accounting and finance processes. Finprov offers a next-level, improved version of Tally prime software, which covers topics like inventory management, payroll management, banking transaction, statutory and legal matters, etc. It is a one-month certificate program giving an in-depth understanding of the software and upgrading your career. 

Advanced MS Excel 

MS Excel helps accountants to do duties in a manageable way; it improves their work efficiency and makes them complete tasks quickly and accurately. Finprov’s advanced MS Excel course is prepared by industrial experts, and it comes with plenty of practical samples and individual guidance on the matter. This course is specially organised to focus on professionals to grow their careers and job opportunities in the accounting and finance sector. 

Basic of GST 

Understanding the basics of GST is vital for an accountant as it helps them easily resolve tax-related matters. Finprov now comes with an additional course, GST + Simulation software which familiarises with practical filing, registration, e-way billing and refund process, etc. Not just accountants but anybody who wishes to pursue the knowledge can enrol in this class. 

Zoho Books 

With the help of this software, accounting can be elevated to the next-gen level of cloud facilities. For the ease of accountants, Zoho Books can help simplify the process along with other software like QuickBooks Online. Moreover, it provides a secure platform for managing an organisation’s bills, invoices, bank statement reconciliations, GST compliance etc. Learning to use Zoho Books software can greatly increase your chances of getting hired in various industries. With flexible scheduling and learning options, you can easily become familiar with Zoho Books at your own pace. Our course covers all the basics of Zoho Books, including the purchase, item, and sales modules, E-way bills, project tracking and timesheet booking, report generation, banking module, and accountant module.

Business Law 

This course gives a detailed idea about the legal framework, rules and regulations for business management in India. Accounting is laid based on a few instructions and laws vital for the business to succeed. FInprov comes with a business law course which helps accountants get familiarised with the ethical principle, which upgrades core values and relevance to the matter. 


SAP FICO is a software that makes financial accounting and reporting more manageable to use and handle. It enables one to get an idea about the company’s financial status and for many multinational companies to operate the accounting data. The certification provided under Finprov gives the candidate masterful hand on experience with the software, both theoretical and practical. 

Gulf VAT 

For accountants who wish to work in gulf countries, VAT (Value Added Tax) is the best option to excel in the field. Finprov functions as a platform to upskill accountants all over the world, adjusting to new changes. 

E-commerce Analyst 

Finprov Learning provides courses other than accounting; E-commerce Analyst is one discipline that helps students gain the knowledge and skills required to analyse and optimise e-commerce websites. This certification programme covers topics like web analytics, user experience(UX) designs, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing. Students get familiarised with different tools that can help market the website and increase the company website’s traffic. 

PG Diploma in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Certification Program 

As the world continues to advance and progress, there is a growing trend towards digitalisation. Certification in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Analyst can make way for many students to get hired as it is one of the fastest-growing career fields at the present scenario. 

Having a certification course from Finprov can help the students understand various tools used in Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing and more. Digital marketing can help broaden knowledge in business and help one’s venture succeed with this knowledge. 

E-Commerce Certification is a short-span course which helps the seeker grow their E-commerce business with certain tactics and skills. 

For students who are seeking to pursue a career in the field of accounting or finance, then the right institute to seek out will be Finprov Learning. This prestigious ed-tech company offers several accounting and finance certification courses to help upskill your accounting knowledge. The best accounting training institute that provides tech-enabled learning and highly professional tutors also provides industrial training and placement assistance. 

Finprov Learning provides both online and offline classes for several courses. As the branches are extended to almost all parts of Kerala, the aspirants can easily facilitate the nearby branch and earn their certification. 

New centres of Finprov Learning are opening in different parts, and lately, the institute has established its presence at ‘Hollywood of Kerala, Thodupuzha. This allows many accounting aspirants from the surrounding area to easily access the location and register for their desired certification course. Enrol in the accounting and finance course today and book tickets to your destined designation.