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6 short courses you can study with MBA

courses to study with MBA

Studying an MBA course from a reputed institution definitely has its own pros once you complete the course. MBA has diversified into several streams of businesses such as Finance, Marketing, Human resources, Operations, Sales etc. Students can select their streams and study more generally in the second year of their course.

Among these streams, Finance is one the most important for every business that any entrepreneur or professional needs to have a strong idea 

When considering the MBA Finance and profession in finance, there is a large difference between the knowledge we gain from college and the practical demands from industries. Here is where you might need to explore yourself outside the classroom, where you have an array of opportunities to add knowledge along with your course. Several certified short-term courses are there to upskill and improve and they can give you two fundamental aspects. One is that it adds an edge to your CV that benefits you while you search for a job. It also shows that you have an aspiration to learn more. Secondly, these courses are mostly designed to give you the required skills and learnings toward the practical side of the jobs. These courses will teach you accounting basics, major software, strategies, laws, which are important for a working professional.  

As we mentioned, there are plenty of courses, this article will help you give 6 short term courses you can study while doing MBA. The duration of all of these courses is between one month to 6 months, so that you can comfortably complete it within a short span of time.

Business Accounting and Taxation

If you want to have a proper idea about the fundamentals of accounting along with getting trained in the popular accounting software, then Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation is the best accounting course for you. Generally, the duration of the course is six months. CBAT will get you through a basic understanding of accounting initially and then go deep into the subjects. You will gain complete theoretical and practical knowledge in two major accounting software packages, Tally Prime and QuickBooks, statutory compliances, Income Tax, GST, ESI, PF, Company Law CBAT is one of those courses that give you a comprehensive understanding about the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of accounting and how it works in business.


SAP is one of the most known and successful ERP solution software. The majority of businesses use the software. Finance and Controlling is one of the major features in the software and several short-term courses successfully provide learning about the same. Completing a certified program with gaining the much-needed practical experience is a major add-on to your CV as well as learning. Compared to CBAT, you can do an SAP FICO-certified course in 2-3 months. 

GST courses

Goods and Services Tax, commonly known as GST has been implemented in India in 2017. Since then, what we have seen is an evolving law, learning and improving according to the issues facing. Even though the law simplified the tax process, it still needs a proper study and knowledge to understand in terms of a business point of view. GST is involved with the business in several ways with its provisions and concepts. A 360-degree understanding of the law and its ways of implementation adds detailed learning into your business knowledge. 

Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting is the way of how accounting will be going ahead in time. So, if you are doing an MBA in Finance or keen on learning how accounting will be shaped, then learning cloud accounting software like QuickBooks and Zoho Books is essential. These are two of the most used cloud accounting software around. There is no shortage of courses teaching both software and learning one with certification will take around 2-3 months of time.

Working Capital Management

Working Capital is in basic terms the difference between current assets and the current liabilities of a business. It plays an important role in the running of a business. An efficient working capital management can effectively smoothen the operation and increase the profit.

It indicates the ability of an organization to meet its daily/ short term expenses covering 

Inventory, Cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and debts in due that are short-term.

Compared to other courses, it can be learned with e-learning programs with certifications. Regardless of the stream, you choose to specialize in while doing your MBA, good knowledge in working capital management will help you understand the operation process of the organization.

Blue Ocean strategy 

Another management course that you can study with e-learning platforms, Blue Ocean strategy effectively gives you the ways to shift and manage business into more profitable with less or without competitors. A business without competition is probably the idle scenario for any business and blue ocean strategy is considered as one of the most effective one to achieve that goal. If you have less time but want to update your knowledge, then learning topics like Blue Ocean Strategy or Working Capital management is the best for you.

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