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What is the minimum qualification for SAP?

SAP qualification

Are you planning to do any of the SAP certifications? Do you have a clear plan about which SAP certificate to do? Do you have any confusion about how to begin? Do you know what are the eligibility criteria to do the certification courses in SAP? Do you know what is the minimum qualification for SAP?

With a massive uproar in recent times, SAP certification courses are becoming the hottest career update course available. SAP has a huge customer base all around the world. That adds much more volume when it comes to the job opportunities and openings available. 

Liked mostly by tech companies, SAP primarily offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. They also offer software in analytics and in resource management. 

Though they have various products, their primary focus and fame is based on ERP software. Let’s have a look at the company and the SAP ERP software first.

What is SAP?

Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing commonly known as SAP is a German software company known for its renowned ERP software SAP. So, the company name and the ERP software name are the same. This article from now refers to the ERP Software as SAP.

SAP sets a standard of itself when it comes to ERP software. They are available in 37 languages in more than 40 localisations offering in more than twenty-five industries. They have a huge customer base and all these elements together increase the demand for different SAP professionals. 

Why is SAP so Popular?

You must be asking the same question as why SAP is so famous with companies. The first and foremost reason is that it is an ERP software. So, you can integrate all departmental functions in a single system and access anywhere around the world. Secondly, the functions make operations such as resource management, sales, consumer relationship, and inventory management easy with minimum investment. 

The software integrates smoothly with applications, systems, and products which makes it more user-friendly for organizations. Naturally, when a product is efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective, companies will get attracted.

SAP modules:

There are two grades in SAP. Technical and Functional Grade. In the technical grade, ABAP and Basis are the two important modules. Modules are divided under these two. Modules in functional grade help companies to manage different divisions of their functions. 

Sales & Distribution SD

Human Resources Management HRM

Finance & Controlling FICO

Material Management MM

Customer Relation Management CRM

Are some of the major modules but there are more of them that can be selected according to personal career preferences and choices. 

Which SAP Module Should B.Com graduates do?

Finance & Controlling, commonly known as FICO is one of the most prominent modules of the software where B.Com graduates can enhance their career opportunities

What is the minimum qualification for SAP?

There are no specific qualification requirements for enrolling in SAP FICO. But, graduation in any field is considered to be the minimum qualification. This qualification is also better for getting into a job in a reputed firm.

Types of SAP FICO certificates

Two kinds of certification programs are available with SAP FICO. The Power User Certificate and the Global Certificate. Let us explain the main difference between these two SAP FICO certificates.

SAP FICO Power User Certificate

SAP FICO Power User Certificate is a globally valid certificate. Candidates who successfully complete the certification are called SAP FICO end users. They are eligible to work anywhere in the world. There are also opportunities for them to work as SAP consultants in MNCs but most importantly the certification charges are cheap compared to the Global certification. 

SAP FICO Global Certificate

With SAP FICO Global Certificate, you are universally eligible to work in any company as an SAP consultant. People who successfully completed the course are known as SAP consultants. Though the certification provides more opportunities, you need to spend around ten times more to get the certification compared to the power user certificate.

What are the career opportunities?

With getting a certification in any of the modules, FICO in our context because that is the best choice for commerce students. It Increases your job opportunities or helps to give a boat to your career. 

If you are a fresher and looking for a job, then SAP FICO certification can give you that since there are good enough opportunities available for a skilled professional. It also adds a punch when it comes to salary packages. 

Being a certified professional definitely adds value to your CV and increases the possibilities. This will be reflected in the job scenario too. Since SAP is important, the professionals who have strong working knowledge in the software will also get a good reputation in the working space.

If you are stuck with the same job and you’re looking for a promotion, then having an SAP certificate is one of the best ways to show that you deserve a chance above others. It shows two fundamental things. One is that you improved your skills set and you can be a better asset to the company, next is that your actions show self-motivation and that should also be noticed. 

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