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practical accounting course in bangalore

Practical Accounting Course in Bangalore

Are you a B.Com graduate who is tired of job hunting in Bangalore? Have you ever wondered why you are not getting the job despite having enough qualifications? You lack the practical accounting training that has become a necessity in today’s corporate world. Enrol in the Finprov’s practical accounting course in Bangalore and find yourself amidst multiple career opportunities.

While searching for accounting jobs, you might have understood one thing. In today’s job market, thousands are applying for a single position, making it highly competitive. While applying for jobs, you must have noticed most of them are looking for experienced candidates. Most companies nowadays prefer candidates who have some knowledge of practical accounting. But as a fresher, where can you get the desired experience? The answer is simple, by enrolling in a practical accounting course.

Your B.Com graduation can make you theoretically sound. But in the real world, without knowing how to implement your theoretical knowledge, you cannot succeed. Getting a practical accounting certification is the best way to stay ahead of others and showcase your practical knowledge. In your college, everything was served before you on plates, i.e. all the education you received was already cut out. You just had to give correct answers to the questions asked in the exam, and you got your degree certification. But in the real world, the case is a little different. Here you will have to find solutions to your problems on your own. Your theoretical and practical knowledge should go hand in hand. Only then can you become a successful accountant.

If you have taken a practical accounting course simultaneously with your degree education, you have made the first step towards a remarkable professional life.

Benefits of Practical Accounting Course

Practical accounting certification comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Increased career opportunities

Companies nowadays consider training freshers as a waste of their resources. They have to lend both their effort and time to the newbies. Instead, they prefer experienced ones, especially in the fields like accounting. Moreover, the competition in the job market is very high these days. Employers now have the choice of experienced candidates among the non-experienced ones. So there is no doubt that a recruiter will select a candidate with practical accounting training over others.

Enhances your resume

When a corporate job is open, they get an average of 250 resumes for the post. But out of which, they will select only 4 to 6 candidates for the job interview. From that also, only one will get the job. So it would be best if you prepared your resume in an eye-catching way. Employers will prefer you more than your peers. Adding practical accounting experience to your resume will increase its value and help you stand out from the crowd.

Improve analytical skills

To become a successful accountant, the person must have good analytical skills. It is essential in problem-solving, decision making and helping clients deal with their financial problems. Practical accounting training will provide you with excellent analytical skills. Your analytical skills will increase your efficiency in your professional life and help you conquer higher positions.

A better understanding of your theoretical knowledge

A practical accounting course is the best place to analyse your theoretical knowledge. You might have learned about trial balance, journal entries, financial reports and ledgers in your college days. Practical accounting training helps you deal with all these in real life. It will make you job-ready in every manner.

Helps to identify your field of interest

A practical accounting course is all about sharpening your accounting skills. You will become well-versed in different accounting practices like accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, financial reporting and many more. You will get better exposure to various accounting processes, which will, in turn, help you choose your field of work.

Hands-on experience with in-demand accounting softwares

A practical accounting course will familiarise you with the leading accounting softwares in the market. After this course, you will become an expert in using accounting softwares like Tally Prime, SAP FICO, and MS Excel.

Practical accounting training is the key to a successful career. Without good practical accounting training, it will be difficult for you to get accounting jobs. And even if you got one, you won’t be able to succeed in it, as you lack practical knowledge.

Finprov’s Practical Accounting Course in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as the silicon valley of India, not only because of its beauty but also because of the unlimited opportunities it offers. It has a diverse culture that attracts students from all over the country and abroad. Finprov’s campus in Bangalore is an ideal spot for anyone who wishes to build an accounting career. This campus will help you grow both professionally and personally. We have the most modern facilities in the country and prioritise our student’s welfare. The campus is wi-fi friendly and has a digitally-enabled library open for 24 hours. Employers value our certifications over others because of our legacy of valuable education. For the leisure activities of our students, we have built fitness and sports infrastructure within the campus. We have a fully functional cafeteria and hostel facilities. 24 hours medical facility is also available inside the campus.

Regarding the education part, our faculties are all industry experts with years of experience in this field. Our classrooms are alive with frequent activities. We have the best short-term job-oriented courses in the country, and we assure 100% job assistance to all our students. Students will get better exposure to the outer world through our internship programs. Finprov has become a favourite destination for all accounting job aspirants with tech-enabled classrooms and innovative learning methods. 

Join Finprov and conquer the accounting world with much ease.