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How to study career-oriented courses after B.Com

job oriented courses with

While modern countries are giving priority to teaching students skills that improve their employability, our country is still behind with the traditional way of learning. Vocational courses or job-oriented courses have not yet received much attention from the public or the students. Only when they try for a job, they realize the importance of having the right qualities and skills that match the job requirements.

This is also relevant in the finance and accounting fields. Students who complete a B.Com degree have a theoretical foundation, but this is often insufficient to flourish in the workplace. A degree, on the other hand, is the minimum requirement for most occupations; we only need to find the right balance between having a degree and acquiring job-oriented training. And for applicants like these, career-oriented courses after B.Com is critical.

This is evident in the finance and accounting sector too. So, in this article lets discuss about how to study career-oriented courses after

What are the areas to learn?

For a B.Com student, there are two important areas to work on, that are:

  • Software training
  • Practical aspects:Taxes, Laws etc.

When it comes to B.Com students, if they need a job in the modern world, they need to know software. There is accounting, ERP, and several other software that helps greatly in jobs. So along with your degree, update yourself with practical training in some of the major software like Tally Prime, QuickBooks, SAP, etc.

We are growing each day with our tax system. India used to have a complicated, decentralized tax system in the past, with the introduction of GST, it has been simplified but still, there are a number of forms and filings where it demands. So one needs to have a solid understanding of tax laws and how it is handled practically. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to learn these details. A degree with a strong skillset in software and laws will give you the much-needed edge over other candidates.

How to study Career-Oriented Courses after

With online education getting popular, there is no limitation to study. You don’t need to go anywhere but can study in the comfort of your home. So, selecting an online course will be a wise choice. Online classes are ready to reach every corner of the globe. Students can view classes from anywhere and complete their studies according to their interests. In addition, the change aims to bring in expert teachers from around the world. Weekly quizzes also simplify the study. It also provides an opportunity for children to identify their learning problems.

You can learn anytime

Even if you could not attend the live class, the classes are at your fingertips. Recordings of live classes are available with almost all the courses. Good courses will also give the students chances to clarify their doubts too. So don’t have to worry about those aspects. Finprov’s new approach is to customize technology to the needs of students.

Let’s study

Do you think it will be difficult to do an online course along with your degree? But still, you want to benefit of course? Short term courses are there for you. The duration will be a maximum of 3-4 months. 

Like the classroom

Everyone may be wondering how many online classes increase student’s interest in learning. However, techniques are being developed to make the classes more interactive. Institutions are also giving personal attention and better presentation skills that make learning easy.

Lessons for parents

Have you ever wondered what pulls your child back from learning when we tell them to study constantly? Here, the entire learning process comes with a different goal. is to provide an opportunity for your children to understand how they are learning and how far they are progressing. This will enable each parent to identify the child’s problems and support them.

Course Fee

Fee of the course is one of the major aspects you consider when selecting a course but also make sure that the quality is also good. If you can get the no-cost EMI option, then it is great. So choose a course that gives you a good education and financial advantage.

Finprov Courses

Finprov offers short-term courses in finance and accounting along with certification courses in software with intense training. There are software including Tally prime, QuickBooks, SAP FICO, and major concepts including  GST Return Filing, Income Tax, etc as specialized courses. Courses are offered in online, hybrid, and e-learning methods.

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