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How to Make Yourself Study When You don’t Want to Study

how to make yourself study everyday

Not now”, “not in a mood”, I don’t feel like it”… We said these many times when we were not in a mood to study. It genuinely happens to students when they are about to study which leads to postponing their studies again. But with exam dates looming over and major topics to cover, it is important to overcome this phase and begin with the studies with the mind being constantly engaged with the subjects. So here we go with taking a deep insight into how to make yourself study when you don’t want to study!

First and foremost,  the student needs to understand that the feeling is caused by burnout or a general feeling unmotivated? There is a difference between your body and mind becoming exhausted with too much pressure and feeling a bit tired or bored.

Studying feels like doing a task without any reward. The outcome of it is unpredictable and it is not paid. There is also no motivation of money or payment, there is no assurance of the result and in fact, the end result is uncertain. So getting affected by all these things can make an emotion of not feeling like studying.

Burn out on the other hand is an effect of overwork for a long duration. It is a state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. One will feel drained and overwhelmed, struggling to meet the constant expectations. 

This article will chiefly talk about the first phenomenon. It can be a phase or mind pulling you back from work. But with exam dates arriving fast and subjects piling up to study, students need to pull themselves up and get themselves ready. There are proven strategies and tips that one can use to navigate through this phase, this article will tell you about some of them in detail to help you through the times.

How to Make Yourself Study Everyday

A large number of us just like to chill and hang out all the time like we don’t have to do anything. Hard work is indeed a hard thing. But after a while, Isn’t it also boring? Just wasting time without achieving anything? Learning indeed takes effort but it also will enrich you in many ways.

Keep your knowledge updated.

Working out is for the body and reading is for the mind. The consistent and systematic study increases the brain powers and keeps it fresh. The more you keep on with a schedule and earning, the more it helps you in the exams giving you answers instantly and I the tip of your tongues

Repetition makes you remember

There is nothing surprising here. Repetitive and consistent learning will make things stick. When you don’t feel like doing it, The only way is to distract your mind and get it back together with full power. Remember, only with systematic and consistent effort, you can make the learning stick in your mind.

Quick Remedies 

1. Clean your Study area 

2. Take a note of the main 3-5 things to achieve immediately 

3. Take a look at your most recent notes – do you have a clear idea about the concepts? Will you be able to explain everything when writing an answer? Is there anything to be clarified? Jot down the new thoughts and go ahead with clearing any possible doubts.

4. Check whether there are any past question papers you can download and find out potential questions 

5. Any doubts about your next assignments? Email your teacher about it and get help.

6. Check out the month ahead and check whether any dates, arrangements, occasions conflict with your paper or test dates. Make a note if you find anything and plan an arrangement to tackle the conflict. 

7. Read one of the useful and interesting blogs or articles to ease up the mind.

8. Do online research and make some bookmarks that can help you in the future.

9. complete your notes properly

10. Create a mind map about your study plan for the upcoming days 

Now if any of this is not working for you, then you might need a conscious effort to accelerate your efforts to prepare your mind. Making meditation a part of life, practicing a strict daily routine, etc can help you to study well without your mind making occasion fusses.

Try these strategies to see if they make a difference, and keep in mind that many of these tactics complement each other. Studying is difficult and rarely enjoyable, but these study motivation strategies might help you get started and possibly make it more pleasant. Finprov wishes you all the best for your future

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