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Accounting Job: Getting ready for a job

Now and then a job search can feel shattering, especially if you need a job right away and you are a fresh candidate. Sometimes you’re completely qualified in theoretical knowledge for the position you’re applying for, but you are not getting the job only because you don’t have practical experience. However, a fresher can’t get experience without getting a job. This is called the experience paradox

In India, jobs in commerce stream have seen a reasonable growth, but only a very few percentages of students are qualifying for the job. Because every company will prefer people who have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The main hurdle faced by a fresher in, MBA or any other commerce stream, to get their dream job in the accounts and finance is lack of practical knowledge/experience. The person with adequate practical experience can take appropriate decisions at the right time. It can save a lot of time and the work will not get stuck at any point of time.  

During your academics, before appearing for an exam you will go through the entire curriculum of each subject. It will upsurge your confidence level and help you to secure good marks. Likewise, when you are going for an interview, your practical experience will act as a catalyst for your confidence.  

Short-term courses which help you to get practical experiences:

  • Certification in Business Accounts and Taxation (CBAT): This is a short-term course that trains you with the expertise required in the field of Accounting and Compliance. This course is materialized with the intention of giving practical experience for a fresher and get them job-ready.  If you have completed your Graduation or Post Graduation in commerce and are looking for job opportunities in that field, join for a CBAT course. This short term course is integrated with high-end accounting software/ERP like QuickBooks, Tally etc. and MS Excel. This Accounting course will definitely develop the employable skills that are much needed in today’s times. This course is indeed an all-rounder short-term course needed for a career after Graduation/Post-Graduation.
  • Learn accounting software like Tally & QuickBooks : Tally and QuickBooks are two most common accounting software being used all over the world. Tally is commonly seen in small and medium companies and is the most popular software in India. QuickBooks is a popular accounting software in foreign countries. If you are looking for an accounting job, you should know at least one of the above mentioned accounting software thoroughly.
  • SAP FICO Intensive training course: As a part of advancement in technology, the industries / companies have adopted and installed better and reliable accounting software like SAP. The software SAP, helps the companies to process larger database with least hurdles. So the job opportunities or vacancies for candidates who are trained in SAP have increased tremendously.


The CBAT course from Finprov will give you practical knowledge and experience in Accounting and Compliance. At Finprov, we have the best of the best minds to train you with the necessary skills and knowledge, we are offering intensive practical training to the students which gives them an opportunity to experience real work situations and make them an expert and also the students will get an opportunity to deal with most relevant case studies relating to various industries. Finprov also conducts mock interview sessions and professional skills trainings. 100% Placement Assistance and Post Placement Support are offered to students who have successfully completed Finprov’s flagship course CBAT.


  1. Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT)
  2. Certification in accounting software – Tally and Quick Books
  3. GST Practitioner Training course
  4. SAP FICO Intensive Training Programme
  5. Foreign Accounting Courses (FAC)

Hope this article helps you to understand the importance of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in your career growth.

Suggestion, feedback, queries are welcome. Your valuable feedback will be a value addition to other readers too.

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