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Courses With Placement in Bangalore

Courses With Placement in Bangalore

Are you an enthusiastic youngster aspiring to get your dream job? Do you recall the first time you were inspired to make it big in the corporate world? If you are wondering which is the best city to study Accounting, that can offer you an incredible experience and outstanding placements, then don’t hesitate to grab the endless opportunities that Finprov Learning is offering. Finprov’s accounting courses offer in-depth knowledge of the modules with expert trainers moulding each learner into a complete professional. 

You may wonder, on your premises, several short-term and long-term accounting courses are available with the best placement opportunities. You can earn your career card with the best job-oriented accounting courses. Finprov offers in-demand industry skills very effectively with advanced and more valuable short-term, long term and hybrid mode courses.

Why Accounting and what is its scope?

Accounting as an area of study encompasses a vast range of topics including Income Tax, GST, and software such as Tally Prime, SAP FICO, QuickBooks, and so on. From managing payroll, auditing, and financial management the role of an accountant is very crucial to an organization. Therefore the demand for accountants is increasing day by day. Moreover, the career opportunities that the field can offer is huge and attracts potential candidates waiting to grab an opportunity. Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Accounting Enterprises, Healthcare Institutions, Entertainment and Hospitality, and so on are some of the industries where an accountant can build his or her career. Outsourcing is another area that offers good opportunities and jobs for accountants. Finance and accounting outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among middle market and high-growth businesses these days as it offers a cost-effective solution for firms to strengthen their finance and accounting functions. Outsourcing allows businesses to scale their resources up and down as needed without having to pay for employees. It also removes the hassle of hiring, training, and managing accounting personnel.

Placement-oriented Accounting courses 

PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting Course (PGDIFA)

A one-year diploma course having global exposure to job opportunities gives accounting experience in expertise in handling GST, Income Tax, Gulf VAT, SAP FICO, etc. PGDIFA places you in multiple positions that have the opportunity to place you in banking clerk, tax consultant, account executive, data entry operator, inventory clerk, etc. 

Finprov offers a 100 per cent practical-oriented PGDIFA under qualified expert professionals. And the course covers practical accounting, GST, Tally prime, GST Practical, Income Tax, Zoho Books, Advanced MS Excel softwares, MIS, ESI & PF, Business laws, Gulf VAT, SAP FICO, like most important accounting aspects, including advanced softwares.

PG Diploma in Business Accounting & Taxation (PGBAT) 

PG BAT is one of the most precious diploma courses for B.Com graduates, which ensures the most demanded job in the accounting sector. The course opens vast prospects such as Tax Consultant, accountant executive, finance manager, tax analyst, corporate legal assistant etc. Finprov’s PGBAT course has constituted one of the most valid accounting areas. The course helps to develop a deep insight into Tally ERP Software, GST registration, valuation and registration, direct taxation, payroll, Excel, MIS reporting and SAP Learning etc. 

Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation (CBAT)

If you place yourself as an accounting assistant, accounting supervisor, accounting manager, Tax Manager, or Tax Assistant, CBAT is one of the best options. As in Finprov, The six months course allows an aspirant to gain knowledge on GST, Quick books, ESI, Corporate law, SAP FICO, MS Excel, Tally, etc. 

To be a complete professional in the accounting field, your CBAT is the best option for graduates who develop basic knowledge of accounting management. 

 Diploma in Indian Accounting (DIA)

The course offers accounting job aspirants the biggest job opportunities across India. Finprov’s two-month course covers practical accounting, Tally prime, GST theory, Income Tax, Ms Excel, Cash Budgeting, Advanced MS Excel, ESI & PF. Learning with practical training is an added advantage for commerce aspirants. 

DIA qualification offers you a chance to be hired as a Billing Clerk, Bookkeeping Clerk, Tax Accountant, Finance accountant etc. 

Business Accounting Professional (BAP )

Finprov’s BAP course provides a clear envision of GST theory, income tax, ESI, PF calculations, MS Excel, Tally Prime etc. the four-month online course helps aspirants to be 360 degrees professional. 

 PG Diploma in Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certification Program

Attaining knowledge of digital marketing and significantly related tools, metrics etc., aids in gaining numerous job opportunities in various industries. Through the course, one can become a digital marketer, marketing coordinator, search engine optimisation specialist, paid search specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, E-commerce associate, SEO Executive, Social Media Manager, Media planner etc. 

Digital marketing has opened a wide variety of job offers across the globe. Finprov is one of the best platforms for learning more about digital marketing that provides the best opportunities regarding content strategy, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Display advertising, Email marketing, etc. The course module offered by Finprov is one of the best curricula for grasping the most important aspects of digital marketing and e-commerce strategies. 


 How about gaining the most attractive jobs across the world with an attractive salary package? Gaining the opportunity within a two-month distance is also quite an attractive one. SAP FICO is one of the most valuable short-term courses that covers the aspects of Systems, Applications, and Products in Data processing. SAP is one of the most valuable ERP solutions around the world. SAP FICO modules include SAP Finance and Controlling, handling financial accounting and reporting with better management. 

Finprov’s SAP FICO course constitutes the course of enterprise structure, General ledger accounting, reference documents, bank accounting, asset accounting, financial statements etc. Through systematic curricula with global validity, Finprov shares the most valid opportunities for aspirants. The short-term certification course offers job opportunities such as SAP FICO consultant, account and finance executive, senior analyst programmer, etc., with a salary range of more than six lakhs. 

Finprov’s best academic team provides practical-oriented training with advanced lab facilities. 

In a sense, Finprov has not limited itself to such a small number of courses. Retail bankers, GST, and UAE VAT, like several courses, offer a wide variety of opportunities in the industry. Softwares such as Tally Prime, Zoho Books, and Advanced Excel are familiar to Finprov’s educational faculty, making aspirants more dominant in job searching. 

Other Major Courses provided by Finprov

  • CMA USA 
  • Tally Prime
  • Zoho Books
  • MS Excel
  • GST
  • Tally Prime and Zoho Books
  • Zoho Books and GST
  • Tally Prime and UAE VAT
  • Tally Prime, GST and Income Tax

Why Finprov Learning?

Finprov is one of the best Accounting training institutes with a realistic training strategy oriented on practical training for different industrial skills. Finprov has helped more than 10000 plus students from across streams and industries to make their dreams come true. Our Accounting programs are offered in both academic and professional modes. There are both long-term and short-term courses available to choose from. The courses that we offer are highly beneficial as they give in-depth, industry-specific knowledge so you can tailor your accounting training and knowledge to meet your unique requirements. Our Course syllabus is designed with utmost care giving emphasis to the evolving corporate accounting job needs a. Focus is given to a practice-oriented approach where it will be a smooth journey for even those who are completely new to the world of accounting. 

Even if you are someone who holds a B.Com degree, it may not be sufficient enough to get you a good job. An in-depth practical understanding of the topic of accounting is the foundation of everything. Working as an accountant may instantly push you to new levels of success. And this is exactly where Finprov can be your game changer. Our courses are carefully curated by expert Chartered Accountants who have excellent knowledge in the accounting and finance domain. They will have extensive hands-on expertise with the most widely used accounting software in the world. Moreover, we offer 100 percent placement assistance to each learner who successfully completes the course. 

If you are the one intend to develop a better future in the accounting field, Finprov is the best platform. The finance institution comes up with the best infrastructure and also has advanced lab facilities. The most considerable fact about Finprov is nothing but 360-degree career assistance. Learners can get the opportunity to handle real case studies, which creates a feeling of becoming experienced. More in a sense, the hand on training helps the aspirants become more valuable and aids them to become strong and competent as well. Finprov shares the course with the support of expert professionals, including the presence of CA professionals.