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Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?

Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos

Degree vs. Skill

So is a college degree important? Or is there something more important than a piece of paper on your wall to authenticate 4 years spent taking classes after classes?

A skilled person may not necessarily be holding a degree. Similarly, every graduate may not possess the required skills. Can it be said that a degree and job skills are two sides of the same coin? One way to guarantee your success is to have a degree along with the necessary job skills. But what weighs more? What is more in demand nowadays?

Why is there a demand for skilled people?

In today’s dynamic world, innovative and new skillsets develop rapidly and skills that were in demand earlier become irrelevant in no time. Skilled people who can acquire and adapt to new skillsets will only survive. How efficiently and effectively can you update yourself and learn new skills is what matters when you seek to climb the career ladder fast. A job promotion, bonuses, and incentives are based on your performance and productivity, which shows how aptly you utilise your skills to get the job done. Applying the law of survival of the fittest, you need to have multiple skills to be able to be best at the work.  While a degree states that you have the knowledge for the job, skills justify your success in the job.

How can skills be developed?

Skills can only be developed through the right training and practice – which is close to the industry demand and job requirement.  Skills are strengthened and nurtured through continuous and repeated practical experiences in life. A degree may be able to earn you the job, but skills help you grow much further.


A degree may be considered as the first step in success, but it can never lead you to the ultimate success. That can be achieved only and only with the skills you possess. Skills play the most crucial role in helping you stay on top of your game.

If you are an employee, ask yourself – how skilled are you for the job on hand?

If you are an interviewer, ask yourself – would you reject someone extremely skillful because they lack a degree?

Focus on the skills, not degrees. Learning is a very beautiful process. It doesn’t stop. It goes on.


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