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SAP training Course

Best SAP Training Course in Kochi

Are you looking for a job-oriented course in accounting or an SAP training course in Kochi? Finprov learning, the best accounting certification course provider, has the best SAP certification courses with practical training in Kochi, and also we provide SAP training in all our centres in Hybrid mode

SAP systems play an essential role in the functioning of a company, irrespective of its size. Becoming a certified SAP professional will open up numerous job opportunities for the candidates. Having in-depth knowledge in the SAP course module will help you choose your field of interest. 

SAP or Systems Application and Products provides a shared database and a comprehensive data range for the customers to interact. It runs on most platforms and is highly user-friendly. SAP software manages production planning, cost accounting, archived documents, financial assets and many more.

Over the years, the SAP software has undergone many changes. Additional features have been added to the software. SAP FICO certification course of Finprov Learning is one of a kind that will make you a pro in SAP software. The SAP training maintains an equal balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Their experienced faculties will walk you through each step of the SAP software and will provide deep expertise in using it. You will also gain hands-on experience through their course. They have branches in Kochi and all over Kerala. 

What is an SAP course?

SAP software has shown its presence in every area of business management. SAP certification is gaining popularity among businesses and their employees. Many new applications and tools have been added to the software to make it a better version. You can carry your SAP certification course along with your studies, or you can opt for a full-time SAP course. The SAP module covers all the areas of business management, from basics to technical. After the SAP course, you will be managing the SAP business designs, organisational structure setup, providing solutions and many more. SAP professionals can design input screens, build information warehouses and manage databases. 

SAP courses usually cover billing, inventory and delivery processes, commodity management, business processes and scenarios, data warehouses, management of SAP software as a service(SAS) solutions and database management.

What is SAP?

SAP or Systems Application and Products manages different aspects of the businesses, including operations, finance, human resources and facilities. It analyses and integrates data from customer relationship management and business intelligence. ERP or enterprise resource planning plays a vital role in the SAP software.

SAP module types

The entire SAP module divides itself into two- a functional module and a technical module.

Functional module

Several pre-defined functional features in SAP software improve the efficiency of business operations. The Functional modules cover topics of standard functionality that enhance the activities of the business. The main topics under the functional module are finance management, business objects, business intelligence, sales, distribution and supply chain management, customer relationship management, etc.

Functional modules cover SAP financial accounting(FI), SAP Controlling(CO), SAP financial supply chain management(FSCM), SAP materials management(MM), SAP logistics execution(LE), SAP sales and distribution(SD), SAP quality management(QM), SAP production planning(PP), SAP plant maintenance(PM), SAP human resources management(HRM) and SAP project system(PS).

Technical modules

Technical modules in SAP software focus on module customisation and programming. Knowledge in the Technical modules helps SAP professionals resolve performance issues, develop applications, schedule tasks, manage and execute migrations and download and install updates. Technical modules generally cover SAP basis, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Security, Advanced business application programming(ABAP), information systems management(SAP IS)and high-performance analytic appliance(SAP HANA). It also covers customer relationship management(SAP CRM), SAP Solution Manager(SAP SM) and exchange infrastructure(SAP XI).

Eligibility criteria and duration of SAP Training Course

To enrol for the SAP certification course, you must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Having computer knowledge and awareness of your area of specialisation in SAP Certification will help you learn this course quickly. Depending on your area of specialisation, the SAP course duration may vary. Usually, you can finish the course within thirty to sixty days. You can pursue an SAP course online or offline. Both have equal significance.

Benefits of SAP Course

Currently, SAP certifications are one of the most sought-after certifications in the world. There is a massive value for the experience, knowledge and skills of the SAP professionals. Below is a list of some of the benefits of SAP training.

Better career opportunities with high earning potential

Most companies nowadays use SAP ERP software. They prefer professionals with SAP certification over other non-certified candidates to manage their SAP software. So the value of SAP professionals has gone up in the job market. They have job opportunities in both government and private sectors. Industries like logistics, distribution, production, manufacturing, CRM solutions, consultancies, and ERP systems are hiring SAP professionals.

SAP-certified professionals can earn better than their peers. Even though the pay scale is highly dependent upon your previous work experience, skill sets and educational background, SAP professionals can start with a decent salary at the beginning of their career.

Good reputation

Reputation will motivate professionals to keep on going and perform more efficiently. Your job role and massive pay scale will earn you a good reputation in society. Employers and your peers will look up to you as they consider SAP-certified professionals to a very knowledgeable and valuable people.

Better chances of promotion

SAP certifications will increase your chances of promotion compared to your non-certified colleagues. With SAP training, you can climb your career ladder and reach higher positions in your company.

Job opportunities after the SAP Course

Numerous job opportunities are awaiting SAP professionals. They can take up the job role of SAP FICO consultant, SAP consultant, SAP SD Consultant, SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP ABAP developer, SAP project manager, SAP basis administrator, SAP Hana architect, solution development consultant, sales manager, business process analyst, senior software engineer, pre-sales consultant, SAP procurement specialist, implementation consultant, system engineer, SAP trainer and SAP basis consultant.

SAP professionals can work in the domains like Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Sales and distribution.

If you are searching for the best SAP training course in Kochi, join the SAP FICO certification course of Finprov Learning. They are the masters of accounts education and come with a history of creating successful finance professionals. Join the hands of Finprov and become a certified SAP professional.