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Advanced Excel Course Benefits in Accounting Profession

If you are an accounting job aspirant, you must have gone through the job descriptions of various accounting jobs. In all those descriptions, you must have noticed about advanced Excel skills. It is the primary skill that every employer looks for in their employees. If you are new to this skill, this journal will help you.

Microsoft Excel has remained the most straightforward and most powerful accounting software. Its quantitative and statistical analysis of data has made it a favourite among accounting professionals and business owners worldwide. Advance Excel is a function of Microsoft Excel that enables us to perform complex calculations, do proper data analysis, etc. It is pretty different from Basic Excel as it focuses more on some advanced formulas than on some basic additions and subtractions. Interviewers frequently ask questions relating to these formulas to analyse the candidate’s Excel skills. Some of the essential features of Advanced Excel are DSUM, DISCOUNT, Formulas, Pivot Table, Functions, Pivot Chart and Macros.

Importance of Advanced Excel Course

Advanced Excel Course is mainly designed for job aspirants who want to build a career in data analytics. Having basic skills in Excel is not enough for you to land a job. Companies are looking for certification in advanced Excel, as it validates your skills. This course shapes the students into financial analysts who later get a chance to work in different firms like investment banking, private equity, corporate development, equity research and Financial Planning and Analysis sectors.

Advanced Excel course provides in-depth knowledge about the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. After this course, students gain the required Excel skills needed in the corporate world. It enhances your already known Excel skill to an advanced level. It will take you through the different features of Excel-like Dashboard, SQL, VBA macros, etc., and practical training. You will also be familiarised with powerful Data visualisation tools during this course. Advanced Excel course is now available online, making it accessible and affordable for students all over the country. Most accounting training institutes provide placement support along with this course, which gives another reason to enrol in this course. The course duration is usually around 72 hours, covering all the major topics discussed in the module with hands-on experience.

There are no eligibility criteria to enrol in an Advanced Excel certification program. Students or accounting professionals from different streams can take up this course and enhance their Excel skills. Some of the significant modules covered under this course are basic knowledge on creating and managing scenarios, personalised templates, goal seek and solver, and knowledge on how to work with sparklines. It also covers Excel mathematical functions, creation, management, and formatting of pivot tables and charts, performs data lookups, creates and uses IF statements, creates and uses macros, imports and cleans data, troubleshoot errors, etc.

Benefits of getting certified in Advanced Excel

Let us now discuss the benefits of Advanced Excel certification.

Increases your value

Most people will have basic knowledge of MS Excel. But proficiency in Advanced Excel will help you stand out from the crowd. It will bring you more job opportunities and increase your value before your employer. Certification in advanced Excel proves your thirst for knowledge and how serious you are in your job.

Saves your time

In today’s world, time is very precious. Advanced Excel skills help you save time with its advanced features. Analysing and calculating data requires a lot of time; you can do it within a fraction of a few seconds with the help of advanced Excel features.

Increases your knowledge

During this course, you will become aware of all complicated functions of Advanced Excel-like macro, cell formatting, financial complex formulas, graphical representations in spreadsheets, etc.; it will increase your knowledge and administration skills.

High earning potential

Advanced Excel skills will help you land as a high earning professional. It is a skill that every employer is looking for and is ready to shell out money for such professionals. Small to large companies search for Excel professionals to better handle their accounts. So you will never be out of the job with this skill.

advanced excel course benefits

Career opportunities after doing the Advanced Excel course

In India, there is a massive demand for Excel professionals. Multiple job opportunities are awaiting them. Some of the most in-demand job profiles are MIS Executive, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Metrics and Analytics Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Big Data Analytics Architect, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Solution Architect and many more. Advanced Excel certification will help you land a high profile job with high earning potential.

Most people are unaware of the advanced Excel certification course. This course will open new doors of career opportunities for you and increase your value in front of your employers. Choosing the right accounting training institute plays a vital role in building your career. Finprov Learning is a good choice for the Advanced Excel certification course. They will provide in-depth knowledge about this software and make you job-ready. So invest in an Advanced Excel course and build a promising career for yourself.