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6 months accounting courses in kerala

6 Months Accounting Courses in Kerala

Have you noticed that candidates who completed accounting certification courses will have more knowledge than those acquiring knowledge in degree courses? Do you recognise the fact there are a number of 6 months of accounting courses in Kerala to catch your dream accounting career? Because while taking certification courses, one can get the opportunity to familiarise with practical applications that lead to doing accounting jobs perfectly without any hassles. 

Over the above, the courses which can be completed within 6 months are a new hope to candidates who seek a serious career in the field. Taking a long-term course is unnecessary; candidates may also prefer job-oriented short-term courses. The 6 months accounting courses in Kerala mainly gives a centralised focus to the practical training. 

Finprov is one of the best platforms which offers various six months accounting courses in Kerala. By focusing on career seekers in the accounting sector, Finprov proposes the most valuable accounting courses with international exposure, as in the case of the job opportunity. Our practical-oriented courses must be provided with the best guidance in a most adaptive learning atmosphere. 

Best 6 Months Accounting Courses in Kerala

Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation(CBAT)

CBAT is a short-term six-month course specially designed by experienced chartered accountants and industry experts. This is a two-level course designed for or any graduates willing to start their career in the accounting sector. 

Finprov’s CBAT course covers all the topics such as Tally Prime, ESI & PF Computations, Income Tax with TDS, preparation of cash budget and MIS Reports, handling profit and loss accounts, balance sheet along with multiple accounting concepts. The CBAT course enables several accounting jobs such as Budget analyst, accounting manager, auditing assistant, senior accountant, tax manager, and Finance manager. 


The SAP FICO certification course is a two-months short-term course. Many businesses widely use SAP software, and learning SAP FICO allows you to get more career opportunities. Finprov’s SAP FICO course covers topics such as SAP FICO’s end-to-end configuration in the organisation, Transactional activities, Financial status, Analysing reports, Working with multiple SAP sessions, Managing accounting, using multiple currencies, etc. Finprov also offers SAP Power user certification at the end of the course to those who completed their exam successfully. If you are a candidate looking forward to attaining global job exposure, then SAP FICO is one of the most reasonable and relevant solutions for achieving outstanding results. 

Goods and Service Tax(GST)

The GST course helps the learners to better understand GST, along with real-time examples. This course covers topics such as the Basics of GST, Input tax credit, Composition scheme, GST return filing, E-way bill, Time of supply, Place of supply, Reverse charge mechanism, etc. Finprov’s GST certification courses can be taken by graduates, CAs, company secretaries, finance and tax professionals, and people who want career opportunities in these fields. 

Business Accounting Professional(BAP)

The BAP course is a short-term course that usually takes four months to complete. Finprov’s BAP course module covers the topics of Practical accounting, Tally prime, GST, Income tax, MS Excel, Basics of SAP, Professional skills, ESI & PF, along with practical-oriented training and mock interviews. The most advanced syllabus-oriented course distribution can secure the best placements in the accounting sector. 

Practical Accounting

Practical accounting is a short-term course that gives practical accounting training to learners. Finprov’s practical accounting course is one of the best accounting courses in Kerala, which covers the concepts of Accounting, Profit and loss, Debit and Credit, Income tax, GST, Bank reconciliation, Business process, Balance sheet, Ledger, and Journal entry. This course can be taken by anyone who wishes to secure a career in the accounting sector.

Tally Prime

Tally Prime is one of the most used software in the accounting industry. Taking the Tally Prime course helps to acquire knowledge in handling this software. Finprov’s Tally Prime course module covers the topics such as an overview of the Tally Prime interface, Inventory, Payroll and GST in Tally, TDS & TCS training, MIS Reports, Features and benefits of Tally Prime, Cost centre and its methods, Banking utilities, Vouchers, and Major tools, etc. 

Zoho Books

Finprov’s Zoho Books covers how to handle Zoho applications, the latest accounting technology, file GST returns, manage finances, maximise the Zoho books experience, etc.

Knowing advanced accounting softwares and learning to handle accounting activities from the basic level will give career aspirants a greater advantage. Involving in learning new upgraded skill within a short span with a trustworthy organisation increase your chance of getting placed in the best designation. 

Finprov is one of the best accounting institutes which offers 6 months accounting courses in Kerala, specially designed for both graduates and professionals. We provide various accounting courses such as CBAT, PGBAT, Income tax, Practical accounting training, PGDIFA, DIA, GST, SAP FICO, Tally Prime, MS Excel, etc.

Our course modules are specially designed for those who are intensively looking forwards to their future in the finance and accounting industry. We also provide theoretical and practical training along with placement assistance to the learners, which helps graduates to get a perfect job and professionals upskill their knowledge. Our methodology is based on tech-enabled learning, making you easily understand accounting concepts.