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7 reasons why you should enrol for Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT) with International Accounting course

CBAT Certification Course

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Over 50% commerce students do not plan their career ahead properly in advance. Students are being taught skills that today’s jobs do not need anymore. This leads to potential of Indian youth remaining untapped due to lack of skill acquisition & upgradation. Thus, skill gap is a vicious issue India’s youth is facing now leading to high unemployability.

Another problem faced is due to lack of skills & experience, studnets fall behind experienced candidates, MBA  graduates, CAs etc. at the time of job hunting etc. They take on part time jobs like pizza delivery, ubereats/zomato delivery etc. or any other job with no career growth (Did you know,  a large percentage of delivery boys are commerce graduates). There is an urgent need to bridge this gap with proper skill development programmes.

So are you a commerce student? Looking for a successful career in the commerce field? Then listen closely!! At Finprov, we believe the below quote by Benjamin Franklin,

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


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We understood through our experience and research that there is a huge gap in availability of finance and accounts professionals with the required skills. We have, therefore, launched a practical accounting and taxation training course to help you get the most needed practical experience. CBAT with international accounting is exactly what a commerce students need to stay on the edge and succeed in their career.

Look at the below 7 solid reasons for why you should enroll for CBAT course:


  1. Indian and foreign accounting: CBAT with international accounting course gives 2 in 1 benefit to students. They get to learn Indian accounting as well as foreign accounting and can understand the differences clearly. The complete accounting process from tracking source documents, analysing and classifying the transaction, recording entry in journal books, ledger posting, preparation of trial balance, passing adjusting entries till preparation of financial statements etc. are practiced in depth.
  2. Various accounting software like Tally ERP 9, Quickbooks online, Sage 50: On completion of such a course, a student becomes proficient in handling all types of accounting software and accounting work of any company with ease. This is achieved with the use of industrial case studies of various businesses giving students a clear idea of accounting done in these industries.
  3. Indian and Middle East taxation: Indian taxation laws such as income tax and GST will be practiced extensively with sample problems and case studies. This will include tax calculations, return filing etc. Along with this a student also gets to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of GCC VAT.
  4. The complete training: Students are advised to consider their training days as their 1st job. Hence it is a complete training with all possible work scenarios where they will have to do everything from start till end what an accountant is required to do.
  5. 100% Placement: Students who have successfully completed the course and have secured the eligibility criteria will be placed in prestigious companies all over India immediately.
  6. Experienced and qualified faculties: At this stage, a student needs the best of the best minds to train them with the necessary skills and knowledge which are in high demand and will help them have a rich experience.
  7. Professional skills training and mock interviews: Interviewers are looking for graduates who are competent and efficient. Professionals skills training included in CBAT course ensures that you are an all-round professional with good communication skills.

CBAT with International accounting course will give you hands-on job experience in Accounting and Taxation. If you are looking to perfect your accounting skills and to enter into a well-paying job, CBAT is the ideal course for you.

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