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Secret Facts on the newly released TALLY PRIME 2.0

Tally Prime 2.0 features - Tally Prime Certification Course

Have you upgraded your Tally to the latest version, Tally Prime 2.0? No!!! Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should upgrade Tally to the new “Tally Prime 2.0” version. From its inception in 1989 to today’s prime 2.0 edition, Tally has been evolving at a rapid pace. As a user, you should be adapted along with this technological advancement to experience the difference and avail the features.

Before moving to the 2.0 version, you must know the basic features provided by the most popular accounting software, a one-stop accounting solution for all small and medium enterprises, Tally ERP 9.

Payroll configurations, Employee category definition, Employees master Data, Simple, Compound payroll units are the basic simple features Tally ERP covers. When the upgrade is there, we can expect a few more required features to be integrated. The most welcomed and excellent features among them are the generation of E-way Bill and E-Invoicing in Tally.

E-way Bill With Tally Prime 2.0

Through the upgradation of your Tally to 2.0, you will be able to do the E-invoicing and E-way Bill generation at no cost. Regardless of the type of business, the effectiveness of E-invoice and E-way bills are nowadays a mandated thing. So the feature is set to a necessarily appreciable default type.

With the enablement of your version for E-way bill generation, you can register Tally as your GSP register it on the GST portal to generate an E-Way Bill.  

TallyPrime‘s features for e-Way Bill allows you to:

  • Generate e-Way Bill at the time of voucher creation 
  • The facility to generate bulk E-way bills.
  • Cancel e-Way Bills, update Part B and Transporter IDs, and extend the validity for transactions in bulk.
  • Print e-Way Bills for invoices that include the e-Way Bill number and QR Code, as required by the government.
  • The e-Way Bill report and e-Way Bill Register can be used to keep track of the status of e-Way Bills.
  • Using the e-Way Bill report and e-Way Bill Register, you can get the most up-to-date e-Way Bill information and status from the e-Way Bill system to a transaction.

As a result, you won’t have to switch back and forth between Tally Prime and the e-Way Bill system for various e-Way Bill tasks because everything can be done from one place.

Save View’ Option in Tally Prime 2.0

The next highlighting feature is regarding the Reports. Earlier many of the users were facing issues like enablement of configuration for the same report. Surprisingly, it offers us the enablement of many configurations for types of reports. You have the facility to save the configuration to see it next time with no further manual configurations.

The Save View option in Tally Prime will provide you with a personalised report viewing experience.

Now you can:

  • Save a report’s preferred view with the desired configuration you choose.
  • Save a report’s view for a certain time period.
  • Save a report view for a specific master, such as Party ledger, Stock Item, and so forth.
  • Save views for the following items, as needed:

            •  All companies listed on a specific computer,

            •  A specific company

  • Make a previously saved view the default view.

            •  The report will now always open with the configurations that were saved in the saved view.

  • Whenever necessary, change the default view.
  • As needed, delete a saved view, all saved views from all firms, or a specific company.
  • Users should not be able to save views for reports or delete views saved in a given organisation.

Validation of GSTIN/UIN and HSN/SAC Online

Tally Prime is available to help you validate your data quickly and easily:

  • Information on GSTIN/UIN for single and multiple parties.
  • For single and multiple Stock Items, HSN/SAC data is available.

Verification of HSN and GSTIN on a real-time basis to avoid the manual error which is manually happening during the filing.

These are the major features that are covered in the new prime version of Tally. If we consider it a bit deeper, we can see that the following features were also incorporated:

The bottom bar is configured with the frequently used shortcut keys that save your time appreciably.

Regarding notifications- Yes, Prime is very punctual by allowing timely notifications in different scenarios, including expiry, renewal, releases, validity, etc.…

Regarding the sorting out of a set of issues faced during the previous release can be briefed as follows:

During the invoice altering process, the missing E-Way Bill number is sorted conveniently. 

While printing the sales invoice, TRN was found to be missing. This issue is also removed successfully. 

The TCS Debit note and corresponding receipt vouchers were not linked initially, which now got interlinked. 

Sorting out the missing e-Way Bill number in the Multi Voucher. 

Filing GSTR-1 according to the latest change (by including HSN). Missing party details in the Exported ledger were cleared completely. 

Issues while sending the ledger and Group outstanding, such as obtaining blank reports for parties with no amount outstanding, were polished to the exact results. 

Delivery terms in the sales invoice error are rectified and fine-tuned. 

Modified enhancement in the navigation process, like switching between vouchers, from Gateway to credit note voucher, and so on.

To experience Tally amazingly, Tally solutions developed a free version and also a paid version of licences. 

To learn how to use it, you can choose the free version. Always the best option is the prime release which is the latest one. Not yet upgraded? Be quick and let your hands flow through the most wonderful experience ever in Tally. Never before seen version is waiting for you to provide you amazing Tally experiences. 

If you also want to learn how to use tally prime 2.0 to record several financial transactions and events in your work life, enrol now with Finprov’s Tally Prime course.

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