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Practical Finance – English

We have combined Practical Accounting with our popular course on GST e-learning to give you a holistic understanding of the topics. Thrive as the industry expert by learning everything that you need to know. 


About the course

Practical Finance: A comprehensive course to make you a complete finance professional

The finance and accounting industry can be competitive and demands more than one skillset from the professionals. That is why we combined Practical Accounting with the equally crucial course on GST e-learning to make sure that you are industry-ready.

The course includes all major topics of accounting like various accounting methods, journal entries, ledger recording, business processes, accounting terms, adjustments, balance sheets, Income Tax, GST, Bank Reconciliation etc along with all the concepts of GST. 


What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Practical Accounting 
  • Legal Entity discussion – How it affects accounting
  • Accounting Terms, Debits and Credits, Balance Sheet
  • Source Documents, Journal Entry, Ledger accounts
  • Trial balance, GST Accounting, Bank Reconciliation
  • TDS & Advance Tax Accounting, Income Tax Accounting


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Skills you will gain

  • Accounting
  • Profit and loss
  • Debit and credit
  • Balance sheet
  • Ledger
  • Journal entry

Key Highlights of Our Program

We create engaging learning experiences through expert training. Building the finance professional force of tomorrow

Tech-enabled learning

An advanced and innovative learning platform providing global access

GST training

Hands-on training with Case Studies

Access to the practical side of the job and insights with intense training


360-degree exposure

In-Depth inclusion of accounting concepts with industry-oriented insights

Personalised Student Support

We are 100% committed to present an empowering learning experience for our learners

Upcoming Batches

CA Arun Chacko

CA Ashna Bharath Pillai

Ashna is a qualified Chartered Accountant with vast knowledge in the field of business advisory, tax & regulatory, statutory audit and business setup services. She has significant expertise advising clients in healthcare, manufacturing, media & entertainment and technology sectors. She has a deep passion for teaching and it is rooted in the belief that she can inculcate knowledge & skills and have a positive impact on students.

CA Arun Chacko

Aswathi Mohan

Aswathi Mohan is an innovative finance professional with experience in handling various finance and accounting projects. Her excellent track record is mastering challenging situations and finding progressive solutions make her an important figure in her field of work.

Get Ahead with Course Certification

On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a certificate of course completion issued by FINPROV. This certificate is a golden ticket to the job of your dreams at leading finance firms and beyond.
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Practical Finance – English

Commonly Asked Questions

You can directly enrol for the course through the course page on our website.
Yes, you need stable internet for the course since they are in video format.
Once you are enrolled on the course, you can select the login option from the course page and give your login credentials to sign in.
You can contact us on WhatsApp as well as via email for academic and non-academic queries.

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