Post Graduate Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting (PGDIFA)

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    Finding the right person with the right skills, practical knowledge and experience for an accounting job role is quite difficult these days. Statistics show that more than 3 Lakh degree students graduate every year from various colleges in Kerala. But the majority of them lack adequate skills and practical knowledge to get placed in a company. To stand out from the crowd and to catch the eye of an interviewer, a candidate will need to have strong basics in accounting & taxation supported by good working knowledge in accounting tools like MS Excel, Tally, Quickbooks, SAP FICO etc.

    What is PGDIFA?

    PGDIFA is a complete practical training course, designed specifically for finance/ Any graduates who are aiming to build their career in accounts, to mould them into the accounts/finance professional you aspire to be. PGDIFA is carefully devised by experienced chartered accountants and industry experts in the finance domain to provide you with the most needed skills and practical knowledge to impress your interviewer and excel at your workplace.

    We have developed three different levels in the PGDIFA course, in which each level focusses on various core areas.

    Join Post Graduate Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting (PGDIFA) and become a Professional Accountant!

    PGDIFA Levels

    Speak with our expert career counsellors to understand the course details.


    Are you a beginner having no idea about accounting?

    If you are a beginner with an aim to succeed in your accounting,

    PGDIFA level I will help you to achieve your goal.


    Got some idea about accounts? Want to learn more?

    If you are a professional who wants to learn more, then PGDIFA level II is the best choice which will mould you into the best professional according to industry demands.


    Want to become an expert in the field of finance and accounting?

    In PGDIFA level III, you will get theoretical and practical training on aspects of SAP FICO Power User,  basics of auditing and Gulf VAT.

    Finprov introduces Kerala’s largest career-building program in accounting! This is specifically designed for job aspirants who are looking for a career in core accounts & finance, where they can learn and get practical exposure to begin their dream job.


    Expertise of CAs

    At Finprov, We have the best of the best minds to train you with the necessary skills and knowledge

    Intensive Practical Training

    250+ hours of practical training to provide real work experience and to make you an expert

    Classroom Training

    200+ hours of classroom training by industry experts for the most important and relevant concepts


    Call centre support to all students, for doubt solving or on any matters relating to your career

    Mock Interviews

    Preparing you for real interview questions and scenarios so that you can seize every opportunity

    Placement Assistance

    Placement assistance to all Finprov students on completion of one year intensive training

    Internship Opportunity

    Three months internship in any reputed company or CA firm

    Case Studies

    Working on the most relevant case studies relating to various industries


    On successful completion of the course, the participants will be awarded a certificate of course completion and experience certificate issued by FINPROV along with following certificates 

    • Original Certificate of Tally Prime
    • Original Certificate of QuickBooks Online
    • SAP Power User

    Criteria required:

    • 90% attendance
    • 50% or above marks in assessment & evaluation tests

    Duration and Fees

    Duration:  1 Year

    Schedule: Mon – Fri

    Registration Started

    Fees: INR 65,000  62,000/-

    Software You Will Be Learning

    Opportunities after completing the PGDIFA course

    By enrolling and completing the PGDIFA course, you will be fully equipped to enter any accounting career path as per your choice with solid hands-on experience in the most important accounting software used by businesses around the world.

    Accounting Job

    PGDIFA course enables students to independently handle a company’s finance department’s duties from day 1 of their employment.

    Be Your Own Boss

    PGDIFA course prepares you with all the required skills and knowledge to start your own accounting venture or to take the role of a tax practitioner.

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      Average Salary You May Get

      If you are looking to perfect your accounting skills and to enter into a high paying job, PGDIFA is the ideal course for you. Attend our extremely effective course, PGDIFA, to give your career the leading edge it deserves.
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